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Wednesday November 15, 2017

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Fifty cent day on its way By Dan Whitfield

St Claudine Thévenet School students are getting excited for the school’s famous 50 cent day. Students are asking the community to break open their piggy-banks to support the school-based event. Principal Sue Jury says the

day is a fun day where students get to sell things for 50 cents, with the money helping the community. St Claudine Thévenet School students are no strangers to helping their community, running canned food drives in the past. The 50 cent day will see students run stalls, selling lollies,

10 Chicken Wings and 2 Chips

toys, hand-made items, and dine Day, according to students lots more; as well as a number from the school. of activities keeping everyone The event is set to run at St entertained on the day. Claudine Thévenet School on Students were busy preparing Friday, December 1 from 11am for the event, voicing how to 12.30pm. they want the community and If sunny, the event will be school to start saving their 50 held out on the school courts; cent pieces to help them with and if wet, it will be held in fundraising. front of the wclasses on Sauce the 1/4 Chicken Sweet Chilli The day is a special St Clau- decked area.

w/ Chilli Sauce

Chicken Lover 6 Chicken Nuggets 1 Chips

$12.90 Mallard named Speaker of the House $12.90

23 Norfolk Street, Wainuiomata

Can only use one voucher per visit Expires 30th March 2018

PH (04) 564 5566

23 Norfolk Street, Wainuiomata PH (04) 564 5566

By Dan Whitfield

Synthetic drugs In the past few weeks, 11 people have come to Wellington Regional Hospital’s emergency department experiencing the effects of what doctors believe to be synthetic drugs. Of those people, at least five were admitted to hospital between November 7 and 8. Our obligations under the Health Information Privacy Code and the Privacy Act mean we are not able to provide any further information about these patients, and we have no comment to make on the wider synthetic drugs issue.

Can only use one voucher per visit Arakura Expires 30th March 2018 Kindergarten to receive silver award

anything,” Trevor says. Arakura Kindergarten will be presentThe Wainuiomata man says ed with an award this week, having Trevor Mallard has become the support from friends and achieved their silver Enviroschools the new Speaker of the House. family had been phenomenal. certificate recently. The announcement was made “It took me twice as long as The presentation will include the when Parliament resumed on normal to do my shopping at children at the kindergarten on Friday, Tuesday, November 7, with Countdown over the weekend. November 17. MPs of the new Labour-led Friends family and locals have Currently the kindergarten has the Government choosing to elect been universally supportive.” bronze Enviroschools certificate and the Wainuiomata man – who “The only thing that has achieving the silver level illustrates once infamously punched an- changed is that I have to keep FRESH FISH DAILY! their commitment to sustainable, other MP outside the debating reminding people my name is environmentally friendly practices at chamber. still Trevor and not Mr Speakplus 1 Chips the kindergarten. Trevor stepped down from er.” Arakura Kindergarten is part of the Hutt South MP after more than Trevor is a graduate from Hutt City Kindergartens. two decades in the role. He first Victoria University and subentered Parliament in 1984 as sequently from Wellington an MP for Hamilton West. Teachers’ College and the He has held variousStreet, min- Wainuiomata University of Waikato. Can only use one voucher per visit 23 Norfolk Street, Wainuiomata Can only use one voucher per visit 23 Norfolk isterial portfolios including Before Parliament, he worked Expires 30th March 2018 Expires 30th March 2018 PH (04) 564 5566 564 5566 Education and PH State(04) Services as an accountant, teacher and (1999-2005), Sport (1999- rural adult education organiser. A 4.8 magnitude earthquake was 2007), and Associate Finance First on Trevor’s to-do-list felt across the Wellington region at (1999-2008). is looking at making Par11.28pm on Sunday night. Other positions the Wainui- liament more accessible for It was centred in Cook Strait, 30km omata man has held include members, their families, west of the Wellington City, at a depth co-ordinating Minister for and also for the public. of 38 kilometres. Race Relations and Minister “The first thing is to try and Trevor Mallard outside his old Wainuiomata office. Many reports came in from WainuioPHOTO: Wainuiomata News fi le of Energy – along with several get question time running more mata, as well as the wider Hutt Valley other portfolios over the years. smoothly. I want to try and be with the earthquake categorised as “Obviously I enjoyed being a international stage but he says Trevor says being elected less involved and to have more moderate. Speaker is right up there with focus on the questions and senior Minister but this role cer- he will continue to live in More than 11,000 people around New is more prestigious...For 6 Wainuiomata, his career FRESH highlights. Wontons w/watch Sweet sport, & Sourand Sauce 1 Zealand Sweet reported & Sour they Porkfelt the quake. FISH DAILY!answers rather than the drama tainly much of the week, my life won’t spend time in schools, early “I think it is great that some- around them,” he says. Sunday’s quake comes as a reminder Combination Rice 1 Chicken Chow Mein 4 Fish, 2 Hothas Dogs, Sausages centresFried and with the one from Wainuiomata got 2 Trevor is a passionate sup- change much,” Trevor says. 1 childhood to be prepared just days before the the support2ofPotato Parliament to be porter of the Hutt Valley and Trevor’s new profile will be many community groups that Fritters, 1 Chips anniversary of Wellington’s November higher on the national and make Wainuiomata what it is. Speaker. Itplus shows we can do is also a keen cyclist. 2016 earthquake. a 1.5 Litre Coke

2 Cheese Burgers 2 Chicken Fillet Burgers, 2 Chips


2 Fish Burgers


4.8 earthquake wakes many

Chinese Combos

Mixed Pack



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23 Norfolk Street, Wainuiomata PH (04) 564 5566

Can only use one voucher per visit Expires 30th March 2018

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23 Norfolk Street Wainuiomata

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23 Norfolk Street, Wainuiomata

23 Norfolk PH Street, Wainuiomata (04) 564 5566

PH (04) 564 5566

Can only use one voucher per visit Expires 30th March 2018

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We cook with Canola oil Specialised Catering for any occasion Prices may change without notice Please produce vouchers for specials to apply


Wainuiomata News 15-11-17  

Wainuiomata News 15-11-17

Wainuiomata News 15-11-17  

Wainuiomata News 15-11-17