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Thursday September 7, 2017

Supercars rev up interest on open day


Young karateka deal big kick to plastic By Jamie Adams

Members of the South Wellington Seido Karate Club braved a bitterly cold early spring day to do their final bit in a month-long rubbish collecting project on Saturday. Children of the club had been picking up plastic rubbish every day throughout August for both an environmental cause as well as to raise a small pool of funds for its prizegiving party. It culminated in their meeting in their karate uniforms at Lyall Bay beach outside Maranui Café to pick up beach litter as a means to raise awareness of the

shocking impact plastic waste has on the marine environment. Dojo brown belt and clean-up co-ordinator Pepe Becker had this message to club members: “Osu everyone. Thanks again to all who turned up (in the cold wind) to be photographed and/or to clean up the Lyall Bay beach and coastal street area, and to all who have been gathering sponsorship and/ or donations and/or have been picking up plastic rubbish for the past month. “A supreme effort for two very good causes - a cleaner community/environment and a cinematic celebration for the

kids.” The weather was too cold and windy for the children to stick around for an hour, but they had cleaned the Lyall Bay beach before returning to the warmth of their homes while the adults continued to clean the side streets through the afternoon. Pepe said the project was such a success that the dojo was considering making it an annual event. “Next year we’ll do the final clean-up around our dojo’s local area in Berhampore and perhaps cover Adelaide Road down towards The Parade and Island Bay.”

Matthew Beauchamp, of Brooklyn, shows his approval behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Diablo. PHOTO: Jamie Adams By Jamie Adams

Freezing weather didn’t deter those eager to pop over to Repco Wellington’s Open Day to celebrate its new Adelaide Road store. The major drawcards were the two supercars on display that were being promoted for Repco’s Win A Spin competition – a black 2005 Ferrari Spider and a red 1991 Lamborghini Diablo. The high-performance sports cars from Luxury Rides Wellington drew plenty of attention, with customers unable to resist sitting in their driver’s seats. Branch manager Lindsay Cook

said the draw was a great success with some customers paying for several raffle tickets in their bid for a ride in one of them. “We were happy. It was cold but sales were better than on a normal weekend,” he said. The new more convenient location made it a proper destination for car parts customers, in contrast to its hard-to-access former Kent Terrace site, he said. “It’s a very pleasing outcome. We’re glad we survived the shift.” The winners of the draw were John and Jennifer Sullivan on Saturday, and Rob McDougall on Sunday.

Participants of South Wellington Seido Karate’s beach cleanup on Saturday. Back from left Aeneas O’Sullivan, Ariana Goode, Layla Goode, Rocky Gaeta, Aki Hansen, Alex Mihajlovski, Eddie Mihajlovski. Front from left: Pepe Becker, Jonathan Kingston-Smith, Guy Davies, Jun Shihan and Tony Gaeta. PHOTO: Meita Gaeta

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