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Thursday October 5, 2017



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Battler’s bid for council By Jamie Adams

Frustration with a council perceived as not putting the views of its voters first has prompted Vicki Greco to run for office. Vicki, who is the president of the Island Bay Residents Association, has been the spokesperson for a suburb of which many residents believe has not been listened to over a number of issues, The Parade cycleway being the chief one. She will stand as an independent in the southern ward that has become vacant after incumbent Paul Eagle’s victory in Rongotai in the general election. While the cycleway debacle has been at the forefront of Island Bay’s issues, another that had got residents angry was the seawall, she says. Continued on page 2. Vicki Greco hopes to change a perceived lack of democratic process if she gets elected to Council. PHOTO: Jamie Adams



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Thursday October 5, 2017

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Greco runs for council, slams Eagle over cycleway Continued from page 1. A new Island Bay seawall was constructed in 2016 at a cost of $1.3 million after the old one was seriously eroded from storms in 2013 and 2015. “In the Council’s original plans they wanted to get rid of the seawall and the roadway and join the beach to Shorland Park, even though most of the feedback given to them was ‘let’s investigate the options’. “The community were adamant they wanted that seawall repaired and they wanted the Esplanade to remain open.” The Council’s “compromise” to fix the cycleway, which replaced an orthodox one in 2015 after much local opposition, was the last straw for Vicki. Mayor Justin Lester said the Council had delivered on “31 of 34 bottom lines” set out by residents, but Vicki strongly disagrees. “There weren’t 34 bottom lines. We had eight requirements, each with bullet points. We clearly pointed out we wanted a wide parade and a roadside cycleway, as it was originally. “Justin’s compromise is ‘do what I want’.” Vicki was “gobsmacked” when Paul Eagle, who had campaigned for a solution, voted for

Vicki Greco and then Southern Ward councillor Paul Eagle in 2016, when they were united in their opposition to the cycleway. PHOTO: Cook Strait News File

a proposal that she says will put pedestrians’ lives at risk. “What Paul has done is unforgivable. I was a very committed supporter of Paul,” she says. “To all those people I said to support him, I owe them an apology. I truly believed he would do the right thing. It’s cut me to the heart.” In response, Paul says that prior to the council meeting Vicki had been supportive of the compromise.

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have had enough. “Once I had provided further detail for those who were initially unsure, they were relieved that the existing design was definitely going.” He says he had always supported Option E but warned that it would never get the eight votes needed to be passed. “It’s unfortunate that Vicki has decided to use this issue to front her election campaign for council.”

Southern ward nominations open Nominations have opened for candidates to stand for the Wellington City Council in the Southern ward. A by-election will be held to fill the seat vacated by Councillor Paul Eagle who was elected MP for Rongotai in last month’s general election. Completed nomination doc-

uments must be received by the Electoral Officer by noon on Thursday, October 26. The Southern ward covers Berhampore, Brooklyn, Island Bay, Kingston, Mornington, Newtown, Owhiro Bay, Southgate and Vogeltown. Residents of the ward will be encouraged to cast their votes

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“But after presenting the design to the residents’ association committee, it became clear that she had failed to keep them informed and they rejected it. Two committee members resigned over the way the situation was handled.” “Councillors were confused by Vicki’s sudden flip-flop after she had informed many of her support. “All the feedback I’ve had has been positive – most people

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for their preferred candidate from November 30 and will have until noon, December 22. October 26 is also the final day for people to enrol, if they want to ensure they receive their voting papers by post. If you’re not enrolled by 5pm that day, you’ll have to contact

the Electoral Officer to obtain special voting papers when voting begins.  If you want to check you’re on the preliminary roll of electors, visit your local library or the Council offices on Wakefield Street before 5pm, October 26. ma We nu sto ka ck cre me


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Thursday October 5, 2017

New botanical wonder for school children By Jamie Adams

A new garden dedicated to educating children about the importance of plants has been unveiled at the Wellington Botanic Garden. The Discovery Garden – Te Kaapuia o Te Waoku, an area designed for children, was officially opened by Mayor Justin Lester on Saturday. The garden is touted as a living classroom where children can explore and learn about the natural world. Friends of the Botanic Gardens president Rob Hole says the garden is a “welcome development”. “The Botanic Gardens were developed over 150 years ago and has had a very strong scientific and educational brief. “We are reinforcing that by having a facility dedicated principally at children on the contemporary urban issues.” The garden has been built on

a 1500 square-metre hillside site near the Treehouse Visitor Centre and plant nursery. It contains a range of plants used for food, fibre and medicine which will be used by primary school teachers to educate visiting classes. “There’s a pavilion where the kids can gather if it gets wet,” Rob says. The whole point of educating children about plants is to get them more aware about their importance in their daily lives, he says. “If they were to ask their parents where muesli comes from, this is would explain it.” T he ga rden would also reacquaint children with something people from Rob’s generation took for granted growing up. “This is about getting that connection for those kids who may not have a garden where they live. “It’s a very noble cause.”

groups, Wellingtonians aged 36-55 spent the most – around $515 on average per month compared to $399 for 18-35s and $390 for those aged 56-75. Wellingtonians’ predilection for eating out might be reflected in their lower grocery bill; their average monthly grocery bill of around $616 trailed six other regions. Those living in Marlborough spend the most on groceries each month at $712 on average. Westpac’s CashNav app allows customers to track their daily spending habits by cate-

inbrief news Council posts $11m surplus Wellington City Council posted an $11 million surplus for the past financial year, Mayor Justin Lester has announced. The City Council spent $494 million or $6.56 per resident per day running the city in the 2016/17 financial year, resulting in the surplus. “With millions of dollars of unexpected spending as a result of last November’s earthquake, our finances have been very tight, but we’ve been able to keep the books in the black,” Justin says. An increase in non-rates income driven by higher dividends from investments, landfill revenue and an increase in the number of new consents issued was cited as the main reason.

Ella Franklin and Frankie McKerracher peek out of a Wooden Hut Breakout Space at the opening of the Botanic Garden’s Discovery Garden – Te Kaapuia o Te Waoku, on Saturday. PHOTO: Supplied

Wellingtonians second-highest spenders on dining out People living in the capital spend the highest amount on dining out after Auckland, according to data gleaned from Westpac NZ. Westpac drilled down into the statistics of more than 96,000 of its anonymous CashNav app users and found that those aged 18-75 years old and living in Wellington were spending around $436 on average per month at cafes, restaurants or fast food outlets – second only to Aucklanders who spend around $486. When broken down into age


gorising what they spend their money on and identifying what is holding their saving aspirations back. It also notifies them if their spending is higher than usual. The app does this by automatically categorising customers’ EFTPOS, debit and credit card transactions into one of 12 categories such as eating out, shopping, travel, entertainment, home, groceries, transportation, utilities, education and health. Clearly, staying healthy and looking good counts for a lot in the capital, with Wellingto-

nians clocking up the second highest spend in the country at gyms, pharmacies, make-up stores, and beauty salons. Westpac NZ General Manager of Marketing, Products and Transformation Andrew Kerr is not surprised Wellingtonians’ spending is at the upper end in a number of categories. “CashNav app users are able to see when their spending is creeping up and how it’s affecting their saving for the bigger things they want. From there, they can make different spending choices.”

Hospitals to gauge people’s ‘snack-isfaction’ Capital & Coast DHB will survey staff, patients and visitors to find out how happy they are with the retail cafés operating on hospital grounds. “Good food and coffee, and friendly service, can be really comforting for someone going through a difficult time or working a long shift,” contracts manager Kenny McCaul says. Wellington Regional Hospital has three onsite cafés – Fuel, Wishbone and Wellington Vibe. The survey is currently available to staff, with hard copies available for patients and visitors at the cafés from October 9. It will close on October 13.

Athletics club calls for participants Kiwi Athletics Club is holding a free open day at Newtown Stadium on October 7, from 1.45pm. Running (sprints and distance), walking, throwing and jumping events made available to sports minded people till 3.30pm. It’s free to those of college age and upwards. Club chairman Peter Jack says newcomers, returnees and winter coders are most welcome.





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Thursday October 5, 2017

inbrief news Day new deputy mayor Northern Ward Councillor Jill Day has been promoted to become deputy mayor of Wellington City Council. Day, 38, takes over from Paul Eagle who is resigning from Council after winning the Rongotai seat in last month’s general election. Jill’s elevation has received approval from the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, despite having been in the Council for only a year. “In her time to date as a councillor she has been well received by the community and is beginning to impress in the role. We look forward to working with her,” it says in a statement

Sale of Shelly Bay land puts popular cafe at risk By Meriana Johnsen MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

Wellington City Council has approved the sale of land at Shelly Bay meaning a popular cafe will likely be demolished now the 350-property development is going ahead. The Chocolate Fish cafe has been at Shelly Bay for the past eight years and is popular with families for its huge outdoor area. Cafe owner John Pennington said that from what he had seen of the plans, that area would be replaced with high-rise buildings. John says he is hopeful the cafe would be included in the development but this had not been confirmed. “I’m not quite sure what happens here, whether it gets bowled, because obviously some of it is rubbish, or whether the facade will be saved. I don’t know,” he says. However, the council’s website said that the officers’ mess

building is one of “three key heritage sites” that would be retained. Pennington said he expected that rental costs in the area would also increase if the development followed through, but he wasn’t sure if the other businesses were aware of this. He said a significant rent increase would push out the small surrounding art galleries and studios that rely on low rent to run their business. Cafe patron Tracy White says she is also concerned that the art galleries were “going to get priced out”. “You have to be hopeful. These things will happen whether you like it or not,” she says. The council received 1100 public submissions on whether the council should go through with the sale of its portion of the Shelly Bay land to the Wellington Company. The council made the decision to sell the land with seven votes in favour and five against, with two absentees.

The Chocolate Fish cafe is a popular spot for families due to its large outdoor play area. PHOTO: Meriana Johnsen

Wellington to introduce online building consents Building consents in Wellington can now be handled through a streamlined online application service, Wellington Mayor Justin Lester has announced. After a successful trial involving six other councils, the service has since Monday been available to all Wellington City Council building consent customers. Justin says this is a goal Council has been pursuing for some time. “Simplifying our building consents process is a huge

priority for our Council. A simple, easy to use online portal will allow people to track their applications and make the process easier. “As someone who’s set up my own business, I know what a difference this would have made.” He says public feedback from the trial had been extremely positive. The online service is being provided by GoCouncil, a partnership between Master Business Systems (MBS) the developers of GoGet and Nu-

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building consenting is a step in that direction and will be a big boost for local businesses demonstrating Wellington is open for business.” Simon adds the Council is already using the new standardised building consent application forms and the online service is the next stage in the initiative. Standardised processing checklists have been developed and, in the future, inspection checklists will also be standardised and there will be a single, best practice quality management system.


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The Winter’s Tale Director Robin Payne The Comedy of Errors Director Peter Hambleton The Taming of the Shrew Director Eleanor Bishop

wave. MBS has more than 20 years of experience working with council building departments. Wellington City Council is part of GoShift, an initiative involving more than 20 councils, from Western Bay of Plenty to Nelson, which aims to improve the building consents process. Economic Development portfolio lead Simon Marsh says Council is intent on removing barriers to doing business in the city. “The ultimate goal is a one stop shop for consenting and regulatory processes. Online

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Thursday October 5, 2017

Pupils earning and learning at Market Day

Rare talent with rarer instrument Acclaimed French musician Antoine Tamestit will perform in Wellington tomorrow with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra on one of the world’s rarest violas. Tamestit, who is the guest soloist for the Orchestra’s Travels in Italy concert tour, plays a Stradivarius viola made in 1672 by Antonio Stradivari. It was the first viola built by Stradivari, and is distinct from the other 15 viola Stradivari made. Friday’s concert is at the Michael Fowler Centre from 6.30pm.

By Jamie Adams

Double Glazing with German PVC Joinery

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Lauren Young, Ava Saulbrey, Esther Galloway and Dayna Wallace, winners of the “Crushed It” award for Best Stall at Evans Bay Intermediate’s annual Market Day last Wednesday. PHOTO: Supplied

cial literacy tool sponsored by Kiwibank - who was impressed by the many of the stalls, as well as the pupils’ sales drive. “Some of them were really hustling like a stallholder would with their cries of ‘stop!’, ‘come here!’, ‘look!’,”

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lde rom Ashley Wi

Co llec tion f


he says. “It’s really hard to pick out the best.” Parent Dina Demiri says the Market Day is a tool in which children learn life skills. “I think it’s fantastic. Kids need to learn about creating something throrugh sales and marketing.”

st ow

cat-shaped origami were also among items for sale. There were five awards up for grabs – Best Stall, Best Product, Best Marketing, Best Sales and Best Teamwork. They were announced by Marc McHardy - co-founder of Banquer, an online finan-

Ceri Collection from Warwick

The assembly hall was a hive of activity when Evans Bay Intermediate School (EBIS) held its sixth Market Day last Wednesday. The once-a-term after-school event saw pupils put their entrepeneurial skills to the test, with 40 stalls of food and crafts on display. EBIS deputy principal and Market Day co-ordinator Ed Trotter said it wasn’t just about giving children an opportunity to make some money, but also about improving their finanacial literacy. “It’s about connecting maths with real-world experiences, interpersonal skills, marketing and teamwork.” Ed says. “They learn about gross and net profit from how much money they make and what their costs are.” They also learn the key to success is knowing what the customer wants, he says. It appeared food was the popular choice in that regard – among the stalls were candy floss, sherbet, cupcakes and jelly, with some even cooking pancakes and dumplings on the day. Colou red slime, dolphin-shaped biscuits, homemade fidget-spinners and




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Thursday October 5, 2017

Versatile kids’ book has a bit of everything

Zoo steps up conservation efforts with new appointment

By Jamie Adams

Conservation is the heart of Wellington Zoo and in the financial year ending June 30, the zoo is proud to have contributed staff time and commitment and nearly $390,000 towards local and global field conservation efforts. Recently appointed conservation manager Peter Fraser will help drive the zoo’s ongoing mission to save animals in the wild. “I’m really excited to be joining Wellington Zoo as part of a fantastic team of like-minded individuals who are all so passionate about animal conservation,” says Peter says. “Seeing this significant field conservation contribution just confirms that I’ve chosen to work for the right organisation, one that is showing leadership in defining what a 21st century zoo should be.” A significant part of the total contribution towards conservation came from the work of the zoo’s animal hospital, Te K Hanga “The Nest”. “The SPCA, The Department of Conservation, Zealandia, other indigenous animal NGOs and members of the community bring in hundreds of injured and sick native animals each year to our veterinary staff. Since first opening the new hospital we have treated well over 2500 indigenous animals,” Wellington Zoo chief executive Karen Fifield says. The zoo now supports 13 local

A new book aimed at middleschool children takes multiformat to a new level when it comes to words and pictures. Annual 2 is a miscillany or compilation book that contains a multitude of content, including short stories, cartoons, comic strips, board games (eg Snakes and Ladders), poems and even a movie screenplay. Compiled and edited by Susan Paris and Kate de Goldi, all the content was created by 44 New Zealand writers and artists, 17 of whom are from Wellington. The book is interactive in more ways than one – it also features the lyrics to a song by Bic Runga that can be downloaded for singing along to. Susan, who lives in Melrose, says the book is a local modern version of the “annuals” that were popular in the 1950s and 60s. “There was the Puffin Annual, Biggles Annual, Famous Five...there’s a One Direction annual today,” Susan says. “What’s great about them is they get all forms in them - art, craft, comics, games. It’s an idea we were really drawn to. Some of the work is collaborative. For example, there is a photo of a museum cardboard sculpture called “Rangima-

Susan Pariris, co-editor of Annual 2, a multi-format book by New Zealand authors and artists. PHOTO: Supplied

tua” by Reweti Arapere, which another artist was given the chance to interpret the meaning of. Annual 2 gave the country’s creative people an opportunity to get their work published in an increasingly tight industry, she says. It is published by Kate and Susan’s own company Annual Ink, after the original was produced by Gecko Press. As the name suggests, Annual 2 is the second such book compiled by Susan and Kate. While the first had a wide appeal to young and old children,

this time the focus is on the “middle” 9-13 year-olds. “It’s aimed at children but is very much a family book that adults can enjoy too.” Susan and Kate have both been involved in children’s literature for more than a decade; Susan edits the School Journal while Kate, who has published 10 children’s books herself, promotes reading and creative writing to schools nationwide.  While Annual 2 has already been released to bookstores, its official launch will be on October 15.

Wellington Zoo conservation manager Peter Fraser. PHOTO: Supplied

and global conservation projects, including the recently added West Coast Penguin Trust who work with native Korora Little Blue Penguins and Tawaki Fiordland Crested Penguins. Other partners include Free the Bears, The Jane Goodall Institute (NZ), Fauna & Flora International and Cheetah Outreach. “The [amount of money], while large, doesn’t capture our full contribution which includes the hundreds of hours staff spend on conservation field work – working with partners globally, but also locally, and in the community,” Karen says. “As a conservation organisation, and the world’s first carboNZero certified zoo, we recognise that we must set an example to the community and ensure we minimise our own impact on the environment and animals.”

Island Bay electric bus plans laid out By Jamie Adams

Plans for infrastructure to help power the country’s first fleet of electric buses were unveiled to Island Bay residents on Monday. Greater Wellington Regional Council is proposing to install two charging poles in Reef Street, where buses currently terminate, to provide fast topups for 10 electric double-deckers that will operate between Island Bay and Johnsonville from next July. At a meeting with the Island Bay Residents’ Association on Monday evening, regional council staff provided details of the new technology, along with artist’s impressions of how the street will look with the poles in place. Bus operator Tranzit lodged a resource consent application last month with Wellington City Council to install the charging poles. Greater Wellington will lodge an application this month seeking formal recognition of the bus stops next to the poles. Greater Wellington’s sustainable transport committee chair Barbara Donaldson says the Island Bay infrastructure will

An artist’s impression of what the new buses and chargers would look like. PHOTO: Supplied

help it towards its ultimate goal of an all-electric fleet. “Electric buses will only grow as a proportion of the overall regional fleet, providing a reliable, emission-free form of public transport. Over the next three years, another 22 electric buses will come into service, with the eventual

goal for an all-electric fleet. The stop beside one of the poles will be formally gazetted as a layby, where buses can take as long as they need to recharge – probably about 10 minutes – while the other will be a regular stop. IBRA president Vicki Greco says feedback within the com-

munity was positive. “The regional council listened to what people have said to them,” she says. There were only two questions at Monday’s meeting, and the project “absolutely” had the support of residents. “There will be less pollution, less noise.

“The only thing we had concerns about was if there will be a few carparks affected.” The proposal will result in the loss of 11 designated car parks during the week, dropping to nine on the weekend. A two-week consultation with affected residents will take place later this month.

Thursday October 5, 2017

WOW displays more than window dressing By Jamie Adams

Shoppers at Kilbirnie Plaza have been turning their heads when strolling past the Wellington Sewing Centre over the past two weeks. The shopfront has been come alive with costumes and artworks that have been entered in the window display section of this year’s World of Wearable Art awards. Owner Jo Morris says one of the exhibits depicts a dragon attacking the Beehive while another standout was a mannequin of Mahuika, the Maori Goddess of Fire, wearing a fiery red costume. The outfit was made by Seatoun designer Jenny Sutton who had tried to enter it in one of the specific sections of WOW for 2017 – the theme of red, which organisers described as “the colour of extremes” and “packed with emotion”. All visible surface materials of the garments in this section have to be red in colour, but even then there was too much competition for Jenny’s costume to be accepted this year. Fellow staff member Gemma Crouch-Gatehouse, a costume design graduate, created the dragon outfit and models of Wellington’s building, while Jo helped with the decorations. The displays have been up since September 18 and Jo says feedback has been positive. “Everyone’s loved it. There have been lots of comments.”

Exit followed by Bears and Shrews Shakespeare is coming to Wellington at two locations – on the waterfront and at the zoo. Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ’s National Shakespeare Schools Production (SGCNZ NSSP) will perform 40 minutes of scenes from The Winter’s Tale, The Taming of the Shrew and The Comedy of Errors! at the Te Aro Room of Macs Function Centre this Saturday at 7.30. Another performance will be at Wellington Zoo’s wild Theatre on Sunday at 2pm. CEO Dawn Sanders says apart from honing their acting techniques and expanding their knowledge of Shakespeare, the students will learn the importance of being team players.

EVENING Thursday, 12 October 2017 The Wellington Sewing Centre’s WOW Art entires currently on display, including a rampant dragon and Jenny Sutton’s depiction of Maori fire goddess Mahuika. PHOTOS: Jamie Adams

The World of Wearable Art Show has been held in Wellington since 2005 and this year’s show features 122 designers from 13 countries who have created 104 garments that have

been selected as finalists. There are six sections and nine special awards with a total of $170,000 in prize money. First prize winners of each section get $6000.

6.30 – 7.30pm

Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre 27 Chelsea Street, Miramar

All community members are invited to join us for dessert. Come along and hear about what’s been happening at the Community Centre. Bring along your ideas and tell us what you would like to see in the future. For more info contact Grant on 388 1944 or grant@mmcc.org.nz



Thursday October 5, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What do you think of the council’s plan to replace

Guy Fawkes Night fireworks in November with Matariki in July?

Joshua Collier, Masterton “It is a cool thing to take kids to, but I’m not fussed about it. [Guy Fawkes] is better than when its cold and wet.”

Chase Tomuri, Maupuia “I don’t like it. It’s too cold then.”

Joshua Townsend, Upper Hutt “Why not. There would be a bit more excitement and it breaks up the year’s celebrations more.”

Roumeel Yousif, Island Bay “November is good. Guy Fawkes Day improves business for me a bit. Too cold in July - I’d stay in my cafe.”

Mitchell Wagner, Petone “I think it’s really disappointing because it’s always real fun to watch. I would prefer November.”

Sue Springlfield, Happy Valley “Brilliant; it’s a waste of money to have fireworks. I’d only support [Matariki fireworks] if a rich person paid for it.”

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@wsn.co.nz. Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Nats should go with Greens

Praise for paper

Dear Editor, If Bill English has any brains he would pass over Winston Peters and form a Government with the Greens. Buying their bottom lines would be cheaper and actually form a more stable Government. Winnie’s history is such a mess and his party is bound to explode, but small town New Zealand, dirty farmers and capital gain tax invaders voted for this mad conclusion. We are shifting to Australia! Lindsay Daysh Lyall Bay

Dear Editor, It’s good to see local content in Cook Strait News and not just a re-run of the items in the daily newspaper, as often is the case in the other community newspapers that come my way. It’s helpful to know what’s happening in your own neck of the woods. It improves the atmosphere in the whole community, I think, which has all sorts of good results by way of increased security, a feeling of belonging, community involvement, even general health. Keep it up. Judith Doyle, Oriental Bay

Look forward to new buses Dear Editor, With all the hullabaloo about drivers’ job security and conditions, pay cuts, fare changes, route changes new tenders and other variations I cannot but jubilate if this means that the many buses which are fitted with the darkened windows will be parked up somewhere to rust and enable us passengers to look out of the

window to enjoy the many great views of Wellington. It will have made the whole exercise meritorious! It will also save the anxiety of many who have not been able to indicate they want to get off the bus, as we could not see where we were. Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Wellington transport needs re-inventing Dear Editor, Transport is Wellington’s most important issue these days. The transport system needs to be re-invented to prepare for a sustainable future. It should be no different for Island Bay. Simply put, there are four modes of local transport for residential areas, listed in order of importance: Pedestrians, personal

modes (bikes), public transport (bus), and the personal motor car. Mayor Lester’s proposal seems to be reasonable for that at first glance, though perhaps too much car parking. The Island Bay Resident’s Association apparent desire to have their “big, wide parade back” is not keeping up with the times. Richard Keller, Kilbirnie

Quit smoking support for health care workers needed A team of researchers at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has found that, while there has been a decline in health care worker smoking rates, more needs to be done to address what remains a burden on the health system. Ms Shona McLeod, of the School of Clinical Sciences at AUT, told the PHA Conference today that it’s important health care workers are smokefree, both for their own health and for their ability to give quit smoking support to the people they work with. “Health care professionals who smoke are less likely to give stop-smoking advice. and they tend to rate the risks of

smoking lower than their non-smoking colleagues,” Ms McLeod said. “Quitting interventions by nonsmoking health professionals are also more effective than those provided by health care professionals who smoke, so another issue is that it contributes to inequality among their patients.” The team compared smoking status data for health care professionals from the 2006 census with similar data from the 2013 census. It found that, though smoking rates for health care professionals were lower than those of the general population in both censuses, they still remain significant.

In 2006, 21 percent of New Zealanders were smokers. That had fallen by a quarter to 15 percent in 2013. The team found overall smoking rates were highest among midwifery and nursing professionals (14 percent in 2006 and 8 percent in 2013). Within this group mental health nurses were more likely to be smokers, as were Maori nurses. Sixteen percent of Maori health care professionals still smoked in 2013 compared to 6 percent of all health care workers. Three percent of medical practitioners smoked in 2006. That had fallen to 2 percent in 2013.

Thursday October 5, 2017

Breast cancer charity appeals for funds The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is asking Wellingtonians to support this month’s Pink Ribbon Appeal. Collectors will be shaking their pink buckets at sites across the city, including its southern and eastern suburbs, on October 13 and 14. The aim is to raise funds for research into new targeted treatments, medical equipment for our hospitals, life-saving awareness and education programmes, and support for women going through breast cancer. Around 270 women in the Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley DHB catchments are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. More than 50 die in the region each year. “We have hundreds of volunteers across the Wellington region – 9000 around the country – who have generously committed their time to our appeal,” BCFNZ chief executive Evangelia Henderson says. “Now we need Kiwis everywhere to drop a coin in the bucket – your gift helps us work towards our long term vision of zero deaths from breast cancer.” With breast cancer the most common cancer for New Zealand women – eight women a day are diagnosed, and one in nine women will be diagnosed in their lifetime – almost everyone knows someone affected by the disease. “Know the normal look and feel of your breasts, and report any changes to your doctor,” Evangelia says.

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Paradise Lost10 - Losing Your Email Address Windows deadline looms

again or collect the old email and your Two weeks ago, Vodafone anlist of contacts and manually move nounced its plans to end its customer across. email services the released end of Windows 10from was withthem much fanfare in midNovember 2017. So what does this Our nerds have beento looking into this 2015 and one year on, the offer to upgrade Windows mean? Since the beginning of email and there are ways to do it but the 10 formid free is just to expire. in the 1990’s, telco’sabout like Telecom methods are different depending on (now Spark) and TelstraClearthat (nowa total Microsoft estimates ofyou 300 devices what usemillion now and what you want Vodafone) decided to provide to use inabout the future. If you don’t want to are now running Windows 10, with a third of those customers with their own email lose your old email then I suggest you being But - about 60% - of servicesnew to adddevices. to the internet andthe majority give us a call and we can help you out. phone services their customers Windows based PCs arewere still running Windows 7 so If you have a small business onif buying. In 2007, Spark (then Telecom) one ofupgrade, the servicesyou’ve below, then this that’s you and you want that free got decided to ask Yahoo to take care of would be a great time to get your own its email which, as of us until 29service July 2016 tomany do it. domain name; eg. jane@xyzlimited. now know, created a lot of difficulties To date, most Windows 10 upgrades have gone reasonco.nz .Here are the email domain for their customers. In April of this year namesvolume that will bebeing affected.done, Call us if ably butcustomers with the sheer Sparksmoothly, moved their email you want some help. back to New Zealand and into the

Pink Ribbon Appeal Kilbirnie and Newtown co-ordinator Jacqui Perry will be joining collectors next weekend. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

“Consider annual mammograms from age 40, then have mammograms every two years from age 50.” Kilbirnie Newtown co-ordinator Jacqui Perry will be one of the 9000 collecting on the weekend. Jacqui says she was motivated to get involved with fundraising after her mother was diagnosed with

breast cancer at the age of 55. She has since recovered. “If your family has a history of cancer you should be checking your breasts from the age of 20,” she advises women. Her collection area raised $5400 last year and Jacqui hopes for a repeat of that sort of generosity this month.

there’s no shortage of horror stories. Many of these have @vodafone.co.nz hands of a company called SMX who happened in thecalled lastXtra two months when Microsoft made run the email service Mail @vodafone.net.nz Windows 10 an automatic update without really letting on their behalf. @paradise.net.nz When Vodafone TelstraClear anyone knowacquired and around the world people woke up @clear.net.nz in 2012, they inherited a range of surprised with a new operating @ihug.co.nz system running on their email services. Vodafone has now computer. Unfortunately, woke up to a non-funcmade a business decision to walk many@es.co.nz away fromcomputer email as a service tioning andand a sinking feeling in their stomach. @pcconnect.co.nz asks its customers to find a new email Microsoft is going to continue its extended support com@quik.co.nz service – they’ve suggested Gmail. mitment for Windows 7 through to January @wave.co.nz 2020, so if There’s a problem though. Services like paradise.net clear.net don’t you’re happyand with Windows 7 and believe you’ll be Happydon’t Computing have a your means current to allow youcomputer to send using in four years’ then Book a Nerdtime, online at the or forward your existing email to a upgrade may not be for you. www.needanerd.co.nz new service and so you either have to abandon email and But if youyour areoldgoing to start upgrade your current Winorfrom phone 0800 63 33 26 dows 7, 8 or 8.1, best you get a hurry on. The process isn’t difficult – check it out at https://www.microsoft. com/en-NZ/windows/windows-10-upgrade. Just make sure that before you carry out the upgrade, you’ve got a current backup of your computer that you know works just in case you need to go back. Computers are like most other things in life – a byte of prevention is worth a terabyte of cure. Book a Nerd online at www.needanerd.co.nz or by phone on 0800 63 33 26

Silver popular for cars, green safest National insurer Youi today released research which showed New Zealand motorists had a clear preference when it comes the colour of their car. The study found silver was the number one choice of hue among New Zealand’s motorists insured with Youi, with close to one-quarter (21.89 percent) behind the wheel of a silver car. Youi CEO Frank Costigan says the company’s accident frequency research showed green was the safest car colour, recording the lowest number of accident claims across the nation. “Our claims research showed black cars were the most likely to be involved in a crash. Surprisingly white came in next on the top five along with charcoal, grey and red cars” says Mr. Costigan. On Youi’s list of the most common car colours on New Zealand’s roads, are also white (19.11 percent), blue (13.65 percent) and black (13.32 percent). Popular choices also included grey


(nine percent), red (8.68 percent) and green (4.88 percent). “It’s interesting the motorist’s number one choice of colour is silver and there are a number of potential factors driving the decision,” says, Mr Costigan. “The fact it’s one of the national colours might be a major consideration along with lighter colours often being perceived as safer on the road when it comes to visibility.” The Youi study also found that preference in terms of car colour varied according to gender and age. Most notably, black vehicles are most popular for drivers born between 1980-1990 and then become increasingly less popular outside of this age bracket, enjoying the least amount of popularity amongst those born prior to 1950.  To see where your car colour fits in to the mix, read the full study available at www.youi.co.nz/blog/ study-most-popular-carcolours-and-which-are-thesafest

IRWELL REST HOME a family home

Privately owned and operated by John and Heather Nicolson of Island Bay Enquire now, Long term, Respite and Convalescing beds now available. Single rooms, fully en-suited. We cater for subsidized and privately paying Residents.

IRWELL REST HOME 11 Irwell St, Island Bay Phone: 04-3838485 | Email: office@irwell.co.nz


Thursday October 5, 2017


Destinations this spring

Take advantage of the sunshine, warm days and long evenings. Enjoy all that Wellington has to offer - food, coffee, high tea, fashion, arts, exhibitions, museums, nature, night life, music ...







THE BOTANIST is Lyall Bay’s latest addition to the beautiful south coast, bringing the best in tasty organic vegetarian & vegan fare. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, with a sunny north facing courtyard, six craft beer taps, botanical cocktails, vegan & organic wines.


THE SUGAR TRADE gives an opportunity to enjoy a cafe visit minus the sugar. Focusing on snacks, they offer baking sweetened with healthier alternatives to sugar, and savoury options. Platters, bagels, Peoples Coffee and sugar-free hot chocolates also available. 14 Collins Avenue, Linden shops, Tawa.


CAFE MINT is an awesome place to have breakfast any day of the week. Whether you want to have breakfast before shopping at the Airport Retail Park or you are on the way to or from the airport and want a quick bite to eat, Mint Cafe is a great place to stop. So come and delight your taste buds with an easy meal to that keeps you feeling full at 10 George Bolt Street in the Wellington Airport Retail Park


ELEMENTS a neighbourhood eatery in the heart of Lyall Bay, our philosophy begins with gathering people around a table to share great food & wine. Fresh, seasonal house made menu available for breakfast & lunch seven days, dinner Thursday – Saturday || 144 Onepu Road, Lyall Bay | 04 939 1292 | www. elementslyallbay.co.nz


SHELLY BAY FITNESS DANCE Dance through Spring with a creative and different form of exercise. We will energize you and leave you with the 'after-glow' of exercise and sense of mastery and confidence. Phone Lynne on 04 934 3920 or 0274416079 or email: lynnebreed@clear.net.nz


Located in the heart of Cuba St, PLUM offers al fresco dining with unequalled views of the hustle & bustle of Wellingtons most vibrant location. From early till late, their contemporary menu is sure to offer something for everyone. # PlumCubaStreet www.plumcafe.nz +64 4 384 8881


BEL MONDO is a unique combination of shop and café, with a distinctive Italian flair, where you can meet, shop, and eat, all under one roof. It’s your Christmas shopping destination. With gift ideas, hampers, baskets, and a wide array of other goodies. A mouth-watering selection of wines from around the world. You can book a special meal or function, grab some catering to go, or just stock your shelves at home with delicious international treats. Come and see us and try.


Situated in Wellington’s eastern suburbs, the STRATHMORE LOCAL RESTAURANT & BAR is the perfect place for friends and family to get together. Offering great friendly service, attractive surroundings, reasonable prices and extensive lunch and dinner menus featuring fresh takes on NZ classics, the Strathmore Local is the perfect gathering place for both diners and drinkers.







OLIVE RESTAURANT In the morning enjoy coffee and scones, or a Bloody Mary and big breakfast, lounge in the courtyard with a cocktail in the afternoon, or step inside for a more formal evening meal. 170 Cuba Street, 802 5266, www.oliverestaurant.co.nz. LLOYD KELLY. Based in Newtown we specialize in the manufacturing of custommade jewellery for all types of occasions. Our expertise is creating beautiful engagement/wedding rings, as well as general watch repair services. Call us on 04 389 2085 or visit us in our shop! BEAT KITCHEN is a Wellington food truck owned and operated by two qualified and experience chefs. We serve up global street food from our permanent location in Dunlop Terrace. Our menu changes every day so follow us on Facebook to find out what we are cooking today! We’re also doing a colab/kitchen takeover with Photonflux on Victoria Street this summer so you can sample our food at the bar too!




Thursday October 5, 2017



Destinations this spring

Take advantage of the sunshine, warm days and long evenings. Enjoy all that Wellington has to offer - food, coffee, high tea, fashion, arts, exhibitions, museums, nature, night life, music ...


MOTHER OF COFFEE We offer the finest Ethiopian cuisine & coffee in Newtown. Our coffee is roasted in the pan onsite in the traditional Ethiopian way. We also have an all day menu which is also Vegan! Come into 150 Riddiford Street, (inside the internet cafe) Newtown. Or book by ringing 0210 824 0778

FRATELLI Serving fresh, modern Italian cuisine, specialising in 100% homemade pasta,gnocchi, risotto and pizza from the wood fired oven. We believe in using M only the freshest ingredients to bring the authentic taste of Italy to your dining experience. 15 Blair Street, 8016615, www.fratelli.net.nz.




Casual family dining in a cosy environment, The CARLTON CAFE is is great for family get-togethers, or an easy brunch. If you feel like a nice relaxed dinner, the Carlton Cafe is open O from Wednesday till Saturday. With a warm cosy feel under the chandelier, you can enjoy a dinner for two, or get your friends together and have the whole group come down. www. carltoncafe.co.nz



CIRCA THEATRE. Situated next to Te Papa, Circa Theatre is home to some of New Zealand’s most infl uential theatre makers and the place to see quality live theatre. With something for everyone we will have you entertained hours. Shows daily Tuesday to Sunday. Visit circa.co.nz. 1 Taranaki Street, 04 801 7992


Open seven days a week, the WHITE ROOM GALLERY is the retail destination shop you must visit. Located in the Island Bay shopping centre at 147 The Parade, the Gallery is open Mon- Fri 9am-5.30pm and weekends 9am-4.30pm. Fran and her friendly team provide great service which includes free gift wrapping but , after a warm greeting, customers are left to browse in peace. For more information, please go to www. whiteroomgallery.co.nz or call ( 04 ) 383 6958. THE WHITE ROOM GALLERY


Golfers of all ages and abilities will find the layout provides a fair test of their game and will leave them coming back for more. MIRAMAR LINKS, though, is much more than just a golf club. Twice in succession it has been voted by People’s Choice as the best nationwide conference venue in New Zealand. Miramar Links has so much to recommend it, visitors are made most welcome and invited to see all the club has to offer.


Joy de Geus’ exhibition Mythology and the Land is on now at THE KIWI ART HOUSE Gallery, Cuba St. In beautiful watercolours Joy depicts the Maori myths and legends of local landmarks. Open daily, closed Mondays. R

THE COURTYARD is Wellington’s indoor pop-up food village – combining the concepts of modern street food, local coffee and pop-up bar creating a unique dining and entertainment destination. Situated in the heart of Wellington in Courtenay Central, the food village is accompanied by a revitalized public dining and event space. The space is designed to not only provide Wellingtonians a new dining experience, it also has the capacity to host public and private events, portable food carts and of course live, local music. 100 Courtenay Place | the-courtyard.co.nz

NAIRN STREET COTTAGE 68 Nairn Street, Mount Cook. Wellington’s oldest original cottage, home to the Wallis Family who lived there for three generations. Take a look through the house and find out more about this early settler family or take a stroll through the heritage gardens. OPEN DAY: Monday 23 October 2017 10am -4pm. GOLD COIN ENTRY. museumswellington.org.nz


THE GREEN PARROT has been the favourite place of politicians and celebrities, as well as other Wellingtonians and visitors from all walks of life, whose dining experience here has been described as "culinary U archaeology". Even prime ministers have visited the restaurant.....plotting the future course of the nation, over a T-bone steak. Come visit us at 16 Taranaki Street, Wellington


Thursday October 5, 2017

Katie Underwood “Local Agent, Local Knowledge”

Ask Katie about this month’s special offer!


“Local Agent, Local Knowledge”

Call Katie to hear about this Katie month’s special offer!

Call Katie to sell your home MOB: 027 248 2061 PH: 04 894 3717 EMAIL: katie.underwood @raywhite.com Licensed under the REAA 2008

Call Katie to sell your home!


The move to Ray White – Leaders in Real Estate has been seamLeaders in Real Estate Licensed under the REAA 2008 less, Real Estate sales person T. 04 894 3717 M. 027 248 2061 E. katie.underwood@raywhite.com Katie Underwood says. “The technological advantages for my vendors with the adoption of the Ray White brand are fantastic, tapping into local, national, Australasian and the wider international markets,” she says. Katie has worked in real estate for eight years and has consistently won awards during that time. She has also been heavily involved in community activities, saying participation is important to her. “For more than two decades I’ve

been involved with Zealandia – the Karori Sanctuary experience. “I sponsor the prizes and cojudge the Evans Bay Intermediate School speech competition where the finalists deliver their speeches in front of family and friends – a wonderful evening with much talent. She is also a member of the Brooklyn Residents Association and is a team leader for Predator Free Brooklyn. “Vendors that choose to sell their home through me get to choose the charity or organisation to receive a donation from me, upon a successful sale.”

Loong Fong has now opened in Miramar Loong Fong is now under new management and also has a new chef! Xinxi Kong has been a Chef for over 20 years; he learned all he knows at a Cookery School in China. His passion is Chinese food and really enjoys cooking roast pork, roast duck, honey BBQ pork and steamed fish with spring onion. Xinxi chose Miramar to open the restaurant because there was no other dine-in Chinese Restaurant in the area. He loves that he can provide delicious Chinese food to local people. You can choose to relax and dine in or they do have a takeaway option available. Visit Loong Fong at 386 Broadway, Miramar or phone 3882280 to make a booking/order.

Loong Fong Now Open Loong Fong Restuarant

We offer a selection of Chinese Food, Fish & Chips, Western Food and much more… FREE DESSERT AFTER MEALS Takeaway option available

TOP LEFT: Honey BBQ pork. TOP RIGHT: Steamed fish fillet with spring onion. RIGHT: Crispy roast pork.

Put a Spring in your Active Feet Podia Step with

ed to carin Committ g

“Caring for walkers of all ag

Active Feet Podiatry

for our community

“Caring for walkersServices of all ages!” We Offer ServicesWe WeOff Offer Services er Inclu Include: • Sports injuries Include: Services We•• Family Offer Sports injuries Foot Care Services We• Offer Include: Sports injuries Include: • Family Foot Care • Verrucae • Sports injuries • Family Foot Care • Sports injuries Verrucae Skin and Nail problem • Family Foot••Care • Verrucae Family Foot Careand •• Orthotic Services ••Verrucae Skin Nail prob • Skin and NailServices Verrucae •• Skin and Nail • problems Orthotic Dr.problems Tim Halpine problems •• Orthotic Services Skin and Nail Caring for your feet Dr. Tim Halpine Orthotic Services • Orthotic •Services Dr. Tim HalpineCaring for your fee Caring forHarbour your feet Dr. Tim Halpine City Tower, 29 Brando Wellington & Ngaio Medical C for your feet Dr.Caring Tim Halpine Ph: 04 473 8696

Immigration Medicals Employment Medicals Travel Medicine Phone: 04 473 8696 • Harbour City Tower, 29 Brandon Street Email: Tim.Halpine@xtra.c Caring your feet Level 2, 85for The Terrace, Wellington Minor Surgery Wellington & Ngaio Medical Centre Ph:We 04have 473aSolnet 8696 (opposite House Terrace). Phone: 04 interest 473 and 8696Aurora • special HPV immunisation now free Ph: 04 473 8696 in treating child Email: Tim.Halpine@xtra.co.nz Level 2, 85 The Terrace, Wellington - We 2, have aThe special interest in treating children for males and females aged Level 85 Terrace, Wellington www.activefeetpodiatry.com (opposite House and Aurora Terrace). We have aSolnet special interest in treating children 9 to 26 years www.activefeetpodiatry.com (opposite Solnet House and Aurora Terrace). 8007641AA 72.H

• • • • •

8007641AA 72.H

Lunch hours: 11am - 2:30pm Dinner hours: 5pm - 10pm 388 Broadway, Miramar Phone to book/order: 3882280

- We havewww.activefeetpodiatry.com a special interest in treating children -

33 Rintoul Street, Newtown

Ph (04) 389 9955 www.newtownmc.co.nz

- We have a special interest in treating children www.activefeetpodiatry.com


Active Feet Podiatry “Caring for walkers of all ages!”

Thursday October 5, 2017

Popular club faces closure over different use, declining numbers

Wednesday November 18, 2015

To Lease

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150.

Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

Trades and Services

By Jamie Adams

on the land but it would come FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and under council ownership once installations by top-qualified electrician with The future of a Newtown the lease expired. bowling club is uncertain after “We own the building and record of over fifty years of giving locals the Wellington City Council’s refus- everything inside it, yet the lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just al to renew a lease of Town Belt council Ourwould summer pools were built by us. be taking it over.” phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email land it occupies. Secretary Ellen says Blends in wellHepburn did cause no fuss. jack.powell@outlook.com Workingmen’s Bowling Club there were so many younger With hydro slide will cause a splash. treasurer Glen Hitch says the bowlers keen to use the greens And to it many people dash. Situation Vacant council sent them a letter last on aThrough casual basis, native“they bush could we twist and wiggle. month declining the renewal of haveFrom theirthe ownchildren subcommittee”. brings a giggle. its five-year lease due to it not Council manager for Parks Severn days a week theand place is open. meeting criteria under its leasing Reserves Paul Andrews says the Hot summer days we all are hopen! policy for recreation groups. non-renewal of the lease was a “They have certain criteria reflection of memberships of and we have met them. They bowls club declining generally. Public wouldn’t visit us and only give “We did some strategic workNotice us a month-to-month lease until and looked at a number of bowlit expires. OF THE D AY ing clubs in the city,” he says. Glen says the club is finan- “We want Wainuiomata them to amalgamate.”Squash Club cially sustainable with more “There needs to be 187 AGM bowlN than $100,000 in the bank, and ers for a club to be sustainable. 51. J.K. low membership is very There are now just 10 paying despite Rowling 7.00pm popular as a community venue. members.” chose “Wethe have 1280 people who Monday 30th November He says the primary function unusual make bookings during the sea- of the club under theAt terms its theof Clubrooms name son to use the clubrooms, such lease was for playing bowls but as a Japanese drumming group it has effectively become a bar Committee members Peter Blackledge, Barry Church, Glen ‘Hermione’ Corner of Main Road who use it on the weekends.” and venue for hire. so young Hitch and Ellen Hepburn outside the Workingmen’s Bowling and Moohan “The [Victoria University] “That’s not consistentStreets, with Wainuiomata Club, which is facing an uncertain future. PHOTO: Jamie Adams girls Hunters rugby league club use why we provide leases.” wouldn’t thisteased for meetings, prizegivings Ellen disputes the idea the and did not touch the principal. don’t charge for use of the be and they need to raise funds. is why we have so much clubrooms.” selling of alcohol Bringing is its primary localThat news for being The bowls club operates on a income. money now. A council committee will denerdy! to the community “Glasgow lease” whereby the “The bar helps with every cide the club’s fate at a hearing “Twenty years ago we put in leaseholder is entitled to build $7000 into a finance company day running of the club. We on November 15.



Fund open to help Firewood future farmers

13 13

2m seasoned pine $180

4mApplications Split pine storeare for open to a fund established to support the future of New next winter $330

Zealand’s largest $13 industry. Large Bags Kindling

The Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust, admin-

Large Bags Pine/ istered byDry Presbyterian Support Central, hardwood mix $14

aims to support future agriculturalists including farmers, horticulturalists and Free Delivery in Wainui orchardists by helping with the costs of their tertiary studies. Last year, a total of $73,000 in Ann Sinclair Trades Charitable grants were andTrust Services approved and distributed to 37 students. Presbyterian Support Central trust administrator Jackie Wierenga explains that the aim of the trust is to support young people who need a little extra help to be able to study in their chosen agricultural field. “The trust aims to help students who may need extra assistance due to health Waione St Petone or financial 46 concerns, or who would othPh: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm erwise not readily have access to tertiary Formerly cpa spares study for farming,” says Jackie. Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust grants can Funeral be used to assist with Director travel, accommodation and education fees for students living or studying at universities, polytechnics and farm training institutes in the Presbyterian Support Central area, including the greater Wellington region.


Situation Vacant

$1 million IslandNewspaper Bay centre upgrade planned Wainuiomata A solid


Wellington City Council will shopping centre. near businesses and dairies, this “We are especially mindful work closely with Island Bay “It was clear to us throughout upgrade will generate a boost of the need to work with Isresidents to perfect the detailed the Love the Bay process that for the shopping area. land Bay residents on design design of the new cycleway the look and feel of The Parade “We will be reaching out to for The Parade to ensure we and the $1 million upgrade and the shopping centre was local businesses, during the are making the cycleway as and beautification of the town important for local residents. detailed design phase, to get safe as possible and that local centre and The Parade, Coun- They also valued the local their views on what will make knowledge is fed through to Deliverers Required in the biggest difference.” cil’s community planning and businesses in their town centre,” the engineers completing the engagement portfolio leader Diana says. Council’s walking, cycling project,” Sarah says. Area 1:says. Momona, Mohaka, - Kaponga. Diane Calvert “We’ve had Kawatiri very successful and public transport portfolio “We will be consulting with The Council’s “compromise” town centre upgrades in John- leader Sarah Free says Council the public around mid-Novemsolution involves $1 million for sonville and Tawa, which have will also be working with local ber on the traffic resolutions an upgrade to the Island Bay been great for local businesses. residents on the improved cycleneeded to implement the soluApplications are available at our recruitment town centre, including beauti- Alongside Council’s decision to way option, as it works through office ortion, at the ensuring security gatethey basedwork in the for George in Wellington. fication of The Paradeaccounts@wsn.co.nz and the protect and restore car parking the final detailed design phase.Ngauranga local people and businesses.”


Contact Sandra on 587 1660


Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

View the Wainuiomata News online www.wsn.co.nz 43818

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Thursday October 5, 2017 Trades and Services

HighLight carnival to shine brightly PAINTING TEAM


REG DRAINLAYER Graham Plumbing & Drainage Ltd Call John 970 2409 or 027 457 4999


Chef Hannah Thornton has used local, seasonal produce provided by Worser Bay School children, friends and family to put together a tasty array of treats that will be on sale at the school fair on Sunday, November 8.

Array of goodies at local fair

LAWNS, gardens, rubbish removal and section clearing ava. in your area. Ph. V.I.P. Home Services on

PH. 0800 846484 All Painting Services @

GRAHAM’S PAINTERS Exterior/Interior

Experienced Tradesmen Spring is here!!! Now’s the time to get your House Exterior painted before the summer rush. - Interiors too. ~ Pensioner Discounts ~

grahamspaintersnz@gmail.com www.grahamspainters.co.nz HighLight is touted as being a real eye-opener. PHOTO: Supplied Ph 934 0842 or 021 183 9492

Interior Painting & Wallpapering Member Master Painters NZ Contact John 388 3862 or 027 4466 371 John's Decorations Ltd

ASAP Plumbing

Gas and Drainage Ltd

Friendly, reliable and efficient.

383 7076 027 451 5623



Hataitai Community Market

Karl Jenkins’ Cantata Memoria

Michael Fowler Centre – Labour Day – 2PM NZ premiere: Youth + adult choirs, soloists, Wellington Youth Orchestra, multimedia, under acclaimed NY conductor Jonathan Griffith. Commemorating Aberfan and Pike River mine disasters. Lost and Found FOUND: Ladies leather gloves. KCC

Election Meeting - Sunday 17/9. Phone 9728306 Trades And Services

BUILDERS available LBP. Residential &

Commercial buildings and maintenance work. Quality assured. Phone: Shane 021987752.

Your Local Plumber

Notice of Public Community Meetings

at the option of The Publisher & no guarantee of placement is on: 021 764 831 www. johnsdecorationsltd.co.nz given. Applicable loadings apply only to the specific place109th ANNUAL ment of strip or island advertisements. Placement & approval is at the discretion of The Publisher. While every effort will GENERAL be made to publish as instructed, The Publisher accepts no MEETING liability for any loss caused through Centre loss or misplacement. Housing Choice and Town Planning DECORATORS The Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement Monday 23rd Nov 2015 Wellington City Council is currently engaging considered unsuitable for publication. Advertisements will with the local • Painters Miramar Rangers of Island Bay, Khandallah, and Newlands regarding becommunities charged on the size of the material supplied or the space • Decorators Clubrooms 7.30pm ordered whichever the greater. It is the responsibilityhousing of the in these suburbs. a proposal toisenable medium-density • Gib stoppers Advertiser or Advertising Agent to notify Wellington Suburban Dave Farrington • InteriorPark You are invited to attend following public meetings to Contact Newspapers of any error within 24one hoursofofthe its publication. Cnr Weka St•&Exterior Miramar North Rd discuss the concept of medium-density in your The Publisher is not responsible for recurring errors. To housing obtain 04suburb. 587 1660 • Roofs a classified space order (defined as annual commitment of - All Welcome Island Bay advertising space or spend) please speak to your advertising Residential Thursday 12 November 7pm representative. (Surcharges may apply if commitment levels Commercial are not met or cancellation of a spaceChurch booking & or contract). Wellington South Baptist 40 years experience Driving Cancellation: neither display nor Bay classified cancellations will 284 The Parade, Island be accepted after the booking deadline. No credits will be isPh Jim sued to classified package buys that have commenced their 027 443 9250 DRIVING SCHOOL series. If an advertiser at any time fails to supply copy within • Student Discounts the deadline, it is understood & agreed that the last copy sup(includes tertiary students) plied will be repeated. Specific terms & conditions apply to CRAFTSMAN • Preparation for Restricted & Full certain classifications. These may relate to either requirements PLUMBER Licence Tests. & conditions set by industry standards for the advertising REG DRAINLAYER • Refresher Courses • Gift Vouchers of certain goods & services, or set by The Publisher. Please Graham Plumbing & speak to your advertising representative to obtain a full copy Drainage Ltd of these. Advertisers agree that all advertisements published Call John ph/txt 0212243441 by Wellington Suburban Newspapers may also appear on a 970 2409 a1drive@ihug.co.nz relevant website. or 027 457 4999 www.a1driving-wellington.co.nz 44236



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• i •


Children from Worser Bay School have school’s own pizza ovens, Thai fishcakes delved into their backyards to make this and many other food stalls will be keepyear’s school fair something special - and ing everyone fed on the Services day. Sitiations Vacant Trades And Death Notices very local. The theme for this year’s fair is “Our STAFF forchildren elite escort Using WANTED produce the have scav- Secret Garden”. COOKE, Geoffrey Newton: Sep 30, 2017. enged from theirmale backyards and with a little Worser Bay School principal Jude Penteservice, 18...25, and female. CBD. A For all your residential needs, FLIPP, Priscilla Agatha: Sepelectrical 25, 2017. help from local suppliers, chef and WELschool cost says this ties in well with the learning from repairs to design to installation. supportive, well established agency. GARDEN, Maria (nee Wysokinska): Sep 28, 2017. mum Hannah Thornton0273256730 has put together an the children have been doing this year. client revisions: The Community Noticeboard is for LINGTON RETREAT Free quotes, no job too big or small. KERR, Michael James Bertrand: Sep 27, 2017. amazing array of goodies to stock the popu“Relationships are at the heart of1 our 2 3 4 5 non-profit organisations. For $15.00 $0 $0 $25 $50 $75 lar deli atAdult the fair on Sunday, November 8. school and strongly reflected in our curMORRISON, Patricia (neeatBleach): Q.S.M. Entertainment ContactMary the team you can publish up to 25 words. “We really wantedand to closing use as much local riculum. This year's inquiry, 'What and Stewart and Rogers on Sep 25, 2017 REMINDER: Please check URL, email address date No AGMS, sporting notices or special produce as we could asfor it came season. Who is in Our Backyard' has beenthatfull of prepared HOT MEN , available men, into ladies PLEASE NOTE: we have PATEL, Ushaben Mohanbhal: Sep 28, 2017. meetings. Community Notices must 0800 800 949 this advertisement proof based onaour “The children andformat: their parents have rich learning experiences and provides and couples WELLINGTON RETREAT job: WN23893 size: 10 x 3col mono be pre-paid. understanding of the instructions received. TILLEY, Alan Michael: Sep, 2017. or book a job online at brought in lots, as have friends and family great link to the fair.” 0273256730. In approving the advertisement, it is the VICKERS, Joy Mary: Oct 2, 2017. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 and Kim [Chin] from Miramar Fruit Supply Money raised from the fair will go towards www.stewartrogers.co.nz client’s responsibility to check the accuracy publication run dateamazingposition DAVID supplied24, the rest.” gym body, BI, slim various school projects. Call us now! 1660 or email classifieds@wsn.co.nz of both the advertisement and the media and see cost estimate Trades And Services well hung and HOTa0273256730 Hannah has very assorted tasty range inIn the past these have included position nominated. help with cluding preserves, mustards, digital technology, additional staffing, KENZO 19, slim BI, chutneys, vers, open minded, Cancellation of adverts booked cordials, kimchi Korean pickle), development anda media the media will incur and in touch with(athe pleasure spotsrelishes teacher professional with Island Bay Plumbing and even a pizza sauce. engagement of a writing specialist. cancellation fee of $50. 0273256730 For those wanting an early start there are  Worser Bay School Fair - 168 Seatoun FRANKIE 32, tall, BI,and vers,mince hairy meat chest,for a also Christmas cakes Heights Rd, Sunday, November from your contact: 8,TEAM Vanita Saturday, 7th October 2017, 10 am PAINTING Christmas pies.open minded 0273256730 great lover and 11amInterior to 2pm, rain or shine. Some Eftpos to 2 pm, Hataitai Bowling Club, 157 Burgers, dumplings, pizzas from the available. with own Painting & Hataitai Road. Swap your New World Public Notices scaffolding garden seedlings or donate them Public Notice Exc. Refs. Comp Wallpapering to the Community Gardens. Plants, Rates. All work Ring Paul on: ADVERTISING TERMS & CONDITIONS Books, Handmade Crafts, Jams, Food guaranteed. Contact John M: (027) 4433-535 Miramar and much more. For a stall contact All advertisements are subject to the approval of Wellington FREE QUOTES on 388 3862 Suburban Newspapers. Advertisements are positioned entirely Louise at brockway@paradise.net.nz P: 0800 383 752 Rangers Inc ContactAFC Marcus or 027 4466 371

advertising proof




“Each night will see a collection of food trucks and local cafés opening late serving food and drinks. The main stage will entertain from 7-9.30pm with performances by a magician, local DJ and bands, topped off with a nightly firework display,” Carla says. The new event has the underlying theme ‘Being Human’, which will be interpreted through the displays in a number of ways including physiologically, emotionally, culturally or through our use of technology. Central to this is internationallyacclaimed light installation Affinity, which reinforces the human element of HighLight by acting as a conversation-starter about Alzheimer’s and dementia. HighLight has partnered with charity Alzheimer’s Wellington to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s and dementia care. HighLight will run in Riddiford Garden, Lower Hutt from Friday October 20-23 from 7pm - 11pm nightly. Free entry. Find out more at highlight.org.nz


HighLight Carnival of Lights is set to transform Lower Hutt’s Riddiford Garden into an interactive carnival of light installations and breathtaking live performances. For four nights from Friday, October 20, visitors to the inaugural light carnival will immerse themselves in displays, live entertainment for the whole family and hands-on features as they explore the gardens HighLight Festival Director Carla Steed says the free all-ages event has been created by the Hutt City Council to offer an exciting and fun interactive experience over Labour Weekend. “We’re excited to introduce visitors to this new iconic annual event. With an array of exciting installations and immersive experiences as well as an awesome lineup of performances, HighLight is going to be something quite special for the Hutt.” Among the highlights is an aerial performances inside a giant inflatable light bulb, where the performer will act as the dazzling filament.

Exc. Refs. Comp. Rates. All work guaranteed. FREE QUOTES Marcus Ph: 476-6648 or Mb 021 764-831

W M 2 B G H W


Licensed REA Act 2008 Phone Lana Mehlhopt 383 7008 | 027 28 33 904

View the Cook Strait News online


b r

Thursday October 5, 2017



Aquadome arrives at girls’ college pool After eight years of fundraising and hard work the Wellington East Girls’ College pool, near the Basin Reserve, has been renovated to provide a new community swimming pool. With a “spectacular” enclosure and a state-of-the-art heating system, the pool will be used for the first time this month, Capital Swim Club chairman Steve Hind says. The original swimming pool at Wellington East Girls’ College was built in 1959. It had a 33-yard pool and a small diving pool alongside and the water was unheated, so pupils only swam in the summer months. Eventually, the cost of having the pool and maintaining it began to outweigh its usefulness and plans to refurbish and modernise the pool began in 2010.

The new facility has a 25-metre pool with a smaller learners’ pool attached and will be operating all year round. The total cost of the project was $1.3 million and major funders included Wellington City Council, Eastern Suburbs Sports Trust, Lion Foundation, NZCT and many other funding organisations Local support was crucial to its success, Steve says, and many clubs and schools supported the project ,with nearby food emporium, Moore Wilson’s, also helping to reach the final goal. Once the current rebuild of the main block at the college is finished, the pool will be available for other schools in the area to use as part of their weekly routine. “This public and private partnership is an example of how we can halt the demise of school

Wellington East Girls College students show their approval in the new Aquadome. PHOTO: Supplied

pools and start to reinstate swimming as an integral part of school life,” Steve says. “We hear a lot about increased drowning statistics and we believe this is a step in the

Volleyball celebrate 50th club champs in style

right direction for getting those figures down.” Olympians and local swimming personalities Tash Hind - Steve’s daughter who won a silver relay medal at the 2010

Sports talk

with Jacob Page

Giving change a sporting chance

Social change movements really are starting to have a dramatic impact on sport around the world. For good or bad, sport is being used as a platform to demand change globally. You have American NFL players kneeling for the national anthem in a search for equality between white and African Americans. There’s US president Donald Trump saying he’d fire all of them for doing it if they worked for him. There’s American singer Macklemore causing a stir in Australia by performing a song about gay rights at the NRL Grand Final and then donating his pay from that event to a gay rugby advocacy group. Right or wrong, sport draws eyeballs and therefore it presents the best forum to advocate for change. The same reason charities like to get their

A commerative book about New Zealand Volleyball. PHOTO: Supplied

The NZCT 50th Club Volleyball Championships begin in Wellington yesterday at Kilbirnie’s ASB Sports Centre to cap off a massive year of senior volleyball in New Zealand. This year’s tournament will feature the top 50 club sides from around the country, with each team having the ability to recruit two international players for the event. Harbour Raiders (North Harbour), the defending women’s champions, have made a huge signing for this year’s campaign with four-time Olympian and two-time silver medallist Logan Tom, joining their playing roster from the United States. The number one seeds in the women’s draw are the Mauao Warriors (Tauranga) who have forced their way ahead of cross town rival club Tauranga in the hotly contested Northern Zone League. Mauao are led by NZL Captain Stacey Niao, who is relishing being back in New Zealand after completing a volleyball scholarship at the Illinois State University.

The men’s draw is looking exceptionally tight again in 2017 with the defending champions Mauao Warriors dropping to second in the Northern Zone League (which secures them third seed overall), with Harbour Raiders claiming the number one Northern and National seeding. The higher level of play in both genders may be due to the increased level of elite volleyball on offer in 2017. Many of the top athletes competed in the World Masters Games in April, followed by the reinstated Interprovincial Championships in June and then both NZL senior national teams competed against the best teams from Asia. The 50th anniversary of the club championships (and the national body) will also be marked during Saturday’s finals day with the launch of a commemorative book 50 Years Young, upstairs at the ASB Sports Centre at 3pm. The men’s final gets underway at 4pm and the women’s at 6pm. All are welcome to attend the book launch and the finals.

Commonwealth Games - and Gary Hurring are now providing swim lessons and coaching at the Aquadome, catering to primary school age children right up to adults.

messages out to the masses by partnering with a sports league is the same reason why players are now making the most of their chance in the spotlight. However, these issues are overshadowing the games themselves. Is that right? That’s up for debate. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you don’t accept change and evolve with the times, you get left behind. Macklemore wants equality for all. It would be a braver individual than me to disagree with such a statement. Those two examples aren’t the first acts of social change being instigated using sport, people have used the Olympic Games regularly throughout history to demand change on global attitudes either through their actions or by not turning up at all. Pick a side and stick to it. For me, equality for all sounds pretty good.

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Thursday October 5, 2017





Chiropractic HD Sandringham


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and Balmoral models only. Stock is limited, and availability may vary between stores. Bed is defined as a mattress



*Offer valid 13/06/2016 to 10/07/2016 or while stocks last. Excludes Everyday Dream Prices

andstocks clearance Minimum spend $999. Lending criteria, Annual Account fee, Offer valid 02/10/17 to Excludes 29/10/17Everyday or while last. stock. Limited editionstock. Chiropractic beds the$50 Sandringham and standard base set. Dream prices and clearance Offer cannot beapplies used into conjunction Establishment fee,spend terms and conditions See counter for fullAccount terms andfee, conditions. and clearance stock. Minimum $999. Lendingapply. criteria, Annual and models only. Stock is limited, andServices availability may vary between Bed$50 is defined with Balmoral any other offer. Q Card and Latitude Financial lending criteria, fees, termsstores. and conditions apply. as a mattress Establishment fee, terms andprices conditions apply. stock. See counter for full conditions. Visit standard bedsrus.co.nz for more information. and base set. Excludes Everyday Dream and clearance Offer cannot be terms used inand conjunction with any other offer. Q Card and Latitude Financial Services lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.


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Cook Strait News 05-10-17

Cook Strait News 05-10-17  

Cook Strait News 05-10-17

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