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Wednesday November 8, 2017

inbrief news Correction Independent Herald reported about the Karori Kids Preschool 40th anniversary celebration. We stated Karori Kids was a kindergarten which is incorrect, they are a preschool. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience.

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Pupils take action against plastic pollution By Julia Czerwonatis

“Stop using plastic bags”, is the message Newlands Intermediate pupils send out to Wellingtonians as they set up a box full of hand-sewn Boomerang Bags, free for all New World Newlands shoppers. As part of their Curiosity Club, a group of pupils cleaned up their local stream, finding a lot of plastic bags that polluted the waterway. “The kids then investigated where most plastic bags came from and found out it was shopping bags from the supermarket,” Tessa Fitzgibbon, Newlands Intermediate School teacher, explains. Teachers and pupils decided to take action and contacted the Wellington Boomerang Bags initiative to help them launch their school-own sewing group. Tessa and about 14 pupils from years 7 and 8 meet every Thursday during lunchtime and after school to create re-usable shopping bags with fabric the children collect from the landfill. “None of us could sew before,” the pupils say. “It’s was fun to learn it.” Last Thursday, the group went

The Newlands Intermediate sewing group with teacher Tessa Fitzgibbon (back left), New World Newlands checkout manager Erna Rogers (back middle) and owner Ross Jordan (back right). PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

to visit New World Newlands owner Ross Jordan and to hand over the first load of Boomerang Bags together with an upcycled card box that has been spray painted and branded with the school’s emblems. “For children, this means being an active part of their community – this is where their

families go shopping, or their relatives work,” Tessa says. Ross believes the Boomerang Bags will be popular amongst his customers. “We’re working together with the public to reduce plastic and eventually phase it out,” Ross says. “So this is a fantastic way to

support that process.” The box with the free tote bags is located next to the plastic bag recycling bin behind the checkout counters and will be filled up regularly by the pupils. New World Newlands gives customers a five-cent discount off their shopping per re-usable bag they bring in.

Big clean-up ahead for Newlands By Julia Czerwonatis

Earth Guardian Talitha Wilson is determined to make her neighbourhood a cleaner place and organises the third annual Newlands clean-up day in a row. “I joined the Earth Guardians about four years ago and I’m now the crew leader for Wellington,” Talitha, senior student


at Newlands College, says. “It’s a worldwide group of young environmental activists who work in their communities and organise different events.” Talitha noticed that her neighbourhood had a problem with rubbish and contacted Wellington City Council telling them she would be keen to organise a clean-up. Northern ward councillor

Peter Gilberd and Newlands local Ross Jordan, New World Newlands owner, jumped on board to support Talitha Last year, Talitha and her clean-up crew of 10 collected 800 kilos of rubbish. “That just blew my mind,” she says. Talitha would like to take her project further and expand further into the city at some stage.

“This is just a small start, but it can make a difference.”  Talitha will meet all rubbish collectors on Sunday, November 12 at 10.30am (until 11.10am) at Newlands New World. Gloves and rubbish bags will be provided. Newlands Paparangi Progressive Association will provide a barbeque.

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Independent Herald 08-11-17  

Independent Herald 08-11-17

Independent Herald 08-11-17  

Independent Herald 08-11-17