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Thursday August 17, 2017


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Sunday 7-11

By Jamie Adams

Dozens of locals, young and old, got their hands dirty as Houghton Valley School hosted a “Tree-mendous” makeover at its grounds on Saturday. The initiative, launched in 2007 by Project Crimson Trust and the Mazda Foundation, gives primary and intermediate schools nationwide the chance to have their grounds enhanced with native tree gardens, seats and viewing platforms. Ten finalists had submitted a detailed application for how they would like their school transformed, with four schools then given a $10,000 grant. The remaining schools received $500. Continued on page 2. The “Bug Man” Ruud Kleinpaste at Houghton Valley School’s Tree-mendous event with Sophie Barton, Izzy Wallace and principal Raewyn Watson. PHOTO: Jamie Adams


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Thursday August 17, 2017

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School thrilled by Tree-mendous makeover Continued from page 1. To celebrate the 10th anniversary the two organisations granted a fifth school a makeover, with Houghton Valley among the winners. Teacher and event co-ordinator Jill Holmstead said the working bee was community driven. “The Mazda Foundation has given us at least 20 people to help,” Jill said. “We even had diggers come in from a nearby building development who gave us truckloads of fill for the outdoor classroom.” The school’s outdoor area, situated below classrooms next to Sinclair Park, was transformed from an unused bush area into a learning zone surrounded by paths and seating. A viewing platform was constructed for the students and visitors to observe the native plantings, which would enhance the school’s bush surroundings. The working bee featured two celebrity guests - Ruud Kleinpaste, better known as ‘The Bug Man’ from his TV appearances, and zoologist Ri-

The ‘Shark Man’ Riley Elliot with Tree-mendous particpants, back from left: Sophie Barton, Izzy Wallace, RosieBuyuk and Joseph Fryhall. Front from left: Ruby Lehmann-Berkhan, Lucy Downes, Ernie Kofoed-Waller and Zach Brough. PHOTO: Jamie Adams CUSTOMER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD

ley Elliott, host of educational environment. Principal Raewyn Watson SALES REP SCHRISTENSEN ADVERTISING show Shark Man. “It’s great how the school is was “absolutely amazed” by DESIGNER OUTSOURCER As well as helping with the in close PROOF proximity to the ocean. event.10:31:37 a.m. PROOFED the 4/05/2017 makeover, the pair gave lessons They can learn so much about “I’m blown away by the turnAD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) to the pupils about conserva- marine life,” Mazda Founda- out and how much we got done. just a weedyNOTE bank THA tion and ecology, especially tion spokesperson MariaAD Tsao This was PLEASE APPROVE THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. three weeks ago.” relating to the school’s unique said.


Local Kiwi actress returns fromADVERTISING American film production CUSTOMER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD

SALES REP SCHRISTENSEN THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD CUSTOMER OUTSOURCER DESIGNER PROOF SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP 4/05/2017 PROOFED a.m.Armies and daughter Caroline who live out Battle Of10:31:37 The Five THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD CUSTOMER ADVERTISING DESIGNER OUTSOURCER AD ID in WE-7625516AB (100%) in the woods to escape society Shortland Street. SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP PROOF PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. ADVERTISING Caroline’s father is a Vietnam Yet acting hasn’t always been DESIGNER OUTSOURCER PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE AD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) “I wanted PROOF War veteran who is trying toPROOFED cope Thomasin’s dream: 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m.

By Julia Czerwonatis Distribution by: Genx Distribution (04) 970 0439

22,700 copies weekly

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actress when I was younger.”

make regular visits to the city using the father‘ veteran benefits to buy supplied they cannot find in the woods. My Abandonment was Thomasin’s first large international production. However, she is no stranger to the cameras having played parts in The Hobbit –

acting when starring in the New Zealand drama Consent, where Thomasin played alleged police rape victim Louise Nicholas. “It was a difficult role,” Miranda said. “I think, Thomasin enjoyed it because she realised that acting can be challenging and very diverse.”

Houghton Bay actress Thomasin McKenzie. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

nated for four Academy Awards. My Abandonment tells the story of a father and his 13-year-old

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Young actress Thomasin McKenzie has returned from her first US-American production My Abandonment after spending nine weeks shooting in Portland, Oregon. “I’ve never been a lead role before and being in another country, away from my family, was a little bit daunting at first,” the Houghton Bay local said. Thomasin, 16, worked together with Anne Rosellini and Debra Ganik, the production crew from Winter’s Bone that was nomi-



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Thursday August 17, 2017

inbrief news

Call for more kids to take to their brushes

DOC reminds whitebaiters to follow the rules

By Jamie Adams

An Island Bay Community Centre volunteer is keen to get more children involved with art. Andrea Cootes would like to double the number of young participants of the weekly art class she runs at the centre. “We have five children in art classes at the moment. “The target is for 20 once I have an assistant. “Until then I’m happy to have 10.” The classes cater for five to eight-year-olds and emphasise resourcefulness. “There’s a lot of recycling. “We will do painting and beautiful cutouts. “We use pastel. “It’s about using what we’ve got. “We utilise the outside as well,” she said, noting that the centre’s murals had been painted by children. “I have got a big variety of

Island Bay art guide Andrea Cootes with her cockatoo Ipo Kai and her samoyed dog Muska. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

The Department of Conservation (DOC) is reminding whitebaiters to be aware of whitebait regulations as the 2017 season begins this week. The whitebaiting season runs from August 15 until November 30 everywhere except the West Coast. DOC freshwater scientist Jane Goodman said whitebait were iconic in New Zealand. During the season, whitebaiting is permitted between 5am and 8pm or between 6am and 9pm from September 28. Illegal whitebaiting carries a maximum fine of $5000 and equipment can be seized.

supplies. “No supplies are left here and parents don’t have to give me anything.” While the centre is too heavily decorated to enable children to display their works, Andrea was open to the possibility of the

centre holding an exhibition of them at some point. A colourful personality, Andrea can be seen in public accompanied by her 40-yearold cockatoo Ipo Kai, which is Hawaiian for “lover of the seas”. The bird currently wears a

custom-fitted poncho due to injury.  Andrea’s classes are held on Thursdays from 3-5.30pm. Interested parents can contact Andrea by emailing

Project to make Miramar pest-free By Jamie Adams

A project aimed at ridding Miramar Peninsula of rats, mice and other pests was officially launched on Saturday. Predator Free Miramar is a community effort that seeks to


bring back the birds and native bush to Wellington’s eastern suburbs. “Since Crofton Downs resident Kelvin Hastie led the way in 2015 by leading his neighbours and achieving a Predator Free community, other Wellington

Predator Free Miramar aims to make vermin on the peninsula a thing of the past. PHOTO: Supplied

suburbs have followed and set backyard traps in their thousands,” co-ordinator Dan Henry said. “We’re poised to jump on board the eco-train and take our peninsula into the Predator Free Future.” Dan said the prevailing pests in the area included weasels and mice but the focus was on rats and stoats. Miramar Peninsula was already possum-free and the benefits were already noticeable, Dan said. “Tui are part of the neighbourhood and we have our first confirmed pair of Kereru nesting here.” The first traps were distributed to local backyard trappers on Saturday. Pests would be killed through

the classic bait-and-trap method – no poison would be used. “Having a rat trap in just one in five backyards reduces the rat population to below five percent,” Dan said. “There are still nearly 6000 more households on the peninsula, which means we need almost 1200 backyards traps to meet the target.” The launch featured Predator Free Wellington director James Wilcocks, whose organisation aims to make the capital New Zealand’s first predator-free city. Dan hoped the goal for Miramar Peninsula would be achieved within four years. He said those who missed the launch can still receive a trap by emailing with their address and contact details.

Council to lead charge for EVs An announcement from the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund today sees Wellington continuing to lead the way on adoption of electric vehicles. Wellington City Council work in partnership with ChargeNet, the nation’s leading charging provider, to develop and deliver residential on-street charging for the one in four Wellington City residents without off-street parking. Wellington Mayor Justin Lester believed making shared chargers available in residential streets will allow more people to make the change to electric.

Time running out to make voting easy Around 450,000 eligible New Zealanders still haven’t enrolled to vote and more than half of them are under 30. Those enrolled will be sent an EasyVote pack at the start of the voting period, which is especially important for first-time voters. Anyone not enrolled by August 23 will have to cast a special declaration vote on election day. Voters can freetext their name and address to 3676, get a form from a PostShop or call 0800 36 76 56 or enrol at

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Thursday August 17, 2017

Meet the candidates Q&A SERIES

GOT NEWS? Contact 04 587 1660

Paul Eagle Labour Candidate for Rongotai List number: 34 1. Recent reports from the Ministry of Education show that Wellington schools struggle with overcrowded classrooms. How could schools be relieved?

We have a plan to fix this. Labour will invest an extra $4 billion over the next four years

With the General Election on our doorsteps, Wellingtonians will have the chance to decide who will represent their electorate for the next three years. The Cook Strait News will introduce the candidates running for Rongotai and Wellington Central. We will ask them all the same three questions, plus one personalised question.

to deliver a modern education system. This investment will mean more teachers in front of our kids, smaller classes and less cost for parents. Within that there is money to rebuild worn-out and outdated school buildings so that every school has modern classrooms. Wellington’s schools have also been hit hard with earthquake compliance issues, and Labour will look to resolve these quickly, to reduce the disruption facing Wellington students. 2. What would you propose to enhance the electorate commercially and support local businesses?

Local economies and small businesses are a vital source of growth and job creation. Labour will help them to thrive by reducing red tape, giving them fair play in government purchasing and contracting, and making it easier for small businesses to meet their tax

obligations. Labour will also amend the government procurement rules to make job creation and the overall benefit to New Zealand a determining factor in their decision making. This will make it easier for small to medium enterprises to compete and gain experience for growth. We will replace the current rigid provisional tax rules with a fully flexible system suited to the needs of each business, and we will raise the threshold for liability for provisional tax. 3. Wellington’s infrastructure struggles to keep up with the population growth. What do you propose to improve traffic and public transport issues?

Public transport has a major part to play in overcoming Wellington’s congestion problems. As deputy mayor of Wellington I’m supportive of the ‘Let’s Get Welly Moving’ engagement process that’s focussed on de-

livering a multi-modal solution for the city. Labour will deliver a second Mt Victoria tunnel and listen to what Wellingtonians have to say for providing the right mix of road, rail, car, bus and ferry services so the city has a 21st century transport system. 4. What made you decide to move away from local body politics and run for Parliament?

For me the opportunity presented itself when the then Labour leader Andrew Little decided not to run in Rongotai this year. I have lived in this electorate since the 1980s and been a city councillor for nearly seven years. I have also worked closely with Annette King for those seven years and learnt what it meant to be an effective MP by being accessible and visible and working on local issues. I have served my ‘apprenticeship’ and feel qualified to take the next step.

Circus theme for ‘Wonderland’ musical Stagecraft is inviting audiences to a freak show, with the premiere of a locally written musical, Wonderland, opening August 30 at the Gryphon Theatre. But it’s writer Bruno Marshall Shirley who’s been left feeling the freak after taking on directing, vocal coaching and orchestration for 16 instruments when co-writer and planned codirector Kira Josephson moved to Christchurch for work. Bruno has been working in conducting, vocal coaching


at your

and musical direction roles with theatres around Wellington since around 2011. In 2013 he co-wrote his first musical, Right Dishonourable with Cassandra Tse. Wonderland, Bruno’s third musical, started life as a potential children’s show, although after just a few hours brainstorming, the co-writers quickly realised they had the basis of a much darker and stranger full length show. The story is based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,

transporting her tale to post-war England. Wonderland is a travelling circus that she stumbles across after chasing after the White Rabbit. “Setting Wonderland in a circus made sense for so many reasons,” Bruno said. “Normal rules and social conventions don’t apply for a brief magical period. “The theatre is being transformed into a giant circus ring, we’ve got stilt-walkers and magicians, walking tarot cards and more.”

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The Oriental Bay resident, who also works full-time in the public service, said the late nights creating the show had been made easier by an incredibly committed cast. “I couldn’t be prouder of the work they’ve put in.”  Wonderland runs 30 August to 9 September (show 31 August sold out). Tickets are $35 waged, $30 unwaged, $25 for school age children, available at For more details visit


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Thursday August 17, 2017

Schoolboys given lesson on becoming ‘good men’


Inquiry demand submitted Over 2500 people have signed a short-term open letter, which was presented today to Members of Parliament. Written by a group of survivors of domestic violence, the letter is a grassroots initiative devised to support the existing demand for an inquiry by Backbone Collective. Community In Action’s Ninakaye Taanetinorau said videos exposing forceful police uplifts of children in media last week were a shocking, much-needed insight for society. “We urgently need an effective, supportive, and consistent integrated Family Court response system … only a full inquiry can lead us towards that.”

We’re OPEN throughout the Terawhiti sports field reconstruction US gender equality expert Michael Kimmel with some of the senior Scots College students who listened to his presentation last Wednesday: Boston Bright, 14, Joshua Calcinai, 15, Manraj Singh Rahi, 17, Harish Yadav, 19, Braden Fowell, 15. PHOTO: Jamie Adams By Jamie Adams

“We need to make gender visible.” That was the message given to senior students at Scots College when US gender equality expert Michael Kimmel gave a speech there last Wednesday. The Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at New York’s Stony Brook University told the school that the ongoing debate on gender inequality was, like with racial inequality, showed a lack of awareness of oneself by those not fighting for it. “We don’t know that our gender is as important to us as it is to girls.” He explained how white women who fight for gender equality in the US could forget that black women were in fact even worse off.

“Privilege is invisible to those who have it.” He suggested there were two images of what a boys’ school was. One was that of Dead Poets’ Society, the other that of Lord OfThe Flies. “We have different ideas of masculinity in our heads. We believe we need to be a ‘real man’ – be strong, don’t show emotion, aim to get laid – instead of a ‘good man’. A “good man” differed from a “real man” by how must much trust he could put in those he wasn’t familiar with, especially women; it was rare for young men to have good friends of the opposite sex, he said. “Where did you learn to be a real man? From other men judging us. “You are constantly being policed by other guys.” The solution, he said, was creating

an environment where boys could confide in each other without fear of judgement. “The possibility of a boys’ school is the possibility of building resilience.” Michael’s speech followed a similar presentation given to parents and students, some from other schools, the night before. It was part of the school’s PERFORM Programme, which focused on encouraging students to realise their potential by maintaining and improving their wellbeing. Headmaster Graeme Yule was full of praise for Michael’s visit. “Hosting guest speakers such as Dr Michael Kimmel and in 2016 Dr Sven Hansen are a valued part of the college’s pastoral and holistic vision,” he said.

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Thursday August 17, 2017

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Thursday August 17, 2017

inbrief news

Eureka! St Patrick’s star at science awards

Young kiwis sign up for baseball Last weekend saw thousands of young Kiwis looking forward to a big summer of baseball action as the national governing body holds its second National Registration Weekend. CEO Ryan Flynn said baseball was one of the fastest growing summer sports in New Zealand and the massive growth period and increased momentum saw clubs holding “Have-A-Go” and registration events.

By Jamie Adams

Two young men have made their school proud after winning at least $9000 in combined scholarships from the Wellington Regional Eureka Awards last month. St Patrick’s College Year 13 student Xavier English secured a $2500 Silver Scholarship and $5000 Gold Scholarship after he delivered a compelling argument about the use of virtual reality for training in health and safety situations. “It’s the next platform and will create lots of things in technology,” Xavier said. “People don’t realise how far virtual reality has become. “It’s at the point of real experience. “I know it’s extremely relevant.” Old Boy Finn Lowndes, who now studies physics and law at Victoria University, delivered a speech about nuclear fusion technology being the solution to the world’s energy crisis. As a result he will compete in the national finals next month, with a guaranteed $1500 scholarship regardless of placing. The winner will receive $10,000. Although the words “nuclear power” would normally be met with trepidation by environmen-

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St Patrick’s College Head of Science Douglas Walker with Eureka Award winners Finn Lowndes and Xavier English. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

talists, Finn said that his concept was the opposite of the current nuclear fission practises that led to disasters at power plants in Chernobyl and Fukushima. Nuclear fusion reactors involved the coming together of atomic nuclei, as opposed to their separation (fission). “If something goes wrong there would be no explosions,” he said.

“It’s a new field that needs pioneering minds to take charge of.” St Patrick’s Head of Science Douglas Walker said the pair was outstanding in their success. “They presented at school and then got a chance to build confidence in public speaking. “They can also build networks with people in the industry.” The Sir Paul Callaghan Eu-

reka Awards are designed to encourage and develop young leaders within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subject areas. The key aspect for winning is for participants to show how their ideas benefit New Zealand’s economic, environmental and social wealth and well-being.

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Thursday August 17, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What is the most important issue for your neighbourhood this election?

Andrew Bevan, Newtown “I’d say living in Newtown immigration is an important issue. Doesn’t affect me directly but affects my neighbourhood.”

Ann James, Kilbirnie “The new planned bus hub is a disaster waiting to happen and I’m very disappointed in the manner [the council] went around that.”

Bronte Wilson, Miramar “The parking problems around Mirimar near the airport. Some action was taken … but it seems really poorly thought out.”

Olivia Murray, Newtown “I’m very young, this will be my first year voting. I haven’t really educated myself a whole lot on politics yet, so I’m still not very sure about all this!”

Steph Simmonds, Newtown “I’m studying nursing, so I always think healthcare is the main issue. Newtown isn’t exactly the fanciest neighbourhood, access is important.”

Henry Smith, Hataitai “There is a corruption in our political system, and the people who could change it are complicit in it. Housing Crisis? No, we have a greed crisis.”

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Equal Pay bill kick in the guts Dear Editor, I watch Parliament and have been listening to the debates over the Government’s proposed bill concerning Equity and Equality following the settlement of the Kristine Bartlett Care support worker. Even although in the courts it was proven that an injustice had be committed, which now has led to improved pay

House price stabilisation a folly Dear Editor, How brave to have the Prime Minister advise the Reserve Bank what to do to stabilise house prices in NZ. It is about time he did something about the pure robbery to pensioners by having their bank savings penalised to help the

rates for workers in that industry, at the cost of $2 billion, it seems actually the new bill will totally limit and present awful hurdles to the future generation. Even claims that are presently pending will be turfed out and the new act will make it lawful not to consider back pay in any claim. What a kick in the guts it is for all workers, and especially women!

In the context of rugby, and that infamous fake star SBW, how would a claim for equality rest for our worldclass rugby women fare against their overpaid male losers? I hope the majority of Kiwis vote out the discriminatory National Government! Sarah Rose Wu Kilbirnie

Roads – the real culprit

rest of the country! My insurance went up by more than 10 percent - Please don’t tell me that the cost of living is not going up. There’s lies, lies and statistics. Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Dear Sir or Madam, In response to Master Peter Croft (Letters to the Editor, August 10). Whilst Henry Ford was many terrible things, including an ‘inspiration’ to Adolf Hitler, I cannot but take exception to him being blamed for the current over-congestion

plaguing our fair city. The culpability surely lies with the inventor of roads - the Roman Empire. If only they had made them wider (or better still not bothered with them at all) we would never be in this ridiculous gridlock. Carl van Lawrie Berhampore

Entrepreneur harnesses internet in skincare venture A beauty entrepreneur has turned an interest in the health properties of soil and clay into a thriving online business with more than 60,000 subscribers around New Zealand. Starting in her parents’ garage in Kilbirnie with nothing but a bucket and cake mixer, Sara Quilter began making detoxifying face masks using clay sourced from Hawke’s Bay. Sara has since expanded her range to include a moisturiser, an award-winning cleanser and an award-winning probiotic serum. She has relied primarily on the internet and social media marketing to build her business. “I hated going into shops trying to sell my products. But like many other introverted types, I can find my way around the web and social media pretty well.” Sara started with a Facebook page and then made a few YouTube videos. From there she gave Google Adwords a try and the orders began to roll in. “Google allowed me to reach

people who watch beauty videos on YouTube. The viewers … were Tailor’s target demographic.” Sara said. Sara now processes around 400 orders a week, has moved her business into new premises in Lyall Bay and has three employees. Orders increased by around 30 percent as of 2017, and Sara planned to expand her skincare empire into overseas markets including the US. She had a strong message for anyone who, like her, dreamt of running their own business. “You can do it yourself. You don’t need expensive marketing but you do need good advice,” she said. “All you need is a product or service you believe has validity, an internet connection and a spare room. If you’re passionate about your cause then it’ll be worth all of the work.”  Her products can be viewed and purchased at

Kilbirnie’s Sara Quilter works on her beauty products for her business Tailor Skincare. PHOTO: Supplied

Thursday August 17, 2017


Students reap international gold in first attempt By Jamie Adams

Wellington High School students and winners of the IYNT awards: Sai August, Anna Liu, Luke Roeven and Zuni Preece, with teacher Murray Chisholm. (Absent Tristan Harris and Ethan Wu). PHOTO: Jamie Adams

Art comes to quake-ravaged Tory Street A couple of local artists have begun creating artwork for the hoardings on Tory Street. T h e d e sig n is by a r t ist s Rut h Thomas-Edmond of Mt Victoria and Kirsty Lillico of Hataitai, the latter having recently won a Parkin Drawing prize. Ruth and Kirsty work from studios in the heritage building opposite the site and had shown an interest in developing an artwork since the building was cordoned off after the Nov 2016 earthquake. A work in progress, the second aspect of the project will involve more sculptural treatment to the surface – circular platforms and fins for children to stand/sit on and planters with native trees to add height and texture. The objective of the artwork is to activate and complement the grey, linear aspect of the street and building facades. The work will enliven, colour, pique people’s interest and draw them into the street.

Architecture students from Victoria University hosted two workshops as part of the Reimagine Tory Street project with residents and business owners, and a drop-in session where members of the public could share their ideas for the future of the area. They interpreted the feedback and came up with concepts which are in an exhibition at Reading Central that runs until August 20. The public can talk to the students and vote on their favourite concept at the site, or online. Winners will be announced shortly after the exhibition ends and the students will work with council to bring the project to fruition toward the end of the year.  More information and links can be found on council’s Tory Street project page: projects/lower-tory-street-project.

The Reimagine Tory Street artwork created by Ruth Thomas-Edmond and Kirsty Lillico. PHOTO: Supplied

Wellington High School has achieved the ultimate success in the field of naturalism – and in their first attempt, no less. Six science students and their teacher, Murray Chisholm, came away with gold medals after competing in the International Young Naturalist Tournament (IYNT) in Nanjing, China. It was the first time any New Zealand school took part in the competition and Murray said they entered it with a genuine belief they could win. “We have competed in similar tournaments in the Asia-Pacific with the under 16s and three of our students recently competed in the Gold Coast.” “You have to do practical work and a lot of research,” captain Luke Roeven said. “We contacted Auckland University and a Crown Research Institute in Rotorua to get expert help in our preparation.” According to the INYT website, the the June 29-July 5 tournament took the form of a scientific debate or “Science Fight” based on a collaborative approach between teams and involving co-operation between teachers and students aged 12-16.

Three teams of six are seated in a “fight room” before a panel of jurors. The first team reports a problem relating to physics, biology or chemistry and the second team of “opponents” challenges them. If the challenge is accepted, a member of the reporting team presents an eight-minute “solution talk” by which the opposing team can offer criticisms of any shortcomings. A third team then reviews the debate before the sides switch roles over two more stages. There were 18 teams from 11 countries, with China having six teams and Russia three teams. Representing New Zealand, the school took on Georgia and Croatia in the semi-final. “Students from those countries were from more than one school,” Murray said. They met Switzerland and a Chinese team in the final, with WHS’s solution, based on the problem of tonic water fluoresence, presented by Sai August. “We managed to win despite the hometown advantage which included Chinese jurors,” Murray said. “The beauty is the kids learn a lot. It doesn’t matter how they do in the end.”


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(Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt & Porirua)


Thursday August 17, 2017



North to South Island return Monthly. Insurance options for your pets in travel. Birds, dogs, pups, cats, kittens, rabbits, etc.

Jo Moore is an award winning pet photographer covering the Wellington Region. She loves capturing the character and energy of your furry and feathered family members. Jo believes every animal is unique and each session is always an adventure!

m 021 381 455 e

“Your furry and feathered friends are safe in our hands” 027 332 1991

The NZCAR has over 550,000 New Zealand pets registered, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, horses, fish and many more species. We also have over 880 registered organisations spread throughout New Zealand, who can all access the register to get found pets home. These organisations include vet clinics, SPCA’s, councils, shelters, rescues, pet shops and other outlets. The New Zealand Companion Animal Register has become the default lost pet register for microchipped animals in New Zealand. The cost for registration is a one-off fee of $15 for the life of the animal. The NZCAR is also the exclusive NZ provider of ‘Scanner Angel’. This package allows our HALO microchip readers to download the

chip numbers of missing pets when plugged in to recharge and to display an alert if a missing pet is scanned. Scanner Angel also notifies the NZCAR when a missing pet has been scanned, increasing the chances of lost or stolen pets being located. The NZCAR is always investigating new technology to improve our service. New ventures under way for 2018 include lost pet mapping tools, as well as the introduction of facial recognition. Owned by the leading animal welfare organisations, all profits from the NZCAR go to help animal charities and projects in New Zealand. Visit or call 0800 LOSTPET (567873) for more information, or ask your vet

MICROCHIPPING AND REGISTRATION HELPS LOST PETS GET HOME A microchipped pet is over 3 times more likely to be returned than a non-chipped pet when they go missing. In the 12 weeks after the 2011 Christchurch quake the NZCAR placed hundreds of found pet adverts, as well as handling over 24,000 phone calls and faxes. Of the many animals dealt with, just over 25% of non-chipped pets were returned home within a week, while 85% of microchipped pets were home within 3 to 4 hours of being found. The New Zealand Com-

panion Animal Register (NZCAR) is the largest dedicated repatriation system for microchipped companion animals and its only goal is to ensure lost pets are returned home. An NZCAR registration is a guarantee of your pet’s identity and the microchip is unique to your pet. The owner or animal details cannot be changed without your consent. The NZCAR is available for all companion animals, however you also need to register your dog with your local Council as well.

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an outdoor location which is dog friendly and safe. Often the best place to meet is where you regularly walk your dog – in fact Jo can just come on your walk with you. Easy! If you have horses, chickens, goats, parrots or any other sort of companion animal Jo is happy to photograph them too!

Thursday August 17, 2017


School set for ton of anniversary fun By Jamie Adams

The pupils of St Mark’s Church School will be re-enacting life in the 1910s as the school gears up for its centenary next month. Principal Kent Favel said three years of preparation will culminate in a “wonderful week” of celebration for the Anglican School, from September 8 to 11. Celebrations will start on Friday with children and staff dressing up for the day in costumes from 1917. And in the evening a cocktail function at the Michael Fowler Centre will allow alumni to first mingle after collecting their registration packs. “On Saturday we have a huge open day for alumni where they can join the archives trail. Past staff and students will be speaking. “Students will be performing on the day. “There will be a mix of the old and the new,” Kent said. The highlight of the weekend will be the centenary dinner at Te Papa, with former student Mark Hadlow to be the Master of Ceremonies. Sunday will see the school hold a special centenary service at St Paul’s Cathedral while Monday, the actual centenary day, will see a special assembly held. The Governor General Dame Patsy Reedy will be present for a cake-cutting ceremony, some-

Kaavya Badiyani, Lola Naidoo, Sophie Huang, Livi Harvison, Logan Balladares Trinh, all 5, in front of an artwork created by pupils to celebrate St Mark’s Church School’s centenary. PHOTO: Jamie Adams

thing that pupils who the Cook Strait News spoke to particularly looked forward to. Kent said while traditions remained, some of the only physical things left from 1917 were boulders that were part of the original church that the school was named after – St Mark’s Church.

Another legacy is the many paintings that hang within the walls of the main building. They were donated by Annie Holm, the school’s first headmistress who administered for 35 years. “She’s the star of the show,” Kent said.

“It is a team effort to organise a schools 100th birthday and the Centenary Committee have done a superb job”. He praised archivist Sian Torrington, who had done a “remarkable job” collating information about the school’s history. It has a number of notable alum-

ni, including Hollywood actor Karl Urban, comedian Raybon Kan and Lower Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace.  The school is encouraging past and present students to attend the centenary, as well as their friends and families. To register go to nz/100years.


Thursday August 17, 2017








Innovation to Installation Specialists


383 6096

Disappointing outcome in cycleway consultation By Vicki Greco Island Bay Residents Association


Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Natural Skincare Products ~Gift vouchers available~

GIFTS & GALLERY Beautiful locally made arts and crafts Open Tuesday to Sunday. 118 The Parade, Island Bay. | Ph (04) 383 5757

IRWELL REST HOME a family home

The community was looking forward to the presentation of the options for the future of the Parade being presented at the IBRA Community meeting on July 31, thinking and hoping this ordeal is nearly over. Sadly, council didn’t release the proposed designs until the 11th hour when there was no time to discuss the options prior to the formal start of the consultation. Unfortunately the designs presented did not meet the needs of the community, council amendment or all the feedback received throughout the Love the Bay process. We believe this put both the councillors and the community in an untenable position. So what should have been a celebration resulted in a disappointed community wanting answers. It was at this point that option E was presented to the community and was overwhelmingly endorsed by it at the meeting. At the meeting Council of-

ficers and Councillors gave assurance that option E would become formalised. Unfortunately they reneged on this and went to great lengths to shut down option E. Once the cycleway debacle has finally been put to rest, IBRA as owners and custodians of the Love the Bay 10-year plan intend to conduct a process completely independent of council and the paid external parties they use. The reason for this is that we gave the council the opportunity through the Love The Bay process to finally do the right thing by Island Bay, by listening, acting independently and impartially of their own predetermined desires that they then guide their contractors to endorse. IBRA will ensure all aspects of the community have the opportunity to have input into the 10 year plan which will represent the majority perspective in a progressive and visionary way. The completed plan will be presented to council for implementation.

Innovative Learning Conference Island Bay School 2017 I invite you and your staff to attend our Teachers conference held at Island Bay School on Saturday 26th August 2017 from 9-3.30pm.

Privately owned and operated by John and Heather Nicolson of Island Bay Enquire now, Long term, Respite and Convalescing beds now available. Single rooms, fully en-suited. We cater for subsidies and privately paying Residents.

IRWELL REST HOME 11 Irwell St, Island Bay Phone: 04-3838485 | Email:

You’ll learn alongside a wonderful collection of educators from Island Bay, Mark Osborne will be the keynote speaker. This group has come together in support of the students, staff and community of Island Bay School.

RSVP: Email your school name and names of those attending to: For any questions please phone 04-939 3010

Principal: Deborah Fenton

Thursday August 17, 2017


WCC’s South Coast Resiliency Plan near completion By Rosa Woods MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

Work on rock retaining walls along the south coast is set to be complete by the end of this month and residents with concerns about sediment pollution have been assured there is no need to worry. Wellington City Council (WCC) has been reinforcing the western side of Lyall Bay around Dorrie Leslie Park with large boulders since May. Lyall Bay resident Yvonne Weeber was concerned that soil from the current earthworks and excavation could be washing into the sea, posing an environmental threat. “I do worry about the sediment pollution within the bay,” she said. She was also disappointed by the appearance of the area near the park. “It looks unpleasant at the moment but I hope it will look better soon.” WCC’s urban ecology team leader, Myfanwy Emeny, acknowledged Yvonne’s concerns, but felt there was no need for worry. “There may be a small amount of sediment entering the bay, but with the rock armouring this will be significantly less than before. “A large part of that coastline was being eroded away and washed into the sea with every storm. “The point of this work was to

Eastern Ward councillor Simon Marsh is pleased with the new rock armouring along Wellington’s south coast around Dorrie Leslie Park. PHOTO: Rosa Woods

stop that from happening,” she said. She also said the appearance of the park would improve with the planting set to commence later this month, after some final reinforcement is complete.

Council workers will put down some new soil and spread grass seed to get the areas looking the same as before work commenced. Council expect all work will be completed by the end of the month.

Globtrotting to explore politics By Julia Czerwonatis

Manraj Singh Rahi is one of 22 high school students from all over New Zealand set to leave for Europe coming January to explore world politics at its sources, The Global Development Tour 2018 is a trip organised by UN Youth New Zealand, and will take Manraj and the rest of the team to seven different countries to meet key figures, organisations and business who contribute to global policies. “It is my honour to be representing New Zealand at such a high level, especially after many years participating in UN Youth events regionally and nationally,” Manraj, a Year 13 student at Scots College, said. “I see this opportunity as a chance to grow personally and meet with leaders at the forefront of change in their community.” UN Youth is a charity organisation that is led by young people – everyone involved is under the age of 25. Their longstanding programme aims to involve students with politics practically to help them become global citizens. UN Youth participants will discuss and explore international

issues such as poverty and ineskills to Wellington quality, and try to figure out and New Zealand and who to make this world a transfer it to somebetter place. thing useful.” This year the students will also be represent If you want to ing New Zealand at the support Manraj’s Columbia Model United trip, visit givealitNations Conference and Exposition, a prestigious manrajgdt. annual event hosted by Columbia University in New York City. “I’ve seen older UN Youth members, who I used to look up to, go on t hat t r ip. They come back invigorated and with so many new ideas and p er sp e ct ives for life. “I hope t o b r i ng back new knowledge Manraj said he had a passion for debating and and learning about policies from a young age. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis

Eastern Ward councillor Simon Marsh said the rock armouring was an important project for the area, as erosion had become a serious issue in recent years. Simon said in the aftermath of a storm last year there had been

sand and seawater over the road by Dorrie Leslie Park and he realised something had to be done. “It’s not just something that would be nice to have, this is really a must have in order to protect the road.”

Pre-war comedy with a scent of romance By Jamie Adams

Co-operative theatre group Drama Christi is gearing up to go back in time for its latest play. Parfumerie is a warm, gentle comedy about life in a perfume-cosmetic shop both set in 1937 Hungary. Written by Hungarian-born American Miklos Laszlo and directed by Chris Fisher, the play follows a tangled tale around two stories - the shop owner’s troubled marriage and the tale of two young romantics. It takes place in Mr Hammerschmidt’s Parfumerie in Budapest, Hungary, just before World War II. Newtown actor Daphne Pilaar, who plays Miss Molnar, said the title referred to the perfume shops that existed in Europe prior to them merging

with medicine dispensaries into the pharmacies we know today. D e sp it e t h e t i m e a n d place it is set in, the play is light-hearted and does not allude to Nazi Germany or the war that later plagued central Europe. While the play caters to a general audience, the setting may well appeal to those of a Hungarian background. Hungary’s ambassador to New Zealand, László Zsolt Szabó praised the choice, adding that he saw the play several times in his country.  The play will be held at Wesley Church, 75 Taranaki Street from Friday, August 18 to Sunday, August 27. Evening performances will be held on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays with 4pm shows on Sundays.


Thursday August 17, 2017

inbrief news Bigger and better ICU for Wellington One of the country’s busiest intensive care units will be expanded to enable nearly 100 additional complex surgeries per year. Capital & Coast DHB has approved a multi-million dollar expansion of Wellington Regional Hospital’s ICU from 18 to 24 beds. Building work will begin this year, and the expansion is expected to be completed by July 2018. “This expansion will help us deliver more complex elective surgeries, and continue providing life-saving services into the future,” said ICU clinical lead Dr Peter Hicks.



The role of engineers in post-disaster recovery will be brought to light at an upcoming lecture at Victoria Univer51. J.K. sity. Professor Regan has travelled to Rowling 26 countries using his specialist skills chose the and architecture in the in engineering unusual wake of natural disasters and conflict. name In his inaugural professorial lecture on Tuesday, he will argue that engineering ‘Hermione’ and architecture have enormous potenso young tial to solve issues that arise. The lecture girls will be held at 6pm at the university’s wouldn’t Te Herenga Waka Marae. RSVP before be teased Friday by emailing with for being in the subject line for the ‘Potangaroa’ nerdy! link to register or phone 04-463 6770.

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Master of disaster to speak at uniOF THE D AY

Wednesday November 18, 2015

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OPEN DAY ANDand EVENING 2018 Trades Services PROSPECTIVE PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS WEDNESDAY 30 AUGUST 2017 MORNING/AFTERNOON SESSION: 9.15am – 2.40pm Visitors come and sign in at the school office at 14A Kemp Street, Kilbirnie. Visitors will get a tour of the school with student leaders who will explain 46 Waione St Petone the values and learning programmes as they Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm tour the school. In the afternoon session visitors Formerly cpa spares will be able to see our cultural performing group Ākauwaiata and music and dance groups. EVENING SESSION: Funeral 7.00pm – 8.30pm


Out of Zone Ballot The Board invites applications from ‘out of zone’ parents who wish to enrol their child/children at Lyall Bay School for next year. Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office. Please phone or visit the school office or website for details of enrolment applications. The enrolment form can be downloaded from the website, or send an email to principal@ The deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is Monday 23 October 2017 at 5pm. The Board has determined that 10 places are likely to be available for out of zone students next year. The exact number of places will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone. Applications A solid from out of zone students will be processed in the following order of priority: First priority must be given to any applicant who is accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school; Second priority must be given to any applicant who is the sibling of a current student of the school; Third priority must be given to any student who is the sibling of a former student of the school; Fourth priority must be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school; Fifth priority must be given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the Board of the school or a child of a member of the Board of the school; Sixth priority must be given to all other applicants. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot is required, it will be heldApplications on 23 October Parents willrecruitment be informed are2017. available at our office or at security gatethree based in thedays of the outcome of the the ballot within school Ngauranga George in Wellington. of the ballot being held. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

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4m Split pine store for next winter $330 Public Notices


Open evening begins in the school hall at 7.00pm where the evening will be opened by our performance group Ākauwaiata, and student leaders will talk about opportunities for children to excel in the middle years schooling at EBIS. At 7.30pm student leaders will then take groups of parents and their children around the school visiting our Specialist Classes: Science, Visual Art, Robotics and Food Technology, language extension, drama classes, numeracy and literacy lessons, inquiry and multi-media. The evening will conclude after the tour or by 8.30pm.

Regards, Lou Bray-Burns Principal

GOT NEWS? Contact 04 587 1660

View the Wainuiomata News online By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters By By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters

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Thursday August 17, 2017


Kid’s sports festival all fun and fair play


Sports talk

with Jacob Page

In Justin Marshall I trust

Pupils from Karori Normal School with former Silver Fern Irene van Dyk at a Sportsfest event on Tuesday. PHOTO: Supplied

Thousands of Year 5-8 students from across the Wellington region experienced fun, friendship, and fair play at SportsFest this week – encouraged by a group of Kiwi sporting heroes. SportsFest, multi-sports festival exclusive to Wellington held on Tuesday and Wednesday, focussed on participation, and games are modified to suit younger players – like Rippa Rugby and Minipolo. Kiwi sports stars involved included netballer Irene van

Dyk, rower Peter Taylor and heptathlete Sarah Cowley-Ross who offered advice, encouragement and stories from their years of experience as high-performance athletes. Wellington City Council’s education partnership leader Elspeth McMillan said she was pleased with the strong support already shown for the event from schools around the region. “For the third year running we’ve had a good uptake with 50 schools and more

than 3000 students participating. This is in addition to team managers, sports coordinators, and of course we couldn’t do it without parents volunteering their time too,” she said. “SportsFest also couldn’t happen without the partnership between Wellington City Council, Primary Sport Wellington, ASB Bank, and 11 Regional Sports Organisations – all coming together to make this unique event a success for the capital.”

The Crusaders’ Super Rugby victory gave me a chance to rub a few friends’ noses in it and the best way to do it was Justin Marshall commentary quotes. Whether it’s his “boomfa”, “yes boy” or “oh me, oh my” one liners, it appears the former All Black halfback has plenty of detractors for his over-excited and, at times, fan boy stance. Personally, he has never bothered me. Is he the best analyst of a rugby game? No, but he’s not ear-bleedingly bad either. The reality is that New Zealand doesn’t produce quality rugby commentators. My ch ild hood had t he soundtrack of Keith Quinn; while very knowledgeable, he is best remembered for his “Lomu - oh, oh!” mistake which was meant to be “Lomu - all muscle and pump!” Grant Nisbett has been Sky’s voice of rugby and he does a dependable job but I doubt he’ll be remembered in hallowed halls or commentary greatness. The best analytical voice in my

view was former All Black prop John Drake, who provided expert comments for Sky’s rugby broadcasts until his untimely death in 2008 at age 49. Drake was level-headed, precise and had sound judgement. He also spoke in plain, knowledgeable terms about one area of the game all rugby fans struggle with - the scrums. Former ace goal kicker and current All Blacks assistant coach Grant Fox was another who called a game of rugby with a wise eye. He praised and criticised players when needed and gave sound reasoning as to why. It’s a thankless task being in any high level rugby position in New Zealand. The social media environment we live in means anyone can hide behind a computer or mobile phone and type their hatred to their heart’s content. The other alternative is muting the commentary or not watching altogether, but I get the feeling disliking Marshall is a fun hobby for a lot of people and they don’t want their fun spoiled.









Thursday August 17, 207

Cook Strait News 17-08-17  

Cook Strait News 17-08-17

Cook Strait News 17-08-17  

Cook Strait News 17-08-17