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Thursday November 2, 2017

LETTERS to the editor

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Not an important part of the council’s plans

Land wars soldiers named

Dear Editor, As a mother, grandmother and now great aunt who has always responsibly unloaded the children from the footpath side of the car, not opening the door into the passing traffic, I am disappointed that council has not learnt from the Island Bay cycleway debacle

and caregivers again are forced to unload the children into the path of cycles. Also as an elderly disabled person, I will have to unload my disabled passenger into the cycle path and manoeuvre her walking frame over the buffer zone. Island Bay has shown me too

many times how the cyclists are not willing to consider us as we try to negotiate our way to the footpath. I know the elderly and little children are not an important part of the council’s plans and they keep proving it. Heather Bevan Island Bay

Proceeding with obscene haste Dear Editor, Re: the article “Proposed eastern cycleway options released” (CSN, October 26). Do we need to proceed to impose cycleways with such obscene haste? Can we not wait until the ‘new improved’ Island Bay solution is implemented, tried and tested? The thought of the scores of car parks being removed from Oriental Bay fills me with horror. Consider the elderly and/or less mobile who look forward to

parking up against the promenade with its wonderful harbour views, maybe a brief step to the harbour wall, or down to the beach. No, we have to pander to the lycra louts who wish to make a dangerous racetrack of this most delightful drive/walkway!! Only yesterday driving round the bays, taking in the view, I came across such a lout who was riding at great speed, riding into the roadway to overtake those

cyclists in the designated lane. About Greta Point he did the same, forcing me to veer towards the concrete median. Sounding my horn resulted in an obscene gesture and a torrent of foul abuse! Not a good look for those courteous and careful cyclists who are willing and able to share the roads and pathways with the more considerate citizens. Tony Sutcliffe Strathmore

Trolley buses safer, eco-friendly Dear Editor, The real reason behind the new double decca [sic] bus companies pushing WCC into dismantling our eco-friendly trolley buses with hard, unreliable, negative running-cost data, is because of the possible danger to the new

double decca bus passengers in the event of a trolley bus electric arm coming off and swinging around into the window of a double decca bus hurting the top deck passengers – a situation that does not occur with lower deck passengers.

We like our sedate eco-friendly trolley buses, so keep them in the city and restrict the new expensive double deccas to express longhaul trips to which they were designed. Martin Beck, Mornington

Hidden Treasure comes to Golden Mile for 24/7 exhibition Wellington is enhancing its Cultural Capital status as pedestrians walking the city’s Golden Mile are now exposed to what is thought to be the world’s first permanent outdoor electronic art gallery. “We’re taking the incredible collections hidden in Museum and Council archives and putting them onto the street where people can see them,” says Andrew Hagen, creative director of the Urban Art Foundation. Situated on Lambton Quay at the corners of Johnston, Brandon and Panama Streets, three unique high quality electronic screens have been built courtesy of Wellington City Council and outdoor advertising

company Adshel as part of that company’s “Giving Back to the Community” initiative. The art screenings, interspersed with some advertising will run all day every day with new art arriving on a regular basis. The screens, and the art, will be officially ‘launched’ at an event in Lambton Quay at 7pm tonight. “What most people don’t realise is that due to the lack of gallery space, only about seven percent of the art owned by New Zealand taxpayers and ratepayers is on display,” says Hagen. “The rest remains in storage, mostly out of reach of the public. “This particular Urban Art ini-

tiative gives New Zealanders and tourists alike an opportunity to view at least some of this $568 million archive. “The initiative has certainly taken people by surprise and is bringing a whole new ambience to the city. He says he and his team have been working on the concept for over a year and believes it offers an exciting opportunity to further enhance our cultural heritage. “The artwork is shown in 16 second bursts allowing people time to contemplate and absorb. If the art is not already showing when you arrive at the screen, you just need to wait a few seconds for it to appear,” he says.


Research from at Victoria University has identified the names and details of 12,000 imperial soldiers who fought in the New Zealand Land Wars of the 1860s. Carried out by Professor Charlotte Macdonald and Dr Rebecca Lenihan, the research draws on records created by the British War Office and held in London’s National Archive. The database provides searchable public access to the names, regiments, and dates of service of soldiers who fought in New Zealand. It is the first instalment of what will grow into a larger publically accessible resource. It can be accessed at

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