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Thursday August 24, 2017

LETTERS to the editor

Disdain for cone protest strange Dear Editor, It was heartening to see the IBRA get out and demonstrate the visual and actual impact of losing 17 carparks at the shopping centre. Well done them. I also noted that several of the pro-cycleway advocates came out to demonstrate

their disdain at the protest. It seemed strange that the advocates wanted to hide this reality when they are so for this dangerous cycleway, which has had such a great impact on the community. Shame on them. Steve Cooper Island Bay

Impartial consultation for cycleway? Dear Editor, My wife and I found it most uncomfortable going into the Pop up Shop in Island Bay to put our submissions in for Option E, as proposed by IBRA and the business representatives. Councillors Free and Calvi-Freeman were directing people towards Option B-D. This concerned me greatly as I under-

stand their role as councillors is to remain impartial and allow people to make their own independent decisions as to which option they preferred! Again it begs the question – is WCC’s Consultation process fair and unbiased? It will be interesting to see the outcome. Rick Toogood Berhampore

Out of touch with public opinion? Dear Editor, I am genuinely perplexed with the rather emotional stance taken by Chloe Bisley-Wright (CSN, August 10) and her “disillusionment with her community”. The woman is clearly a cyclist who is unable to begin to see other members of her community’s perspective. It’s all very well to be melodramatic but

one does need to live in the real world and understand that others have the right to disagree with an issue that affects so many. C om e on C h lo e, t a ke of f t h e “rose-coloured glasses” and have a good look around please! Isabella Wishart Island Bay

Debate is really about cars Dear Editor, In Island Bay they are still trying to hide behind the term ‘cycleway’ in their transport discussions. ‘Cycleway’ is no more than a code word. What they are, and have always been, talking about is cars. That tactic is getting in the way of a resolution. The discussion should begin with these

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two questions: (1) ‘Why are there so many cars in island Bay?”, and (2) ‘Why are so many car parks allowed to get in the way of other transport options?” Once the more honest term of ‘cars’ replaces the code word ‘cycleway’ then people can be talking more honestly with each other. Richard Keller Lyall Bay

Hold on to the trolley buses Dear Editor, You recently reported that the Mayor believed that making shared chargers available in residential streets will allow more people to make the change to electric vehicles. Whilst this is a commendable innovation which will benefit those ratepayers who can afford such vehicles, most ratepayers will not be able to afford such extravagance. Notwithstanding such largesse, the Coun-

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cil is complicit with the Regional Council in taking the Trolley Busses off the road in a couple of months when no suitable, pollution-free alternatives are yet available. These electric vehicles do not require chargers! Can Mayor Lester use his no doubt considerable influence to persuade GWRC to hold on to the Trolley Buses until an alternative pollution-free becomes operational? Tony Sutcliffe Strathmore

High-tech film centre opens Leading figures from Wellington’s film world and other creative industries celebrated the opening of Victoria University’s Miramar Creative Centre last Thursday. Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith officially opened the centre, a collaboration with Miramar Creative Ltd featuring industry-standard studio spaces, recording and editing suites,

computer labs and a workshop. It is equipped with green screen, high-end camera gear, motion-capture technology, music recording facilities and the same software used by film production companies worldwide. Co-Director Kristy Grant said the collaboration represented an important addition to Wellington’s ever-growing creative economy.


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Cook Strait News 24-08-17  

Cook Strait News 24-08-17

Cook Strait News 24-08-17  

Cook Strait News 24-08-17