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Thursday August 31, 2017


Greens want city to airport light rail by 2027 The Green Party has announced a plan to work with councils to deliver light rail from the railway station to Wellington airport by 2027 and fast track a fully-electric bus fleet for the city. The Greens’ aim is to work with councils to build a traffic-separated electric light rail line from the railway station to Newtown by 2025, and to Kilbirnie and the airport by 2027. The wholly electric bus fleet would be implemented by 2030, and would include retaining an upgrading the existing trolley buses and infrastructure. “Light rail will transform Wellington, by making the city quieter and more people-friendly and allowing thousands

of people to travel quickly to work, back home again, and beyond,” said Green Party leader James Shaw. “Light rail will mean around 60 fewer buses on Lambton Quay during peak hour, which means less noise, fewer diesel fumes, and more space for people to walk and cycle. “The cost of light rail has fallen in recent years, so we’re budgeting $630 - $700 million, depending on the chosen route. “We’ll wait for the community and experts to have their say before committing to a particular route, but obviously that will influence cost.” Shaw believed Wellington was well placed to be the first city in New Zealand

with 100 percent electric public transport. “Our Wellington transport plan also includes a commitment to consistent, ongoing funding for the Capital Connection, and maintenance and double tracking on the Hutt/Wairarapa line.” Green Rongotai candidate Teall Crossen said light rail would make connections between the CBD and eastern suburbs cheaper and easier. “Our plan will improve transport options for Rongotai and help Wellington become a modern city that finds smart solutions to climate change.”  Check out our Word on the Street on page 6 to find out what the public thinks.

Tour of ‘Phnominal’ country has change at its heart By Jamie Adams

A desire to change the world through art has inspired Wheldon Curzon-Hobson to visit Cambodia next year – and he wants fellow Wellingtonians to join him. The Kingston resident aims to gather folks from the capital as part of a 20-strong touring group that would see some of the best art and artists of Cambodia. “The idea is we will have people from other parts of the world coming to Cambodia and meet with us. They will be people I know from the UK, America, South East Asia and western Europe,” he said. “I am hoping participants will not only have an amazing adventure, but also be inspired to implement some of the ideas from the trip to benefit their own local communities.” A writer and Rotary Leadership and Development Facilitator, Wheldon has travelled extensively through South East Asia including to Manila, Bangkok, Hanoi and Phnom Penh. His e-book about visiting those places, Inspired By Manila, was downloaded in more than 115 countries. “During these trips I have been blown away by meeting the most amazing people, experiencing diverse cultures, and seeing innovative, creative ways to develop

communities.” As well as viewing the “breath-taking” architecture, Wheldon hopes to share lunches and dinners with artists, curators, fashion designers, chefs, film makers and performers. What sets this tour apart from most others is the ethical aspect to it. Wheldon intends to visit the studios and venues and artisans and performers, which would include lessons and exclusive performances, and pay them New Zealand dollar rates rather than local ones. “[That] means the tour will significantly contribute to their organisations,” he said. “Spending time with such creative, innovative, passionate people will make the trip truly unique,” he said. “Having the opportunity to share meals and spend time with Cambodia’s extraordinary, creative people will be inspirational.” The nine-day tour would start in February 1, 2018. Wheldon hopes to gather the 20 participants by the end of October. Those interested can get in touch by emailing wheldon@globalin More details are at

Wheldon Curzon-Hobson is asking people to join him on an “ethical tour” of Cambodia. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

An artist’s impression of what light rail would look like in Wellnigton’s CBD. Image: Supplied


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Cook Strait News 31-08-17

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