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Thursday August 3, 2017

Students push for a nationwide plastic bag levy

Wellington community to tackle climate change A city-wide fund providing support to teams in the Low Carbon Challenge programme has been launched. The project is led by Wellington City Council, BNZ, Powershop and Greater Wellington Regional Council. Any Wellington organisation can commit funding to the growing movement of people tackling climate change by building Wellington’s Low Carbon Future. “There is no question that taking risk, taking on big challenges and asking big questions with bold vision and action are all on the rise in our nation’s capital so we think Wellington really is fertile ground for supporting exciting new ideas that can have real impact on our city and the world,” City Councillor David Lee, portfolio leader for climate change, said.  Applications are now open for start-ups. Visit





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Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson receives the petition from Cici Davie, Bella O’Meeghan, Imogen Skelton, and Maggie Dai. PHOTO: Julia Czerwonatis PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS MUST BEof FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. By Julia Czerwonatis people to live an environmentally If the whole New Zealand

Four Wellington students presented parliament with 17,877 signatures last week urging government to take action against plastic waste. Cici Davie, Imogen Skelton, Maggie Dai and Bella O’Meeghan presented MP Grant Robertson (Labour) with their petition last Thursday. The students proposed a 10 cent levy on plastic bags mandatory for all New Zealand supermarkets. “Today was really important for us because we were representing 17,000 other people who also want to see a change,” Hataitai resident Cici said. “As a collective group, we find it distressing and embarrassing that New Zealand falls so far behind other countries in encouraging

friendly lifestyle.” reduced use by 260,870 bags each According to the students’ re- week, which would be 0.06 bags per CUSTOMER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD PUBLISHING 06/05/17 We make our search, Kiwis use 36 million plastic person, the country could be plastic SALES REP SCHRISTENSEN PUBLICATION YOUR WEEKEND DPT bags from supermarkets every bag free by the first week of 2020. own sheepskin ADVERTISING THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD CUSTOMER OUTSOURCER PUBLISHING DESIGNER SECTION 06/05/17 RUN OF PRESS week – that is 1.872 billion per year. PROOF The students’ initiative was part of footwear on-site! SCHRISTENSEN WEEKEND DPT SALES REP 4/05/2017 PUBLICATION PROOFED SIZE YOUR a.m. 7.2X14 The girls said they had receivedADVERTISING their social studies. The girls were10:31:37 THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD CUSTOMER PUBLISHING 06/05/17 DESIGNER OUTSOURCER SECTION RUN OF PRESS AD ID campaign WE-7625516AB (100%) FAX YOUR WEEKEND DPT amazing support from the commu- asked to launchSALES anPROOFED action SCHRISTENSEN REP PUBLICATION PROOF SIZE 7.2X14 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. nity and had signatures comingADVERTISING in aiming to influence socialOUTSOURCER policies DESIGNER SECTION RUN OF PRESS PLEASE THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANYFAX ALTERATIONS AD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) PROOF from all over the world includingAPPROVE with a topic of AD their choice PROOFED SIZE 7.2X14 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. BEfeel FINALISED BY MATERIAL DEADLINE. Russia and Spain. “WeMUST defiTHIS nitely our was PLEASE APPROVE AD AS SOON ASOUR POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANYFAX ALTERATIONS AD IDproject WE-7625516AB (100%) “It’s a fantastic initiative and very successful in gaining support for MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. rugs, carseat covers, THIS NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS impressive that the girlsPLEASE manage toAPPROVE the issue,” CiciAD said.AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.Sheepskin gather that many signatures in only “Throughout campaign BY the OUR MATERIAL footwear, MUST BEour FINALISED DEADLINE. possum-merino two months,” Mr Robertson said. issue has become an increasingly Lothlorian knitwear, souvenirs The petition would be passed on popular topic of debate, and with to the Clerk of the House, David all of the media coverage we have Wilson, and it would be tabled in had we think we have made more 5/200 Main Highway, Otaki parliament as soon as possible, Mr people think carefully about their Robertson explained. responsibilities as a consumer.” Earlier this month all but two New Lauren Brenseman was the fifth Zealand mayors had presented par- member of the team, however, she Ph: 06 364 6161 • E: liament with a plastic levy petition. wasn’t available last week.

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