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Thursday December 14, 2017

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Couple still in love after 60 years of marriage Continued from page 1. “We met on the express train travelling from Christchurch to Invercargill in 1953.” They kept in touch and it was a love of the outdoors that bonded them. “Strangely enough we weren’t trampers but for some reason we both joined a tramping club and met again when we went tramping around Stewart Island,” Cressy says. Their four-year courtship culminated in a wedding that took place on December 21, 1957. Prue joined her husband in Christchurch where she briefly taught at Upper Riccarton School while he worked as an anaesthetist. They later settled in Wellington and today reside at the Village at The Park retirment facility. The couple had four children – Sarah, Bridget, Peter and Carol. Sadly, Carol became afflicted with multiple sclerosis and died in 2014. The highlight of their marriage was being together abroad for five years which saw them leave New Zealand with one child (Sarah) and returning with three.

Cressy and Prue Free are still very much in love after 60 years of marriage. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

“I was a ship surgeon and Prue and I travelled across the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, then across the Atlantic and into the St Laurence to Montreal before reaching London.” The family stayed in the UK as Cressy worked at Edinbourgh Hospital. He was later

assigned to travel to west Africa to study tropical medicines. As a result, Bridget and Peter were born in Nigeria. The couple and their surviving children will celebrate the diamond jubilee with at least 50 others at the Archibald Centre this Saturday. Their affection for each other

remains strong. “We laugh at the same things,” Prue says. “We enjoy doing things together. “I think he’s the most handsome man I ever met.” They believe the best way for a marriage to last as long as theirs is too not take yourself too seriously.

Newtown postal service will remain in some form: NZ Post NZ Post is assuring Newtown residents that the post office will not close until a new postal service is set up at an alternative venue in the suburb. The State-owned enterprise announced last month that the Riddiford St outlet would close as part of a nationwide move to separate the Post Shops from the Kiwibanks and to close an increasing number of branches of both services.

Under current plans the postal services will be franchised to some other Newtown business to act as an agency, and the nearest Kiwibank and post office will be in Kilbirnie. In response to concerns from locals, NZ Post group manager customer sales channels Ashley Smout insists the Newtown post office will not close until an alternative venue, such as a superette, is established. “It is likely to be within 3-4

months that we will find an alternative. Our staff need to know of it first,” he says. “There are a range of options as Newtown is a diverse retail community. We are excited about the range we have got. “Our aim is to ensure there is continuity of service. “The box lobby at Kilbirnie will continue to operate an the hospital service for buying stamps will remain unchanged.

“We would expect the good folks of Newtown will have a seamless transition.” A public meeting on the post office closure will take place at the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre on Monday, December 18 at 4.30pm. It is hoped Geoff Waller, the CEO of Kiwibank, which NZ Post partly owns, as well as other representatives from Kiwibank and NZ Post will attend.

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Cook Strait News 14-12-17  

Cook Strait News 14-12-17

Cook Strait News 14-12-17  

Cook Strait News 14-12-17