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Thursday September 7, 2017

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Magic of circus has crowd buzzing The advertisement for Under The Big Top claimed the stunts were “deathdefying” and that certainly was the case, with several performers supended from six-metre-high curtains and ropes, at times without cushions to break any potential fall. The 12-strong act was choerographed by Circus Hub’s head trainer Rosalie Ducharme, a graduate of Montreal’s National Circus School who tutors a performing arts programme at Whitireia New Zealand. Her background in rhythmic gymnastics and contemporary dance enabled her to choreograph such a spectacular show. When asked afterwards how she could allow her performers to carry out such risky acrobatics, Rosalie said it all came down to trust in their ability. ”It’s about how consistent they are. They

usually just slide down [the curtains].” Rosalie said the lead-up had been demanding, with some having to juggle day jobs and study as well as fend off winter illness. “We have been doing three rehearsals a week for the last month, even more in the last two weeks. “They will all have a well-deserved rest.” Music director Marc Taddei said the show was a great way to entertain children while introducing them to the “magic” of orchestra. The Wellington Circus Hub, was founded in 2005 and is based at the Wellington Indoor Sports Centre in Newtown. While it is vocational for those wanting to get into the circus industry, it offers classes for children as young as three. Its website is

Georgi Curran hangs on an aerial rope, as fellow Circus Hub performers Aidin Ralfe, Gaia Smith, and Rhyanne Grace Vasta look on during the show Under The Big Top. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

You shall not pass, thanks to landslips

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The major slips that occured in Wellington during last Friday’s wet weather not only led to evacuations, but also road closures – including a crucial connection between Seatoun and the south coast. The Pass of Branda was out of action until Tuesday after rubble from a hillside collapsed, completely blocking the road. Even then it was only a reprieve, as council spokesman Richard MacLean said the road had to be closed again on Wednesday to pull down any loose material. The closure meant for at least four days Seatoun residents had no choice but to negotiate the busy Cobham Drive and then compete with airport, Miramar or Strathmore traffic to get to their homes. A major slip on The Esplanade east of Houghton Bay also forced a road closure, though it was cleared for use by Saturday.

The Pass of Branda bewtween Seatoun and Breaker Bay remained impassable on Saturday after last week’s landslips. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

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Cook Strait News 07-09-17  

Cook Strait News 07-09-17

Cook Strait News 07-09-17  

Cook Strait News 07-09-17