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Thursday August 3, 2017

inbrief news Joyful ceramic art Otaki artist, Paula Archibald, will hold her first solo exhibition at Petone’s Artspace Gallery. Paula has been working with clay for 26 years and creates unique, one-off artworks using a variety of clay and techniques finished off with happy glazes. Visit Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery, 223 The Esplanade Petone, open Tue-Sun, 10am-5pm, from August 5 until September 3. Admission free.

MARGARET’S GOLDEN TOURS 18 DAYS - SOUTH ISLAND TOUR - 2 Oct 2017, $3320 21 DAYS - SOUTH ISLAND TOUR - 8 Mar & 4 Apr 2018, $3630 14 DAYS - BAY OF ISLANDS TOUR - 4 May 2018, $3050 Departs from Palmerston North For costs and itinerary please ring MARGARET who has over 26 years experience Phone: 0800 77 00 70 or 06 357 3619 Email:

Have your say on Island Bay cycleway options Four options for future configurations of the Island Bay cycleway were unveiled last Thursday and the community is being asked to make its views known on them. The options have been drawn up as part of the ‘Love the Bay’ process that followed years of controversy and disagreement over the cycleway built along Island Bay Parade. Wellington’s acting Mayor Paul Eagle urged residents to get involved in the two-week consultation on the options. Councillor Diane Calvert, the city council’s community planning and engagement portfolio leader, agreed. “Considerable hours of discussion, debate and analysis have led to the final four options up for consultation,” she said. Councillor Sarah Free, council’s public transport, cycling and walking portfolio leader, said the Island Bay options were part of a “great range of cycling initiatives” that are starting

around the city. The designs retain the status quo with refinements, return to the previous layout with refinements, and introduce two other options. A number of issues have been raised from community input, including parking, locations of bus stops, and costs for each design. Detailed designs for the entire length of The Parade will be developed after council chooses an option. That will happen as a result of consultation, which will be presented to the City Strategy Committee in September. Construction based on this decision is likely to begin in late May.  The designs will be on display at the Love the Bay dropin shop at 132 The Parade throughout the consultation period at various hours from Monday to Saturday. Councillors will be on site at

the shop at appointed times to discuss preferences. Visit for

detailed information. Submissions close 9pm on Sunday, August 13.

The controversial cycleway. PHOTO: Supplied.

The four options:

(Note: The costs for each option are indicative and will be refined once detailed design is completed.) • OPTION A – roadside cycle lane - original layout with enhancements: $4.1 million The Parade south of Medway Street original had kerbside parking, cycle lanes to the right of the parks on each side and traffic lanes separated by a central flush median. Angle parking would convert to parallel parking within the shopping area between Medway Street and Avon Street with the removal of 17 spaces. The flush median would go, along with 40 residential parking spaces to address visibility to and from driveways. • OPTION B – one-way separated kerbside cycleway at road level - current layout with en-

hancements: $5.2 million There would be a raised concrete traffic island between the cycleway and parked vehicles and extension of the cycle treatment along the entire length of The Parade to the Dee Street roundabout. No reduction in the footpath width is expected however; as with option A, angle parking would be converted to parallel parking within the business area and the flush median would be removed, along with 40 residential parking spaces. • OPTION C – one-way separated kerbside cycleway – above road level: $6.0 million A kerb will separate the cycleway from the roadway (and

footpath if at mid-height), and there will be a one metre horizontal safety strip from parked vehicles. Kerbside parking removal to address safety concerns at driveways, and extension of the cycle treatment is proposed. As well as the removal of 40 parking spaces and the flush median, and the conversion of angle parking to parallel parking, the existing western footpath width would reduce to 2.4 metres. Within the shopping area, the west side reduces to 5.2 metres width, while the east side increases to 3.5 metres width. • OPTION D – one-way separated kerbside cycleway – above road level, with angle parking:

$6.2 million The cycleway would be separated from the roadway by a vertical kerb and parked vehicles by a 900 millimietre safety strip. The removal of 40 parks and extension of the cycle treatment would also apply. The existing west-side footpath width would reduce to 1.6 metre, and there would be a 1 metre flush median between traffic lanes within the residential area. Within the business area the western footpath reduces to 3.4 mitre width and the majority of the western kerbside angle parking remains between Medway Street and Avon Street - only two spaces would go.

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Cook Strait News 03-08-17  

Cook Strait News 03-08-17