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Wednesday August 16, 2017


Enrolment forms returned to sender Over 60,000 voters could miss out on voting in the September General Election after their enrolment update packs were returned marked “gone, no address”. Enrolment update packs were sent to 3.15 million enrolled voters at the end of June to

check their details were correctly listed on the electoral roll. Voters whose packs are returned to sender are taken off the electoral roll. “Those voters need to get back on the roll now so their vote will count this election,”

Alicia Wright, chief electoral officer, said. “If you’ve moved house, you will need to update your enrolment details online, or fill in a new enrolment form and return it to us.” People can enrol, check and update their details at elections., pick up an enrolment form at a PostShop, or request a form by calling 0800 36 76 56 or texting their name and address to 3676. “You can enrol right up until midnight on Friday, September 22, but not on election day itself, which is Saturday, Sep-

Bedstop Thorndon wants all of its Customers to have a great night’s sleep

tember 23. “However, the earlier you’re enrolled and ready to vote, the better,” Alicia explained. Voting starts in New Zealand on Monday, September 11, when advance voting places open and goes through until election day on September 23.

Canine Corner

A dog matters blog from Canine Behavioural Trainer Jan Voss

“I’m so pleased to see you…”

Bedstop on Thorndon Quay, managed by Chris Hurst, has moved into larger and brighter premises. Chris says he made sure that all his customers have a great night’s sleep. PHOTOS: Supplied

After ten years, Chris Hurst has just moved Bedstop across the road to 153 Thorndon Quay, the sunny side of the street. “The new store is larger and brighter. This means that we have now been able to significantly expand our range of beds,” Chris said. “We have always endeavoured to offer everything from great value slat frames and mattresses for students and customers on a tight budget, through to luxury ensembles.” “Our extra floor space has now enabled us to increase our range of Sealy beds, which complements our King Koil bed range. These two well known ‘worldwide’ brands mean that in our new shop we have more of the latest sleep technology on display.” “We have had many loyal customers over the years

who have purchased beds from us, then have returned to purchase further beds for their parents, children, new homes and holiday homes. This in turn has led to deliveries being made as far north as Auckland and as far south as Christchurch.” “At Bedstop, we appreciate that our customers lead very busy lives, so in order to accommodate their wishes, we offer deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays, plus weekdays including after 5pm.” So if you want great service, expert advice, beds from the world’s leading manufacturers and a great night’s sleep, make sure you visit Bedstop Thorndon.  Bedstop on 153 Thorndon Quay is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 10am4pm. PBA

One of the most common “problems” people ask us about is “How do I stop my puppy jumping up.” Back in the “Dark Ages” of dog training (when I started 30 odd years ago) misinformed experts said this was “a sign of dominance – the dog wants to push you around” - but this is far from the truth. Often jumping up is a natural release of pent-up energy and excitement. It is an appeasement gesture that we often accidentally reinforce (reward) by petting or touching them while up on two legs. And people find it hard to give a consistent message – it was okay yesterday while wearing jeans, but not now in office clothes. Fixing the problem by punishment is not recommended. That has fallout issues – it teaches your dog to distrust people and their actions. So how do you fix this? Pretty easily actually! In trainer-speak “Redirect the old greeting behaviour into a more mutually acceptable one and reward the new response only.” What does that mean? Here are some specifics from our classes. 1. Cue “Sit” just as puppy approaches. Direct them to Sit before meeting and greeting - EVERY time. Practise with a person who turns

and walks briskly away if the dog (on-lead) attempts to jump up, but returns to reward when the dog offers a sit instead. 2. Greet the puppy down low under the chin. Slip a thumb in the collar under the chin with one hand, while petting with the other to help this. 3. Aim to remove attention as soon as jumping up starts. Wait for it to cease (momentarily at first) then quickly turn back and cue Sit with hands going low to greet. 4. Toss a toy to redirect an enthusiastic retriever when first arriving home. Once they have something in their mouth energy will be horizontal and not so vertical. 5. Think prevention. Hang a lead by the door to have it on hand when unexpected visitors arrive. Use it to help manage those first few moments or let it drag. Stand on it to deter over enthusiasm. With good greeting manners your dog will be a hit with your friends, as well as strangers on the street, complimenting that well trained dog you have - so well worth the little extra effort.

A.C.E. Dog Training Ltd or phone 391


Do you need Long term or Respite care for your loved one? With 60 friendly and dedicated staff members, you can rest assured your loved ones will be well looked after at Johnsonvale Home. The friendly, homely nature of Johnsonvale sets the home apart from the rest. With a welcoming environment, residents get to know the staff as well as each other which creates a family-like atmosphere. The activities staff ensure the residents are always happy and entertained with activities running six days a week. Johnsonvale Home hosts themed nights on special occasions including Easter, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and birthdays. The residents also go out on regular trips to farms, museums and the movies

as well as having regular entertainers coming to the home. The home has a fantastic Chef on hand who changes the menu on a regular basis and caters for all residents nutritional needs. The Home provides Rest Home beds as well as Hospital beds for residents who may need extra care and a Registered Nurse is on-hand 24 hours a day. The Home caters for day and respite care options to enable relatives to have a break. The relatives can rest easy knowing their loved ones will be well cared for. Brenda encouraged people who are looking for a nice home for their family members to come to Johnsonvale and have a personal tour.

Brenda encourages people who are looking for a nice home for their family members to come to Johnsonvale and have a personal tour.

Call now and chat to Brenda Ph: (04) 478 4023 E: 16-18 Earp Street, JOHNSONVILLE

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Independent Herald 16-08-17

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