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Thursday September 28, 2017

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Council housing policy shake-up approved Wellington City Council has voted unanimously to undertake the largest reform of the city’s housing policies in decades. The Council’s city strategy committee voted to adopt the recommendations of the Mayor’s Taskforce on Housing. Those recommendations included partnering with the Government and the community housing sector on developing new land, incentivising affordable housing developments, increasing building height limits, simplify-

ing consents and raising rental standards. “Wellington is growing strongly, and we need to make sure we are providing opportunities for new homes to match that growth,” Mayor Justin Lester said. “That’s why we’ve spent months working with experts from the construction industry, NGOs, academics and social housing providers on a comprehensive plan to tackle housing in Wellington.” Justin promised “greater leader-

ship” from the Council. “We’re not going to sit on the sidelines and leave it to the market. We’re going to be more involved by directly building new homes, setting better standards and looking at changes to rating, procurement and development policies to incentivise more development.” He promised that the council would partner with central government to free up land to develop more social housing, and work closer with NGOs, community

housing providers and developers. Deputy Mayor and Housing Portfolio Leader Paul Eagle said the adoption of the plan is a major milestone. “This is just the beginning and our vote [on Thursday] sends an incredibly strong message that the Council is united in tackling housing and will give real confidence to our partners,” he said. “The next step is to incorporate these plans into the first draft of the 10-year budget in the mayor’s first Long Term Plan.”

Solution for Island Bay Cycleway launched A Wellington City Council proposal for a $4.1 million compromise solution to the layout of the much-maligned Island Bay cycleway on The Parade has received a mixed response. The council proposes to raise the cycleway, which currently runs between the footpath and the car parks, to the same

height as the kerb, with parking to remain on the road-side of it, albeit unmarked. The vehicle lanes on the road will be widened to 3.5 metres in each direction, plus two metres for parking. “This is a common-sense solution that will improve the Parade for everyone,” Mayor Justin Lester said.

The council’s proposal for fixing Island Bay Parade would see the cycleway raised to footpath level. PHOTO: Supplied

Walking, cycling and public transport portfolio leader Sarah Free said the solution was the result of more than 3700 public submissions and discussions councillors had at the drop-in sessions held in Island Bay earlier this year. Car and bus drivers wanted more room to manoeuvre and local businesses wanted car parks protected, she said. “We will also make further safety improvements to reduce the cycling speed on the cycleway, be removing speed humps that were scraping against buses, and restoring angled car parking by the medical centre. The new option would be paid for out of existing council budgets and a further $2 million will be set aside to reseal the road once the project is completed, and for contingencies. Patrick Morgan from Cycling Action Network described the proposal as a triple-A design suitable for all ages and abilities. “We are pleased to see the cycleway extended through the shopping area, a new kerb to make parking easier, and wider door buffer zones to reduce risk to cyclists and pedestrians.” However the Island Bay Residents’ Association does not support the proposal; their key issue was safety, with high-speed cyclists endangering passengers exiting their cars, as well as pedestrians on the footpath. “We have looked at all those measures and we were not comfortable with it,” President Vicki Greco said The community would continue to push for the unofficial Option E – returning the layout to what it was originally.

Introduction To Meditation

Tuesday, October 3rd, 6:00pm - 8:30pm


St Andrews, Conference Room 1, 30 The Terrace

Wellington Meditation


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CBD apartment dweller survey Wellington City Council is undertaking a survey to investigate the impact of the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake on apartment dwellers in Wellington. The results will be used to better understand some of the unique challenges apartment residents face following an emergency, and how best to plan and respond to any future events. The online survey closes Friday, October 20. Hard copy versions are available by emailing angela.rampton@wcc. All entries go in the draw to win a Grab & Go bag. To enter go to wellington.







New Zealand’s third leading cause of death still has no defined national health target with dedicated funding behind it, the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ says. The foundation stressed the need to address respiratory health inequities and improve the overall high rates. “Why one of our country’s leading causes of morbidity and mortality isn’t a national health target is beyond me,” chief exectuive Letitia O’Dwyer said. She called on the next government to implement a target to reduce emergency visits for acute respiratory illnesses by 20 per cent within the five years.


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Explore different techniques, mantras, visualisations, spiritual heart meditation, the four principle paths of yoga, mind calming exercises etc. Visiting guest presenter.

Major NZ killer low priority - foundation


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Cook Strait News 28-09-17  

Cook Strait News 28-09-17

Cook Strait News 28-09-17  

Cook Strait News 28-09-17