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Thursday October 5, 2017

New botanical wonder for school children By Jamie Adams

A new garden dedicated to educating children about the importance of plants has been unveiled at the Wellington Botanic Garden. The Discovery Garden – Te Kaapuia o Te Waoku, an area designed for children, was officially opened by Mayor Justin Lester on Saturday. The garden is touted as a living classroom where children can explore and learn about the natural world. Friends of the Botanic Gardens president Rob Hole says the garden is a “welcome development”. “The Botanic Gardens were developed over 150 years ago and has had a very strong scientific and educational brief. “We are reinforcing that by having a facility dedicated principally at children on the contemporary urban issues.” The garden has been built on

a 1500 square-metre hillside site near the Treehouse Visitor Centre and plant nursery. It contains a range of plants used for food, fibre and medicine which will be used by primary school teachers to educate visiting classes. “There’s a pavilion where the kids can gather if it gets wet,” Rob says. The whole point of educating children about plants is to get them more aware about their importance in their daily lives, he says. “If they were to ask their parents where muesli comes from, this is would explain it.” T he ga rden would also reacquaint children with something people from Rob’s generation took for granted growing up. “This is about getting that connection for those kids who may not have a garden where they live. “It’s a very noble cause.”

groups, Wellingtonians aged 36-55 spent the most – around $515 on average per month compared to $399 for 18-35s and $390 for those aged 56-75. Wellingtonians’ predilection for eating out might be reflected in their lower grocery bill; their average monthly grocery bill of around $616 trailed six other regions. Those living in Marlborough spend the most on groceries each month at $712 on average. Westpac’s CashNav app allows customers to track their daily spending habits by cate-

inbrief news Council posts $11m surplus Wellington City Council posted an $11 million surplus for the past financial year, Mayor Justin Lester has announced. The City Council spent $494 million or $6.56 per resident per day running the city in the 2016/17 financial year, resulting in the surplus. “With millions of dollars of unexpected spending as a result of last November’s earthquake, our finances have been very tight, but we’ve been able to keep the books in the black,” Justin says. An increase in non-rates income driven by higher dividends from investments, landfill revenue and an increase in the number of new consents issued was cited as the main reason.

Ella Franklin and Frankie McKerracher peek out of a Wooden Hut Breakout Space at the opening of the Botanic Garden’s Discovery Garden – Te Kaapuia o Te Waoku, on Saturday. PHOTO: Supplied

Wellingtonians second-highest spenders on dining out People living in the capital spend the highest amount on dining out after Auckland, according to data gleaned from Westpac NZ. Westpac drilled down into the statistics of more than 96,000 of its anonymous CashNav app users and found that those aged 18-75 years old and living in Wellington were spending around $436 on average per month at cafes, restaurants or fast food outlets – second only to Aucklanders who spend around $486. When broken down into age


gorising what they spend their money on and identifying what is holding their saving aspirations back. It also notifies them if their spending is higher than usual. The app does this by automatically categorising customers’ EFTPOS, debit and credit card transactions into one of 12 categories such as eating out, shopping, travel, entertainment, home, groceries, transportation, utilities, education and health. Clearly, staying healthy and looking good counts for a lot in the capital, with Wellingto-

nians clocking up the second highest spend in the country at gyms, pharmacies, make-up stores, and beauty salons. Westpac NZ General Manager of Marketing, Products and Transformation Andrew Kerr is not surprised Wellingtonians’ spending is at the upper end in a number of categories. “CashNav app users are able to see when their spending is creeping up and how it’s affecting their saving for the bigger things they want. From there, they can make different spending choices.”

Hospitals to gauge people’s ‘snack-isfaction’ Capital & Coast DHB will survey staff, patients and visitors to find out how happy they are with the retail cafés operating on hospital grounds. “Good food and coffee, and friendly service, can be really comforting for someone going through a difficult time or working a long shift,” contracts manager Kenny McCaul says. Wellington Regional Hospital has three onsite cafés – Fuel, Wishbone and Wellington Vibe. The survey is currently available to staff, with hard copies available for patients and visitors at the cafés from October 9. It will close on October 13.

Athletics club calls for participants Kiwi Athletics Club is holding a free open day at Newtown Stadium on October 7, from 1.45pm. Running (sprints and distance), walking, throwing and jumping events made available to sports minded people till 3.30pm. It’s free to those of college age and upwards. Club chairman Peter Jack says newcomers, returnees and winter coders are most welcome.





If God exists, it changes everything! Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question, and is designed to create conversation. There’s no pressure, no follow-up and no charge; it’s just an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together. The sessions are available again starting at 7.00pm at St Patrick’s Church on Tuesday 17 October. To enrol please call or text John Rogers 0272328488 or Kim von Lanthen 0222426288. Feel free to bring a friend or come on your own.

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Cook Strait News 05-10-17  

Cook Strait News 05-10-17

Cook Strait News 05-10-17  

Cook Strait News 05-10-17