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Thursday August 31, 2017


LETTERS to the editor

Speed limits for cyclists on footpaths Dear Editor, All this legalistic arguing against other road users shown our typical NZ selfishness as soon as we get in or on a vehicle. We should be more friendly and tolerant. If no one is allowed to pass (either way) another

vehicle without smiling at the other driver our road toll would become almost nil. Instead of allowing 13½-yearolds to have bike races on the footpaths would it not be more reasonable to just make a rule of no speeds higher than 12 or

14km/h on the footpaths. This would solve most of our problems and allow 82-yearolds to toddle along on their bikes on the footpaths as well. It would even allow the thousands of cars who drive over the footpaths to get on to their

Hanson has lost his marbles Dear Editor, We are shocked that Stevie Hanson is a frontperson for a movie when he should put all of his effort into getting the All Blacks to win rather than lose to the Lions (a draw is a loss). Rather than losing his ‘biscuit’ we think Steve has lost his marbles. We call on him and the overpaid Rugby Union Chair Steve Tew to resign as they clearly don’t teach nor control the players’ balls, let alone morals.

drives (Where in the law does it show it is legal to drive over footpaths?). It would overcome the silly exceptions for postal deliverers to ride on the footpaths (who are postal deliverers anyway?).

Just one practice and rule: Roads are for traffic i.e. anything moving faster than 12-14km/h; Footpaths are for slower moving people, say 12km/h. Problem solved Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Lowering voting age hare-brained idea

Bing back Buck! The myth that every boy wants to grow up to be an All Black is now certainly done and dusted. But now we are happy for the granddaughter to long to become a Black Fern. Maybe given these enlightened times the grandson could be transgender or binary diverse, play at Rongotai College, then advance? Tim and Rosie Dalman Te Aro

Dear Editor, Re the voting age (CSN Aug. 24), the notion of lowering it to 16 is so harebrained that our rulers will probably enact it soon! I agree with the gentleman in “Word on the Street” that the world of democracy is too complicated for youths and girls of that age to comprehend. However, he begs the question (in the proper meaning of that expression) by saying our country is socialist. No, I don’t advocate unbridled and

exclusive capitalism; but I know enough about our selfish human nature to tell you that all human monopolies of anything in this world are evil. The best we can attain is a mixture of genuine private enterprises with publicly owned ones plus co-operatives: all these keep one another honest by real competition. That’s the ideal; but I fear we shall never get to it, alas. H Westfold, Miramar

NEWTOW Welcome to

NEWTOWN WTOWN Whats on 'Meet the Candidates Meeting', Rongotai Electorate, Tuesday September 5th 7.30pm at St Anne’s Hall, Emmett St. Presentations, questions, followed by supper. Hosts: Newtown Residents' Association

ats on

TOWN NEWTOWN Newtown is a bustling little town located just a few minutes from the city centre. With plenty of shops, restaurants and attractions there's a lot to see and do. Newtown also holds many festivals and markets on the weekend with their annual festival attracting an estimated 80,000 people!

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Newtown Vintage Market

Based in the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre, the Newtown Vintage market started with a bang last year. Since then it’s seen a few changes, but every month it grows bigger

and stronger. As a thriving community event, this market is a space for not just vintage lovers but Wellington creatives. If you love all things vintage, hand made items, and local art works,

then this is the market for you! To find the market go behind the main shops onto Rintoul Street. Walk past the Salvation Army op shop, cross the road, and you will be right outside!

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The Newtown

Vintage Market Newtowns best kept secret!

On this Saturday 10am-2.30pm

At the Newtown Community and Cultural centre Come along to this fantastic market for vintage clothing, antiques, and amazing works from local creatives. This weekend in particular we have handmade jewellery, screen printed t-shirts, vintage cameras, face painting, and LOTS of clothes!

We are on the first Saturday of every month If you would like a stall please email Emma at

Specials in Store “Your Local Store at Newtown”

Open 7 Days


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Phone: 04 385 8813 or 027 2424015

100 Riddiford Street Newtown, Wellington 6021 | 04 389 9555

Level 2, 80 Adelaide Road, Newtown, Wellington


Cook Strait News 31-08-17  

Cook Strait News 31-08-17

Cook Strait News 31-08-17  

Cook Strait News 31-08-17