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Thursday September 28, 2017

Pupils make a difference for Syrian refugees By Jamie Adams

Hataitai School’s senior pupils put on a production with a special purpose on Tuesday. Where Do You Live? was an interactive show which saw the audience of parents get a taste of the experience refugees have to go through. The play was held in two classrooms, with many pupils in character as border control officers. Parents were issued with “passports” and halfway through were required to “migrate” to another school block to view the rest of the show, handing over their passports in the process.

During their pilgrimage they witnessed “refugees” in rubber tyres that represented the overcrowded boats that have become a reality in the Mediterranean Sea. As well as songs and dialogue that questioned what it means to live somewhere, the most memorable aspect was a video montage of the school’s pupils holding cards of what they wanted to be and for the world. Many wished for global peace and an end to suffering. The play also featured a video message from a Syrian girl living in a refugee camp in Lebanon. She is one of five students undergoing a six-week

musical programme at the camp that the school had been in contact with. Teacher Kirsten Wright said proceeds from the play would fund their tuition through the Make Foundation, a charity founded by Happy Valley-based Syrian migrants Michel and Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri which funds art programmes for refugees abroad. The foundation had been involved in projects for several Wellington schools and Kirsten said the school was inspired to get involved after a Syrian girl called Hiba, who goes to Newtown Primary School, paid a visit.

Year 8 pupil Emika Hori performs during Hataitai School’s musical production Where Do You Live? on Tuesday. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

Kilmarnock Heights Home launches self-service dining

Residents Nan Sanders and Tony Howman officially launch self-service buffet dining at Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home in Berhampore. PHOTO:Supplied

Kilmarnock Heights Home is transforming the dining experience for elders. Following successful trials at other Enliven homes, the Berhampore home launched self-service buffet dining earlier this month. “Dining is such an important part of the residents’ day, so we want to make it as enjoyable as possible,” says Nurse Manager, Anna Roberts. “Self-service, buffet-style dining gives the elders of Kilmarnock Heights Home the freedom to choose what they’d like to eat and how much.” Other Enliven homes which have trialled the new dining style, including Longview Home in Tawa, have found residents love the new style of dining, and it has been good for their health too. “Being able to choose more of the food items they enjoy most has encouraged healthy appetites and led to weight gain.”

Kilmarnock Heights Home’s emphasis on choice and autonomy reflects the Enliven philosophy, which all Enliven homes follow. “Our philosophy is based on the Eden Alternative care model, which is an elder-centred approach to care. A key part of that is ensuring that elders feel empowered to make their own decisions and self-service dining is part of that,” says Anna. She notes that residents of other homes have also valued being able to help each other during meal times. “We’re committed to making sure all of the residents feel useful and valued, so providing opportunities like these to give as well as receive care is vital.” To find out more about the Enliven philosophy, visit nz. You can also call Kilmarnock Heights Home directly on 04 380 2034. PBA


Online reviews for flat seekers A new online reviewing site allows prospective tenants to get the inside scoop on a rental property before they sign their lease. The website, offers the ability to see ratings against warmth, dampness, noise, location and the resolution of timely maintenance requests by the landlord. “We are excited about… allowing potential tenants to review previous tenant’s experiences before signing up to live in a property,” founder Aaron Yee said. With more on fixed-term tenancy agreements, platforms like this offer a sense of fairness and for potential renters, he said.

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Cook Strait News 28-09-17

Cook Strait News 28-09-17  

Cook Strait News 28-09-17