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Thursday August 31, 2017

inbrief news Correction In last week’s edition it was stated that the Seido Karate Club members who were planning a plastic clean-up day were based at Wellington’s main dojo in Brooklyn. They are in fact from the South Wellington branch based in Adelaide Road, Berhampore. The error is regretted.

Meet the candidates Q&A SERIES

Interpreter help for medical staff A team of researchers at the University of Otago’s Wellington campus has just launched a unique on-line eLearning module to provide practical guidance for clinicians working with spoken language interpreters in primary health care. With more people in New Zealand with limited English, primary care practitioners need interpreters, especially in medical situations. The module features a toolkit of flowcharts and tables that highlight what to consider when making decisions on the best approach for a given situation and the pros and cons of the different interpreting options.

Gayaal Iddamalgoda Independent Candidate for Wellington Central 1. Recent reports from the Ministry of Education show that Wellington schools struggle with overcrowded classrooms. How could schools be relieved? The Government has a track record of not viewing education as a basic human right but as a sector from which resources can be deprived or where private money can be made. Currently, there is a trend in the growth of exclusive private, integrated state and charter schools

With the General Election on our doorsteps, Wellingtonians will have the chance to decide who will represent their electorate for the next three years. The Cook Strait News will introduce the candidates running for Rongotai and Wellington Central. We will ask them all the same three questions, plus one personalised question.

while quality public education is neglected. Education should be free and universal, not just for the rich. We call for greater funding for schools and teacher training. We call for the abolition of charter schools and all other forms of elitist private or quasi private (so called ‘integrated state’) education and, we call for the removal of any stigmatising ‘decile’ or ‘risk’ categorisations from schools attended by children of the poor and working class people. We’ve also seen international students exploited by fly-by-night tertiary fraudsters, and Labour has proposed solving this by cutting student visas. But international students are not the problem here; the problem is an education system that is alternately neglected and treated as a cash cow. We call for high quality and fully-funded education at every level. 2. What would you propose to enhance the electorate commercially and support local businesses? I call for the growth of workers’ rights.

Secure hours and a universal living wage should be treated as the minimum requirements for a prosperous and abundant society. Today thousands of migrant workers are tied to bad employers who pay exploitative wages. This system of exploitation is often governmentally sanctioned by such schemes as the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme. It drives down wages for all workers in New Zealand and pushes all working class people further down the ladder of poverty and inequality. The way to remedy this is to ensure equality for migrant workers so they cannot be used to depress wages in this way. Migrant workers should not be blamed; they don’t decide how cheaply they get paid. They need the protection and solidarity of their fellow New Zealand workers. 3. Wellington’s infrastructure struggles to keep up with the population growth. What do you propose to improve traffic and public transport issues? Unfortunately elsewhere in the country migrants are blamed for the strain on infrastructure, but in

fact most population growth is natural increase – people giving birth. Public transport should be well developed and affordable for all. It is environmentally sustainable and socially fair. Freedom of movement and good effective transport are basic requirements for a good society. We call for infrastructure development, whether it is in housing, education or transport that it is driven by social need, not by lucrative contracts. 4. Why are you an independent candidate and not a party member? Because there is a gloomy trend in all political currents – even from the left – of blaming migrants and refugees. A system of growing inequality is to blame, not migration. Scapegoating migrants is not only racist, it obscures the real issues caused by the system that neglects the poor and working class. Migrants and refugees are not enemies. They need the same things we all need. What’s good for migrants and refugees is good for everybody.

Another suburb aims to purge predators Tui, wax-eyes and a host of other native birds can start to breathe a little easier from September with the rollout of subsidised backyard predator traps in Island Bay. Predator Free Island Bay has launched its trapping programme months after its formation by local residents Dihlum Nightingale and Julie Williams.

Julie said if just 700 households (or 1 in 5 backyards) adopted the traps, Island Bay and Owhiro Bay could be predator free in as little as three years. “We know that given the chance, many residents see real value in making their backyard - and their suburb - mouse and rat free” Julie said.



at your

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“Our tunnel traps are completely safe for kids and pets… and can be emptied without having to touch the ‘victim’ inside.” Their scheme has been kickstarted with a grant of $10,000 to subsidise the cost of safe, “nonicky” backyard traps, meaning the traps would only cost homeowners $20 each.

Mon–Tue: 12pm–10pm Wed–Thu: 11am–10pm Fri–Sat: 11am–9pm Sunday: 12pm–9pm

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Predator Free Island Bay will distribute 700 traps during September at a series of Collection Days. Residents keen to participate in the trapping can collect traps from the pop up shop next to the New World carpark on 3rd, 7th, and 9th of September, between 10am – 2pm.

New patients welcome!

School children 13 - 18 years free!

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Cook Strait News 31-08-17

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Cook Strait News 31-08-17