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Thursday September 7, 2017

LETTERS to the editor

A bigger arena for Wellington? Dear Editor, If a larger arena is built could you please, PLEASE use a different colour or differing colours for the seats. I am non-plussed and embarrassed at the sea of yellow I see whenever I watch

a broadcast from the Cake Tin (and that is not the overwhelming yellow shirts in the ‘artist’s impression’ on the front page of the Dom Post of 30-8-2017). Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Democracy or discrimination? Dear Editor, So a reader writes to discuss and debate a thought of lowering the voting age yet out jumps H Westfold inferring that it is too complicated for youths and GIRLS. He always has a consistent line against any new idea, and particularly against any sex other than his own! I recall Jonah in 4:11 saying “that 120,000 people cannot tell their left hand from their right so should I not be

concerned about the great city!” Perhaps even he was predicting the use of the very misconstrued Vote: Compass that TV1 is urging us to use to understand for whom to vote. I do think more young people today, with a clear vision will vote on the 23rd, and a new progressive Government for the people will sweep out the old. Rose Wu Kilbirnie

The motorcar will never disappear Dear Editor, Richard Keller of Lyall Bay (CSN 24/8) states Island Bay residents are “still trying to hide behind the term cycleway in their transport discussions and what they should be really talking about is cars!” Apparently he thinks there are too many cars in Island Bay and he questions “why are so many car parks allowed to get in the way of other transport options?” He states “once the more honest term of ‘CARS’ replaces the code word ‘CYCLEWAY’ then people can talk more ‘honestly’ with each other”. Well, personally I don’t quite understand the point that Mr Keller is trying to make?

He obviously dislikes cars with a vengeance and would like everybody to get on their bikes or use public transport. That doesn’t suit all people. The motorcar will be here for a long time to come, Mr Keller. I’m sure it will mutate to suit people’s needs over the next decades but it will never disappear and I believe it is naïve to thinks so. What is happening in Wellington with all this cycleway business is nonsensical and the sooner Wellingtonians speak out the better. Ron Rodgers Berhampore

Not another burden for the taxpayer! Dear Editor, Help, OMG. Now the mayor is pushing for a $180million-plus multi-music venue to be built by the Westpac Cake Tin with no roof! I recall some years ago that the WCC wanted to build the same, yet after appeal to the Environmental Court by Andy Foster (the present councillor) it was shifted and built for $50million at Kilbirnie (and is a

white elephant). I think an inquiry was held and a Commissioner said it can’t be built on that land on the waterfront for a number of unsound reasons. Could one of your readers inform us about this please, as the WCC is overburdening me with ratepayer debt! Rose Wu Kilbirnie

Inability to respect others’ opinions Dear Editor, Clearly Richard Keller of Lyall Bay has taken offence to my letter (CSN 24 August) and has taken it upon himself to charmingly accuse the good people of Island Bay of “the Tea-party type (read Donald Trump) uprising in Island Bay”. He then goes further to accuse IB of a “car cult mentality”. What a narrow-minded opinion he has for others that don’t share his views! As a cyclist, pedestrian, bus user and occasional motorist I think Keller completely

misses the point (conveniently of course hence the insults and name calling) that the abomination of a cycleway is simply a “dangerous and not fit for purpose” use of The Parade! WCC have designed the cycleway so it is unsafe for ALL road users (including cyclists). How about focusing on your own suburb and leave Island Bay to sort out their issues. Car cult mentality – what utter rot! Isabella Wishart Island Bay

Young people worthy of chance to vote Dear Editor, In reply to H Westfold’s letter on this subject in Cook Strait News August 31, I think he is displaying a deficit of logic. He should consider the following: • You don’t have to be a mere 16 years of age to find the concept of democracy a complex issue • In any age group there are people who choose not to vote, despite being eligible to do so • Secondary school children who are

approaching 16 years will find politics a lot more relevant if they themselves will soon be eligible to vote I think there are many 16(+) year-olds who are very articulate, well-informed, and worthy of being given the opportunity of voting and they should be given this chance before they leave school and lose interest in helping to change the world around them. C Swift Island Bay


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