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Wednesday September 27, 2017


One woman’s mission to improve mental health of Kiwis

Karori resident Carina Allen is the founder of The Zen Division. PHOTO: Supplied

In the face of record suicide numbers, reports of inadequate mental health support and increasingly demanding lifestyles, one woman is on a mission to tackle mental health issues at their source by bringing a little zen to people’s daily lives. Karori local Carina Allen is the founder of The Zen Division, a business focussed on helping Kiwis overcome everyday stresses with a toolkit to encourage intentional self-care. She said it was critical that people took time to look after themselves in their increasingly busy lifestyles. “It’s happening to everyday people,” Carina said. “It’s a crisis for everyone, not just people with a history of mental health issues. “Many of us spend so much of our time trying to be everything to everyone, and trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. We are not allowing enough time to take care of ourselves.” The World Health Organisation puts depression as the leading cause of disabilities worldwide, and said there were

clear links to the suicide rate. The suicide statistics in New Zealand are as high as they have ever been at 13 deaths per 100,000 people. According to the latest Ministry of Health Survey, a rising number of the population (seven percent) are suffering from ‘psychological distress’ caused by anxiety and depression. Carina has worked in mental health for the last decade and said people were feeling they need to be constantly stimulated, thanks to an increasing array of distractions in their lives. Through The Zen Division, she provides workshops on mindfulness and self-care. These focus on helping people seek solutions, including how they can find time for themselves, the level of rest they need, and techniques and equipment to support them. “We are programmed to better ourselves, and often think we need to keep doing more each day to achieve this. I realise through talking to people that a lot of them are on the verge of fatigue. We need to understand that being calm and centred can be much more effective,” Carina explained.

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Independent Herald 27-09-17

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Independent Herald 27-09-17