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Thursday November 30, 2017

Pupils get the balls rolling for market fair


inbrief news Plain English Awards winner Utilities Disputes was the big winner at the 2017 Plain English Awards held at the Royal Society Te Apārangi in Wellington last night. Jerome Chapman, deputy commissioner, received the Best Organisation supreme award on behalf of the not-for-profit company. The judges noted Utilities Disputes has deliberately embedded plain English into the core of its organisation culture. And its perseverance and commitment have obviously paid off. They are truly plain English champions, and deserve recognition for their expertise and commitment to plain English philosophy. Utilities Disputes won services worth $5000 from New Zealand’s plain English specialists and founding sponsor, Write Limited.

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Brooklyn School pupils engage in a “test run” to refine the ‘Running of the Balls’ track design for their Sunday fair. PHOTO: Supplied

“Three, two, one ... yay!” shouted the children as 1000 balls were released down the main path of Brooklyn School last week. A test “running of the balls” was conducted on Monday in preparation for the school’s market fair which was held on Sunday. Student Samuel Parker says “the balls move like water, cascading like a rainbow coloured waterfall”. Glen Burdon’s class of year fives and sixes used this real-life

fundraising example to learn about business planning. Divided into groups, each team recently presented their marketing strategies for pricing, promotion, and ball track design. Sophie Corry, from the winning team, says they offered a discount of five balls for the price of four ($20) “because people are likely to buy more”. The class re-purposed real estate signs and wood off-cuts to make the track. Cash prizes were

awarded to the top three place holders - $500, $250 and $100. Nikki Baddeley of Just Paterson sponsored the prizes. School spokeswoman Natasha Parker says the Running of the Balls was the first time the biennial fair has held such an event since it was resurrected in 2013. Other activities at the fair included tossing toilet rolls into a toilet and seeing how many rubber bands it would take to make a watermelon explode.

Uber cuts costs for carpooling commuter Secondary school teacher Varani Komaisavai commutes more than 50 kilometres a day from his home in Porirua to his job at Wellington’s Rongotai College in a round trip. But unlike other commuters he shares the road with, Varani doesn’t pay for all the petrol he uses. He’s one of a growing number of Kiwis who use the Uber app to earn money while they commute. According to Uber New Zealand, hundreds of Kiwi drivers now take advantage of “driver destinations”. This feature, which launched in September 2016, allows drivers to set their end destination and the time they need to arrive by. They’ll only serve trips for customers

heading in the same direction. Varani says he uses the Uber app a few times a week, primarily when he’s alone in his car and driving between Porirua and Wellington. “The app keeps me on State Highway [One] between home and work so I’m not driving to Lower Hutt or further out of my way.” Varani says he enjoys driving and the idea of earning while he drives made perfect sense. He’s also found the social interaction of driving for Uber to be a benefit. “You meet people of all different sizes and different colours, a much broader range of people than you’d meet in your everyday life.” Research by the Australasian

Railway Association in 2015 estimated the average Kiwi commuter pays $11,852.98 per annum in car ownership and running costs – or approximately $227 per week. For other commuters considering the Uber app but having second thoughts about picking up passengers, Varani has words of reassurance. “It’s enjoyable and I genuinely believe it’s safe.” Payment is done via the app, meaning no need to worry about whether the customer has cash. “Not dealing with payment is a real bonus, and I think riders and drivers alike have clear expectations about how to behave,” Varani adds.

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dows 7, 8 or 8.1, best you get a hurry on. The process isn’t difficult – check it out at com/en-NZ/windows/windows-10-upgrade. Just make sure that before you carry out the upgrade, you’ve got a current backup of your computer that you know works just in case you need to go back. Computers are like most other things in life – a byte of prevention is worth a terabyte of cure. Book a Nerd online at or by phone on 0800 63 33 26

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