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Thursday August 17, 2017



North to South Island return Monthly. Insurance options for your pets in travel. Birds, dogs, pups, cats, kittens, rabbits, etc.

Jo Moore is an award winning pet photographer covering the Wellington Region. She loves capturing the character and energy of your furry and feathered family members. Jo believes every animal is unique and each session is always an adventure!

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“Your furry and feathered friends are safe in our hands” 027 332 1991

The NZCAR has over 550,000 New Zealand pets registered, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, horses, fish and many more species. We also have over 880 registered organisations spread throughout New Zealand, who can all access the register to get found pets home. These organisations include vet clinics, SPCA’s, councils, shelters, rescues, pet shops and other outlets. The New Zealand Companion Animal Register has become the default lost pet register for microchipped animals in New Zealand. The cost for registration is a one-off fee of $15 for the life of the animal. The NZCAR is also the exclusive NZ provider of ‘Scanner Angel’. This package allows our HALO microchip readers to download the

chip numbers of missing pets when plugged in to recharge and to display an alert if a missing pet is scanned. Scanner Angel also notifies the NZCAR when a missing pet has been scanned, increasing the chances of lost or stolen pets being located. The NZCAR is always investigating new technology to improve our service. New ventures under way for 2018 include lost pet mapping tools, as well as the introduction of facial recognition. Owned by the leading animal welfare organisations, all profits from the NZCAR go to help animal charities and projects in New Zealand. Visit or call 0800 LOSTPET (567873) for more information, or ask your vet

MICROCHIPPING AND REGISTRATION HELPS LOST PETS GET HOME A microchipped pet is over 3 times more likely to be returned than a non-chipped pet when they go missing. In the 12 weeks after the 2011 Christchurch quake the NZCAR placed hundreds of found pet adverts, as well as handling over 24,000 phone calls and faxes. Of the many animals dealt with, just over 25% of non-chipped pets were returned home within a week, while 85% of microchipped pets were home within 3 to 4 hours of being found. The New Zealand Com-

panion Animal Register (NZCAR) is the largest dedicated repatriation system for microchipped companion animals and its only goal is to ensure lost pets are returned home. An NZCAR registration is a guarantee of your pet’s identity and the microchip is unique to your pet. The owner or animal details cannot be changed without your consent. The NZCAR is available for all companion animals, however you also need to register your dog with your local Council as well.

THE CATS & DOGS DINNER COMPANY ARE RAW FEEDING SPECIALISTS FOR YOUR CATS AND DOGS. If you are interested in the benefits of raw feeding; smaller, less smelly poop, less wind, better dental health, healthy skin and coat, more energy, better mus-

Suppliers of freshly frozen, NZ natural raw meat blends, treats, chews, home made biscuits and more for your cats & dogs

cle tone and weight control etc., visit our website, see us in-store at 4b Ruapehu Street, Paraparaumu, or give us a ring on 04 2336600.

JO MOORE PHOTOGRAPHER It’s super easy to arrange a pet sitting with Jo. If you have a cat, Jo comes to your house and follows your cat around for the session. Easy! You can pop your feet up and have a cuppa while watching Jo try to get your cat’s attention. If you have a dog, Jo can meet you in

an outdoor location which is dog friendly and safe. Often the best place to meet is where you regularly walk your dog – in fact Jo can just come on your walk with you. Easy! If you have horses, chickens, goats, parrots or any other sort of companion animal Jo is happy to photograph them too!

Cook Strait News 17-08-17  

Cook Strait News 17-08-17

Cook Strait News 17-08-17  

Cook Strait News 17-08-17