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Thursday December 7, 2017

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Fed-up Island Bay residents take to streets over cycleway plan Continued from page 1. She says the movement has never been about hating cyclists or cycleways, but rather that change was implemented against the wishes of the majority of residents, with her organisation claiming 80 percent had wanted it returned to what it was originally, with improvements. Jane was “very thrilled” with the turnout. “Especially given that people are very busy at this time of year. “The number of people going past tooting and cheering shows there’s a lot of passion in the suburb about this. “It’s all with the lawyers now. “We’re angling to get it with the Ombudsmen and the At-

torney General and Minister of Local Government because we have been treated appallingly.” While two southern ward candidates Rob Goulden and Vicki Greco attended the march, Jane was disappointed neither councillors nor the Minister for Transport and Urban Development Phil Twyford showed up. “Island Bay residents have tried genuinely hard to work with the council on this.” Two protestors were keen to tell the Cook Strait News how the cycleway had affected them. Chloris Barr, who operates a mobility scooter, lives three doors down from the library. She says the cycleway is so dangerous for passengers like her coming out of cars that she now

has to get out on the traffic side. “I have had to pull my front fence out to let visitors park there as there’s no parks left on the road,” Chloris adds. “It’s bloody stupid.” Mersey Street store owner Jayshree Patel says her business has suffered due to the loss of car parks outside the dairy and believed the new version would not see them return, “They don’t do anything when they say they would. It’s frustrating that they’re not listening to us.” Council spokesman Sean Gillespie disputes the claim that 80 percent of Island Bay residents wanted Option E. “Only about one third (1230) of the submissions favoured the

unofficial Option E as a first or second preference. “All submitters indicating a first preference for a revert option (including option E and other preferences associated with reverting the cycleway back to its earlier design) totalled 1898 (51 percent). “All submitters indicating a first preference for one of the other options was 1844 (49 percent). “Also of note, there were 309 submitters (eight percent) that gave a Parade address.” Sean believes the 80 percent figure quoted refers to only those who live on The Parade who signed a local petition, and was not representative of the suburb as a whole.

Anti-waste warriors converge for series of workshops Each year, the average Wellingtonian sends 200kg of domestic rubbish to landfill - one of the highest rates in the country. Meanwhile, our recycling rate is very low by national standards, and has even been declining. Several local groups - The Rubbish Trip, Waste-Ed, Sustainability Trust, and Mt Vic Hub - are committed to getting waste reduction on Wellington’s agenda and turning those statistics around. So they’ve come together to fill the week of December 11 with fun, public events about all things rubbish. The primary speakers will be Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, the two “No-Waste Nomads” behind The Rubbish Trip, who will be back in their home town after taking their message across the North Island for the past six months They will co-host the first workshop with the Sustainability Trust. The self-explanatory

“No-Waste Nomads” Hannah Blumardt and Liam Prince are the key speakers in a series of workshops designed to educate people about reducing waste. PHOTO: Supplied

Refuse a Rubbish Christmas and a Trashy New Year – Getting through the Silly Season with Less Waste will be held on Tuesday, December 12, 5.307pm at the trust’s headquarters on 2 Forresters Lane. Those struggling to get their heads around what dealing with

household rubbish entails can head along to Let’s Get Sorted. This workshop will be run by Waste-ed and will link the various groups across the city that are tackling waste minimisation issues. The event will be held next Thursday, December 14, 5.30-

6.30pm at Level 6, Anvil House, Wakefield Street. With the support of Mt Vic Hub, the former Newtown residents will deliver the talk they’ve – Reducing Our Household Rubbish: The Zero Waste Approach – on Saturday, December 16, 5.30-7.30pm at Innermost Gardens. The Rubbish Trip, Sustainability Trust and Waste-ed have also come together to run a talk called Waste Wins and Waste Woes, a summary of what Hannah and Liam have learnt so far on their rubbish trip. This will be held on Friday, December 15, noon to1.30pm at 2 Forresters Lane. These events are warm-ups to The Waste Conversation, a conference which Waste-ed will run in early 2018, bringing together innovators across Wellington’s waste community to put the Wellington City Council’s recently confirmed Waste Minimisation and Management Plan into action.

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Cook Strait News 07-12-17

Cook Strait News 07-12-17  

Cook Strait News 07-12-17