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Thursday November 9, 2017



K corner KIDS Minecraft provides an educational platform and tool Children attending school holiday classes run by Grand Training learn to build contraptions, solve problems, program and think outside the box. Students aged 6-16 create logic circuits (like those in electronics), making controllable flashing lights and moving doors - similar to electricity and wiring. Working together promotes effective teamwork and problem solving. Classes include Learning to Code, Build a PC, Web Design, Animations, Graphics and creating 3D Video Games - a labyrinth

of rooms with water or lava below, sky above, add doors, elevators and teleporters then program them to work. They also build 3D models to add into the game. For over thirty years director Ed Brown

has created a solid foundation in technology for many New Zealanders and has introduced children with advanced learning abilities to network with others of like minds. Ed has also adapted his program to teach those with learning difficulties.

Capital Montessori Capital Montessori is a caring, community preschool set in a peaceful bush setting in Kingston, with large outdoor areas and gardens. There are two preschool classrooms and a playgroup for toddlers under three. Opened in 1987, it was one of the first Montessori preschools in Wellington. Many people don’t know much about Montessori. Dr Maria Montes-

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sori was a visionary and leader in the field of early childhood education. Her progressive view of children was way beyond her time, and modern research has proven many of her ideas. She believed that the first six years of a child's life were the most important. Today the preschool combines Montessori philosophy with the NZ

ECE Curriculum. Montessori learning is designed to respond to the natural growth and development of children. It’s an approach that values independence, hands-on learning and real-world application – it’s a really fun way to learn. Places and scholarships available for 2018 – find out more at www.

Cook Strait News 09-11-17  

Cook Strait News 09-11-17

Cook Strait News 09-11-17  

Cook Strait News 09-11-17