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Wednesday October 11, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What do you like most about New Zealand?

Toni Albert, Titahi Bay “Sometimes the people. I love the culture and the food.”

Murray Osborne, Newlands “The friendly people. The fresh air.”

Tane Denison, Pukerua Bay “The open spaces. The good places to go hunting. The freedom.”

Antonia Dawson, Paremata “The people, the climate, the cleanliness here.”

Emily Dawson, Newlands “I like sport, so the outdoor life is great.”

Nivy Gurram, Newlands “The climate. It’s very fresh here.”

EYE ON CRIME In Johnsonville, a flat in Phillip Street, which had been left locked and secure, was entered and a TV was stolen. The locked basement of a house in Fraser Avenue was entered via a forced lock. Garden equipment is stored in this area but it is not yet known if anything was stolen. A house in Burgess Road was broken into through a forced back door. A side door was also forced open. There were signs of an obvious search in all rooms. Stolen property (not specified) is

believed to have been removed through the forced side door. In Newlands, an alarm was activated at a primary school in Bancroft Terrace. CCTV footage shows that two young males had climbed through an open window. Nothing is known to have been stolen. Two aluminium windows were forced open to gain access into a newly constructed house in Red Beech Avenue. Painting equipment, including power tools, owned by tradesman working on

the property were stolen. In Khandallah, a tradesman working on a house in Mandalay Terrace was going back and forth carrying building materials and did not lock his vehicle between each trip. During one trip, an offender took the opportunity to steal several high value power tools. In Raumati Terrace, a man employed to mow the lawns left his vehicle unlocked. While he was out of sight of the van an offender took the opportunity to open the unlocked sliding door and take a newly-

purchased lawnmower. A white Nissan stationwagon parked overnight in a designated parking area in Cockayne Road had its driver side window smashed. Nothing is known to have been stolen. In Crofton Downs, a newly-built house in Silverstream Road was entered through a forced front door. Large packs of recently delivered items awaiting installation were stolen. They included a water filtration system and packs of mixers, taps and shower fittings.

Karori rest home nurtures family focus

Huntleigh Home’s George McIntosh and his devoted wife, Violet.

When Violet first met George McIntosh as a young man in Scotland, he was an eager 18-year-old just entering the workforce. His job search eventually took the pair to New Zealand, where they married in 1958. “George used to work on ships out at the wharf while I ran a small dairy on Holloway Road in Aro Valley. It worked really well with three kids off at school,” says Violet. It was a shock for the active couple when George was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 44. “Thankfully, with Parkinson’s disease, the onset is gradual, so he was able to work for years after he was diagnosed,” says the devoted wife. “He did all the usual things like exercises and speech therapy, but eventually we got to the stage last year where I couldn’t cope,” says Violet. The family set about researching rest homes which would provide a warm, supportive environment for George and allow them to visit him regularly – that’s when they heard about Enliven’s Huntleigh Home in Karori. “We’d heard great things about Huntleigh, so we decided to look into it further. It’s just such a sunny place and there’s always

something going on. We decided that if he couldn’t be at home with us, this was the next best thing.” A year later, George and Violet say they have no regrets. “The staff are marvelous and Violet and the family are able to visit me any time. It really suits our situation,” says George. Violet agrees. “I think he gives the staff a bit of a run-around sometimes, but then he’s been giving me the run-around for the last 60 years!” Manager Tim Levchenko-Scott says connection is a core part of the Enliven philosophy which Huntleigh Home follows. “Our philosophy is based on the eldercentred Eden Alternative model of care and, as part of that, we’re committed to helping elders stay connected to the people they love.” “We don’t do visiting hours here. It’s all about what the elders want and if they want their family around them, then the more the merrier!”  For more information about Huntleigh Home and Apartments at 221 Karori Road, Karori visit or call the home directly on 04 464 2020. PBA

Independent Herald 11-10-17  

Independent Herald 11-10-17

Independent Herald 11-10-17  

Independent Herald 11-10-17