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Thursday August 17, 2017

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School thrilled by Tree-mendous makeover Continued from page 1. To celebrate the 10th anniversary the two organisations granted a fifth school a makeover, with Houghton Valley among the winners. Teacher and event co-ordinator Jill Holmstead said the working bee was community driven. “The Mazda Foundation has given us at least 20 people to help,” Jill said. “We even had diggers come in from a nearby building development who gave us truckloads of fill for the outdoor classroom.” The school’s outdoor area, situated below classrooms next to Sinclair Park, was transformed from an unused bush area into a learning zone surrounded by paths and seating. A viewing platform was constructed for the students and visitors to observe the native plantings, which would enhance the school’s bush surroundings. The working bee featured two celebrity guests - Ruud Kleinpaste, better known as ‘The Bug Man’ from his TV appearances, and zoologist Ri-

The ‘Shark Man’ Riley Elliot with Tree-mendous particpants, back from left: Sophie Barton, Izzy Wallace, RosieBuyuk and Joseph Fryhall. Front from left: Ruby Lehmann-Berkhan, Lucy Downes, Ernie Kofoed-Waller and Zach Brough. PHOTO: Jamie Adams CUSTOMER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD

ley Elliott, host of educational environment. Principal Raewyn Watson SALES REP SCHRISTENSEN ADVERTISING show Shark Man. “It’s great how the school is was “absolutely amazed” by DESIGNER OUTSOURCER As well as helping with the in close PROOF proximity to the ocean. event.10:31:37 a.m. PROOFED the 4/05/2017 makeover, the pair gave lessons They can learn so much about “I’m blown away by the turnAD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) to the pupils about conserva- marine life,” Mazda Founda- out and how much we got done. just a weedyNOTE bank THA tion and ecology, especially tion spokesperson MariaAD Tsao This was PLEASE APPROVE THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. three weeks ago.” relating to the school’s unique said.


Local Kiwi actress returns fromADVERTISING American film production CUSTOMER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD

SALES REP SCHRISTENSEN THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD CUSTOMER OUTSOURCER DESIGNER PROOF SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP 4/05/2017 PROOFED a.m.Armies and daughter Caroline who live out Battle Of10:31:37 The Five THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD CUSTOMER ADVERTISING DESIGNER OUTSOURCER AD ID in WE-7625516AB (100%) in the woods to escape society Shortland Street. SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP PROOF PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. ADVERTISING Caroline’s father is a Vietnam Yet acting hasn’t always been DESIGNER OUTSOURCER PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE AD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) “I wanted PROOF War veteran who is trying toPROOFED cope Thomasin’s dream: 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m.

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actress when I was younger.”

make regular visits to the city using the father‘ veteran benefits to buy supplied they cannot find in the woods. My Abandonment was Thomasin’s first large international production. However, she is no stranger to the cameras having played parts in The Hobbit –

acting when starring in the New Zealand drama Consent, where Thomasin played alleged police rape victim Louise Nicholas. “It was a difficult role,” Miranda said. “I think, Thomasin enjoyed it because she realised that acting can be challenging and very diverse.”

Houghton Bay actress Thomasin McKenzie. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

nated for four Academy Awards. My Abandonment tells the story of a father and his 13-year-old

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Young actress Thomasin McKenzie has returned from her first US-American production My Abandonment after spending nine weeks shooting in Portland, Oregon. “I’ve never been a lead role before and being in another country, away from my family, was a little bit daunting at first,” the Houghton Bay local said. Thomasin, 16, worked together with Anne Rosellini and Debra Ganik, the production crew from Winter’s Bone that was nomi-



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Cook Strait News 17-08-17  

Cook Strait News 17-08-17

Cook Strait News 17-08-17  

Cook Strait News 17-08-17