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Thursday September 7, 2017

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Windows 10 deadline looms Cloud Computi ng - What’s That? your Google Mail, your facebook I’m sure by now you will have heard just to be very sure the term “Cloud Computing” and Windows 10 was released withaccount. muchAnd fanfare in midabout security, those servers will the many references to “Being 2015 and one year on, the offer to upgrade to Windows copy and share your account details in the Cloud” – so what does it with identical servers in other data mean? Firstly,is thejust termabout comes from 10 for free to expire. warehouses all arounddevices the world. computer network designers anda total Microsoft estimates that of 300 million When you login with your username IT architects who use a fluffy cloud are now running Windows 10, and with about a third of those password, you’re entering one symbol to represent the internet being new devices. But the majority - about 60% - of of these servers somewhere in the in their complicated diagrams. It’s world which holds your 7 information. a simple waybased to drawPCs the interWindows are still running Windows so if net. Taking a stepyou further, cloudthat free I’m often asked if we can trust that’s youit and want upgrade, you’ve got‘The computing is any service that you Cloud’. My answer is – absoluteuntil 29viaJuly 2016 to do it. access the internet. ly. Microsoft, Google, facebook,

To date, have gone and Amazon invest hugereasonsums of When you most access Windows your bank 10 upgrades ably smoothly, but with the sheer volume being done, money to keep your information account from your computer, that’s safe and secure. Fort Knox. cloud computing. When you there’s no shortage ofgo horror stories. ManyIt’s oflike these have Imagine what would happen if they on facebook or pay a parking fine, happened in the last two months when Microsoft made had a security breach – their busifill in a government form or buy Windows 10 anthat’s automatic update without really letting ness model would fall apart as we something on-line, cloud closedpeople our accounts andup moved computingknow and after the around invention ofthe all anyone and world woke away. And by the way, when you the desktop computer and email, it’s surprised with a new operating system running on their use these cloud services, all your maybe the biggest development in computer. Unfortunately, many woke up to a non-funcinformation is stored and moves personal computing in 25 years. tioning computer and a sinking feeling in intheir stomach. back and forth an encrypted And what does the cloud really look code which can’t be deciphered, so Microsoft going to for continue its extended support comlike? Not likeis a cloud, that’s sure. you’re safe, you’re very safe. All over the for worldWindows there are buildings, mitment 7 through to January 2020, so if Happydon’t computing some are like huge warehouses you’re happy with Windows 7 and believe you’ll be containing rows and rows of highBook ayears’ Nerdtime, online at the using your current computer in four then tech computer servers that hold your upgrade mayyour not for you. bank accounts, Offibe ce 365, or phone 0800 63 33 26 But if you are going to upgrade from your current Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, best you get a hurry on. The process isn’t difficult – check it out at com/en-NZ/windows/windows-10-upgrade. Just make sure that before you carry out the upgrade, you’ve got a current backup of your computer that you know works just in case you need to go back. Computers are like most other things in life – a byte of prevention is worth a terabyte of cure.

Stories and goodies as kids come out for bookshop’s birthday By Jamie Adams

A milestone was acknowledged with a big birthday cake – and a tinge of sadness – at the Children’s Bookshop in Kilbirnie on Saturday. Dozens of local children and their parents paid a visit to mark 25 years from when the iconic local store first opened its doors. Staff dressed as book character Captain Underpants as children were entertained by several local authors and illustrators in two sessions throughout the day. The morning session featured Kate Wilkinson, Paul Beavis and Moira Wairama while Ruth Paul, Fifi Colston, Sacha Cotter and Josh Morgan read their stories to children in the afternoon. The anniversary came three months after the original owner John McIntyre died of heart failure in June. “He got sick last year,” his widow Ruth said. “We knew one day this would happen. “He got pneumonia a few times and that affected his heart.” However John was involved in the planning of the birthday and it was only fitting his legacy should have been celebrated, she said. “Because John died we thought it would be nice to mark the occasion but not have something too noisy or happy - just cake and goody bags.”

Children admire the 25th-birthday cake moments before eating some of it at the Kilbirnie Children’s Bookshop on Saturday. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

The bookshop was established in 1992 after John recovered from renal failure. “After that happened he just decided to do something worthwhile,” Ruth said. “We had been looking at bookshops and realised there wasn’t one for children at the time.” The shop has moved locations twice in its time, but has always been in Kilbirnie Plaza, its first incarnation being just across from

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IRWELL REST HOME a family home

Privately owned and operated by John and Heather Nicolson of Island Bay Enquire now, Long term, Respite and Convalescing beds now available. Single rooms, fully en-suited. We cater for subsidized and privately paying Residents.

IRWELL REST HOME 11 Irwell St, Island Bay Phone: 04-3838485 | Email:

where it is now. “We thought we would give it two years but he knew after a couple of months it would be successful,” Ruth said. Ruth, who was a journalist at the Press Association at the time, joined the store’s operation in 1999. “We were then next door, then moved here about 14 years ago.” The winner of a box of 25 books to mark the anniversary will be announced at the end of the month.

Cannabis film to premiere at hospital An educational documentary about cannabis as a medicine for New Zealanders is set to premiere at Wellington Hospital. Spindle Fibre Films in association with is set to release an educational documentary encouraging informed conversation between doctors and patients around the use of cannabis as a medicine in New Zealand. An exclusive look inside New Zealand’s medical profession identified medicinal cannabis is used by 1 in 20 Kiwis over the age of 15. Approximately 175,000 New Zealanders suffering from chronic diseases are having uninformed conversations about treatment options with their doctors. Narrated by Victoria Catherwood, Mum, Cannabis and Me features interviews with a terminally ill cancer patient about her choice of pain relieving medication and Dr Anthony Falkov about how doctors can have safe but informed conversations with patients to reduce harms and increase health outcomes.

Dr Michelle Glass, a cannabinoid researcher, let filmmakers peek into her world class research laboratory. They also got the lowdown from the infamous Nelson Lawyer, Sue Grey, about the legal ramifications for both doctors and patients surrounding cannabis law in NZ. Victoria, a researcher and co founder of The University of Otago Integrative Medicine Otago Group, said it is her aim to reduce harm by equipping medical staff about the relevance of evidence based medicine so they can have the appropriate medicinal cannabis conversations with patients. “The patients most at risk are those without the means to access legal cannabinoid medicine. This documentary is for them, and the doctors who treat them,” she said. The premiere will be held tomorrow at Wellington Hospital’s small lecture theatre at 7pm.  Tickets are available by koha on www.eventbrite.

Cook Strait News 07-09-17  

Cook Strait News 07-09-17

Cook Strait News 07-09-17  

Cook Strait News 07-09-17