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Thursday August 24, 2017

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School art auction soaring to new heights Continued on page 1. Dan’s involvement stretches back to 2005 when Island Bay School art specialist Gretchen Buwalda, teacher Dianne Lee and parent Jeanette Troon conceived the idea of an artistin-residence programme, with a view to offer new art experiences to the children. “To fund this project our idea was to hold an adult art auction. We asked artists who we personally knew of to contribute,” Gretchen said. A student at The Learning Connexion at the time, Gretchen approached her teacher Dan, who accepted the offer and has been involved in every auction since. “Our net is wider as new people are involved in the organisation. We have never been short of artists,” she said. The first auction raised $11,000 in profit, enabling the school to employ artists-in-residence each term for two years. “Dancers, sculptors, musicians all featured and I had a turn sharing some of my creative facilitation at the school over two weeks during 2007,” Dan

Gretchen Buwalda during an art class at Island Bay School with pupils Lucas Machado Gomes and Koharu Matautaava. PHOTO: Supplied

said. “I found the experience to be amazing to see over 400 children thrive with new creative processes.” New Zealand artists such as Max Patte, Karl Fritz, Seraphine Pick, Jane Black-

more and Michael McCormack have contributed to the auction’s success, as well as emerging CUSTOMER local artists. SALES A ADVERTISING bonus is the school’s chil-REP DESIGNER dren also have their works PROOF PROOFED displayed. Gretchen said the auction AD is ID

more than just a fundraiser. “It has become a very successful social event each time.” THE SheVEIN saidSPECIALISTS the difficultyLTD of incorSCHRISTENSEN porating artists into the school’s OUTSOURCER already full curriculum meant 4/05/2017raised 10:31:37 a.m. now supmoney would WE-7625516AB port all arts in(100%) the school.


Award-winning Children’s Bookshop turns 25


The award-winning Children’s Bookshop in Kilbirnie Plaza will mark their 25th anniversary next week with a day of stories, author and illustrator visits, goodie bags, and birthday cake. The birthday celebrations will be held two days after next Thursday’s anniversary and will include two special storytime sessions, each lasting about 30 to 45 minutes - one at 11am and the other at 2pm. Wellington authors and illustrators who will read - and in some cases act out - their stories include Juliette MacIver, Kate Wilkinson, Moira

leaseREP SCHRISTENSEN Wairama, Paul Beavis, Fifi was inspired by this newSALES In 2003 it was named New ADVERTISING THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTDBookCUSTOMER DESIGNER OUTSOURCER to open a bookshop de- Zealand’s Colston, Ruth Paul, Sacha of life Independent PROOF SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. votedADVERTISING to children’s literature. Cotter and Josh Morgan. of SPECIALISTS the year, LTD the first THE VEIN CUSTOMER shop DESIGNER OUTSOURCER Ruth said her team of enThere will also be a box of it had been awarded to a AD ID time WE-7625516AB (100%) SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP PROOF PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. ADVERTISING 25 books to be won, donated thusiastic and knowledgeable bookstore. DESIGNER specialist OUTSOURCER PLEASE THIS AS SOON AS John POSSIBLE. AD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) RuthNOTE by Gecko Press, to mark the staff APPROVE were dedicated toAD keepIn 2011, were THA PROOF PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37and a.m. silver jubilee. ing his dreamMUST alive. presented with the BettyNOTE Gil-DEAD BEAD FINALISED BY MATERIAL PLEASE APPROVE THIS AS ASOUR POSSIBLE. THA AD ID SOON WE-7625516AB (100%) All customers for the month At last week’s Booksellers derdale Award for services to MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEAD of September will go in PLEASE to NewAPPROVE Zealand conference in SOON children’s literature. NOTE THA THIS AD AS AS POSSIBLE. a draw to win a prize worth Auckland, John and Ruth were It is administered by the StoMUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEAD more than $500. awarded the 2017 Lifetime rylines Children’s Literature Bookshop owner Ruth McI- Achievement Award by their Charitable Trust. ntyre said staff were keep- peers in the Publishers Asing the celebration low-key sociation of New Zealand and  Further details about the September 2 celebration are because the shop founder, her Booksellers New Zealand. husband John McIntyre, died In 2013 The Children’s available on the bookshop’s in June. Bookshop won the North Facebook page www.faceJohn had received a kidney Island Regional Bookshop of transplant in January 1992 and the Year award.

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Cook Strait News 24-08-17

Cook Strait News 24-08-17  

Cook Strait News 24-08-17