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Wednesday November 15, 2017

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Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade joins Movember Continued from page 1. His firefighter colleague Des Morgan agrees. “They are too tough to ask for help. It’s this mentality; I am a bloke, and I can’t be weak.” David explains Movember was about saying it’s ok for men to ask for help. “It’s ok not to be ok. Everybody has bad days and needs someone to talk to.” Two Australians launched Movember in 2003 and while in the first couple of years only Kiwis and Australians grew moustaches during the month,

today 20 countries with “inspiring support from over 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas”, as the website states, have joined the action month. It’s the first time that the crew of the Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade are helping to raise for the cause, and while everyone agrees that it’s a good thing to do, the gentlemen’s wives aren’t too thrilled with the snot catchers. The Newlands fire brigade is a busy station that works closely with Newlands residents. The volunteers get primarily

called out for medical events as well as for car accidents, house fires and domestic floodings and storm calls. “We’re always out there willing to help out and support our community,” David says. In addition to the call-outs, the crew goes to schools to help educate children about emergency procedures and fire hazards. They also join a range of community events to make people familiar with their work. Charlie Claire is the youngest recruit and says she couldn’t

wait “to get out there” and help others. “I have a real passion for this. I love being of service for others and I like being a role model,” Charlie explains. Des tries to be at the station as often as possible to keep the doors open to everyone. “We are a central hub for families. This place is open to everyone in our community,” Des says.  Search “Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade” on nz.movember. com to support the team.

Birthday cake for Johnsonville playgroup as they turn 30 By Julia Czerwonatis


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With plenty of play dough, face paint, and impressive cake, parents, volunteers and children celebrated the 30th anniversary of their Johnsonville playgroup on Monday. “Our playgroup is an amazing place where people from our community come and meet, and make friends,” Ruth Early says. Ruth has been involved with the playgroup, based in Johnsonville Road Chapel, for 25 years and helps coordinate the Monday play sessions. She got involved as a member of the chapel and says the playgroup was a necessity for Johnsonville. “For me, it’s about community, friendship and faith. “The playgroup is open to everyone and a place for families to spend time together,” Ruth explains. For the celebration, children joined the entertainment pro-

The Broderick Road Chapel playgroup celebrate their 30th anniversary with cake, morning tea and fun activities for the children. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

gramme singing gleefully some kids’ classics in the spacious premises of the chapel. Up to 50 pre-schoolers come

with their parents on Monday mornings to play.  Broderick Road Chapel

playgroup meets Mondays, 9-11.30am. For more information, visit

Independent Herald 15-11-17  

Independent Herald 15-11-17

Independent Herald 15-11-17  

Independent Herald 15-11-17