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Thursday October 19, 2017

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Sisters of Compassion celebrate 125th anniversary of its founding Continued from page 1. Suzanne, who was born in France in 1835, developed an empathy for others from a young age. As she grew up she assisted her mother and grandmother in caring for pregnant girls at hospitals run by female congregations. Despite the disapproval of her parents, Suzanne joined religious life upon legal independence and moved to New Zealand in 1860 as a missionary recruit. Initially settling in Auckland, she joined the Sisters of Mercy before moving to work in a Maori mission station in Hawke’s Bay, then moved to Jerusalem on the Whanganui River where she set up a Catholic Mission with Father Christophe Soulas and three Sisters. Suzanne’s pivotal moment came in 1892 when the Archbishop of Wellington, Francis Redwood, appointed Suzanne as Mother Superior of Sisters of Compassion. It was in direct response to the French Society of Mary

Catholic Archbishop of Wellington Cardinal John Dew leads a candle blessing during the miha dedicated to Suzanne Aubert. PHOTO: Nina Cuccurullo

taking umbrage at the direction Suzanne had taken in setting up the Jerusalem community. “Suzanne saw the need for holiness in people,” John says. “She cared for the poor and homeless and never saw anyone as an alien or a stranger. “Though we are waiting for her to be formally beatified, for those

gathered today she is already blessed.” Earlier celebrations began at dawn with a Karakia Whakatuwheratanga to bless Suzanne Aubert’s final resting place, in a side chapel. Mana whenua, tangata whenua, and clergy came together to bless this new sacred space.

A rededication of Our Lady’s Home of Compassion included blessing new visitor and pilgrim facilities, which include a landscaped cloister, Heritage Centre and refreshment space. Sister Sue Cosgrove of the congregational leadership team described the celebration as “stunning”.

New app targets mobility parking cheats

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Finding a mobility parking space is set to get easier for people with access issues. Wellington City Council and CCS Disability Action have joined forces for a pilot project aimed at making it easier to find mobility parking spaces and stop them being abused by those without a valid need. Access Aware is a new app which allows users to send alerts if they spot a car they believe is illegally parked in a mobility park and to share information about the location of mobility parks. If the reported misuse relates to a public carpark it will be shared in real time with the council’s Parking Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman, right, with CCS Disability Enforcement Team so it can take action. Action Board Member Phillip Blundell. PHOTO: Supplied

“Misuse of mobility parks in New Zealand is a big issue and a real concern for those with disabilities who have a genuine need for these parking spaces,’’ council’s transport strategy and operations portfolio leader Chris Calvi-Freeman says. “By downloading and using the Access Aware app on your smartphone you can make a real difference to the disabled community by actively creating social change,” CCS Disability Action Chief Executive David Matthews says. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple Store and there is a help line for technical problems on 0508 227 322 between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday.

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Cook Strait News 19-10-17  

Cook Strait News 19-10-17

Cook Strait News 19-10-17  

Cook Strait News 19-10-17