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Wednesday December 6, 2017


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Keeping the soil moist During summer water use rises dramatically as we sprinkle it on our gardens. The good news is that effective watering doesn’t need great quantities of water. To promote healthy plant growth use water sparingly and target irrigation directly to the soil. Regular weeding, to reduce competition for water, and mulch, to reduce evaporation, are also necessary. Check that the soil is dry several centimetres below the surface before

you water, or watch your plants to see if they are wilting. Target only plants, not paths and driveways, and give them just enough water to wet the soil to about 10cm deep, usually half an hour of constant spray. Applying water gently and at ground level is most effective. The harder the water hits the soil, the more wasteful and damaging to the soil it’s likely to be. Watering in the evening or early morning helps minimise evaporation.

Groundplanz - Landscaping in the Wellington Region With the BBQ season not far off it's time to start thinking about outdoor entertainment areas – courtyards, decks, seating and pergolas, and of course planting. Planting can make or break your garden – when done well, it creates a special place to relax and entertain friends and family. At Groundplanz we work with you to create the kind of outdoor living area you will love to spend time in. We can help with garden

layout, building structural features and plant selection – and provide solutions for problem areas. Groundplanz is a professional landscape design and construction business servicing the Wellington region. Our focus is on providing the right solutions for your needs and the environment you live in – solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Stop in at Kaitoke’s Gardens and Cafe, Function Centre The gardens at Aston Norwood on State Highway Two at Kaitoke are looking fabulous. Twenty-two years ago, our gardens started as bare paddocks with only a few trees. Now, our gardens have come of age with a real sense of maturity. Loosely based on a Japanese garden

theme, there are intriguing landscape and water features to admire as you stroll through. Plan for your big event, or for that very special occasion, schedule your wedding in the beautiful suroundings. Stop in for a coffee on your way to the Wairarapa.

Bark Ltd – your tree specialists We believe, working in partnership with our clients, combined with a ‘can do’ attitude, delivers results that everyone can be proud of. The services our talented arborists offer are comprehensive. They can tackle anything for you; from aesthetic pruning and shaping to large tree removal. All work is carried out

safely and efficiently, while ensuring the greatest care of your property. Bark is a multi-award winning company specialising in the management and care of significant trees, gardens and grounds throughout New Zealand and has been operating since 1994.

Twiglands Gardeners World We’ve got your complete garden solution inspiration, problem solving, advice, agreat range of plants, garden care products and tips to make landscaping easy and simple. Wellington’s climate and soils can be challenging but can be readily mastered with a

Landscaping your garden? Use our experience and knowledge to get it right

Right ideas – Right plants – Right places

little care, attention, advice and knowledge. The Twigland’s team can help you with garden styles, plant selections and garden care products to suit your conditions. Talk with one of them when you next visit.

TREE REMOVAL • Tree removal We specialise in removing problem trees in difficult situations • Pruning For clearance of buildings and safety, for shape and form, the health

Expert plant and garden advice


and vigour of the tree.

Garden layout & design solutions

• New plantings and transplanting Transplanting and/or suitable new

Paving, Decks, Planters, Pergolas

trees for your property.

Retaining walls, Fences, Gates Shelter and screening

• Large Hedge Pruning Turn your hedge into a master piece.

Courtyards and patios

• Service Lines Clearance Power and data line clearance


• Stump Grinding Economic options to remove unwanted stumps.

For professional service and attention to detail

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Independent Herald 06-12-17

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