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Thursday November 30, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: Do you still send and receive mail? What do you think of Newtown Post Office closing?

Dallas Parker, Kilbirnie “I do. I guess it depends on how much it’s utilised. The one in Kilbirnie is really busy, it will be a hassle for those in Newtown.”

Jared Burnett, ex-Kilbirnie “I still use it. I hop down there to do the registration for my car, so will now have to go to Kilbirnie to do it.”

Karl Nadin, Newtown “Yes. I reckon it’s a bit of a shame. It puts them out of work. It’s going to make it less efficient, we now have to wait extra days.”

Linda Fraser, Newtown “Yes. It’s made me quite angry because lots of people use the post office here. It’s an essential part of Newtown.”

Carmel Little, Newtown “Yeah. It’s bad because I’ll have to travel to Kilbirnie now.”

Bill Marsden, Newtown “It means my friend will drive me to Kilbirnie to pick up my parcels, instead of me having to carry them home. I think it’s sad.”

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Wellington’s congestion nightmare Dear Editor, Re: Traffic woes at Basin Reserve. Hear hear to John Milford of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce for pressing the need for bold, comprehensive measures to resolve the choke-point at the Basin Reserve and other critical traffic congestion woes. We appear to be being held to ransom by Save the Basin, a small, vocal group

of nostalgic cricket stalwarts and misguided urban planners. The Basin is only used a couple of times a year to host a drinking party that happens to have a cricket match going on in front of it. The $21 million spent on the RA Vance stand to date is akin to the $26 million spent on the flag referendum, a waste of taxpayers’ money

It is a national embarrassment that our WCC councillors have not been able to step up for our city and sort out a roading and traffic solution for us all. It seems that we’ll all be holidaying on the moon before a comprehensive solution to Wellington’s congestion nightmare is resolved. W Brookes Kilbirnie

Youngsters being taught false doctrines Dear Editor, Re: Michael Reddell’s Nov. 23 letter, he said just what most have known for many years, but what has been suppressed by the wreckers who now have control. Our whole pyramid of public education from tertiary down to kindergarten has very largely been PC-brainwashing of the youngsters. They must accept as axiomatic the goal of Marxism/Humanism/Darwinism for everyone worldwide – though some teachers seem keener on Anarchism/Nihilism as their goal This odious agenda is imposed on all of state education plus integrated (mainly Romanist) schools: Government funding has purse-strings attached. But the Education Ministry also pressures all schools that are funded by voluntary private fees and donations: those schools understandably fear they will be “got”

if they seem uninterested in promoting anything “progressive” and “collectivist” plus “diversity”. Our dynamic Western civilisation is very largely the creation of the Judaeo-Christian ethos/religion and of private capitalism over the last 500 years; but a great many fools and knaves, though wanting to continue getting the golden eggs, want to kill the goose that lays them. Our youngsters are being taught false doctrines that can result only in chaos, lawlessness, and the collapse of civilisation – Dark Ages. This is inevitable unless those heathen notions are soon halted and reversed. But like Noah before the Flood, or Cassandra in Troy, I’ll be disbelieved until what I prophesied has come, I fear. [Abridged] H Westfold, Miramar

Unjustly inconveniencing residents Dear Editor, I was dismayed to learn that Newtown’s combined bank and NZ Post service is set to close. Over the years, Newtown has become a well established and iconic suburb of Wellington. It offers a good mix of shops, banking facilities, along with the NZ Post Office. Many customers still utilise the option to pay their rates, phone and electricity bills over the counter with NZ Post. Due to previous closures of several Wellington southern suburban Post Offices in being contracted out to local retail businesses, only a skeletal service will remain.

The nearest full NZ Post service will be located in Kilbirnie, which for most is further to travel. It would surprise me if the NZ Post shop at Newtown had failed in passing the criteria to remain sustainable. At most times of the day the queue is constant. If this deems not to be the case, rather than closing and unjustly inconveniencing residents, some of whom are elderly, surely a kinder alternative for the Newtown community would be to reduce the opening hours? Philippa Boardman, Kingston

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