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Wednesday August 2, 2017

Raising funds for Khandallah School with love and laughter


Warmer homes wanted for Wellington A Wellington social enterprise was tired of waiting for a national solution to poor quality housing and has set about rallying key players to get the job done. Sustainability Trust and regional partners concerned about housing-related health issues gathered last week to discuss a coordinated and sustained effort to address the issues. More than 40,000 children were admitted to New Zealand hospitals last year with preventable illnesses associated with poor housing, and about 1,600 deaths a year are attributed to people living in cold, damp homes. “These deaths and illnesses are preventable, and there is peer-reviewed research and on-the-ground proof that we have solutions – so let’s just get it done,” Philip Squire, Sustainability Trust chief executive, said. Organisations with a stake in the issue, including councils, district health boards, charitable trusts, research and health organisations, gathered two weeks ago to discuss a regional housing initiative for

Wellington. It is hoped the initiative might go some way to addressing barriers to creating healthy housing for all in Wellington. “Everyone [...] wants Wellington homes to be warm and dry, especially for those families who are on a low income or suffering from housing-related health issues,” Philip said. “But at the moment there are some barriers to doing that – not enough money, policies and laws that give mixed messages and are applied differently by different authorities, and not enough coordinated support for families to meet the costs of creating a healthy home.” Although the quality of some of New Zealand’s housing stock is not good, many homes can be brought up to a healthy standard with simple fixes like insulation, better heating, curtains, and mitigation of moisture and ventilation issues. The Government’s Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes scheme and the recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act have gone some way to getting New Zealand homes upgraded but there is still work to do, Philip said.

Bingo Babes, Ethel and Bethel, will be hosting a comedy evening to raise funds for Khandallah School. PHOTO: Supplied By Julia Czerwonatis

Bingo Babes, Ethel and Bethel, will be hosting a comedic bingo event with love and laughter to help raise funds for Khandallah School. Martin Gardner from the Khandallah School Home and School committee said the fundraiser would help to support the school and enable them to buy new equipment. “Usually we run an annual school fair, however, there’s a big construction site on the school grounds so we weren’t able to organise one for this year,” Martin said. Ethel and Bethel, also known as Sandy Neale and Becky Hayston, are a couple of old biddies who

are always up for a night out with a bunch of good folk. “There will be lots of fun to be had along the way while coaxing the folk to loosen their purse strings to boost Khandallah’s fundraising efforts,” Sandy and Becky said. Funds donated to the school from the comedy evening are likely to go towards alternate playground activities, including indoor games, once the school’s adventure playground will be dismantled to make way for a new building. Funds could also help to upgrade digital devices for Year 2 and 3 students. “We need to plan ahead for next year as the new building

nears completion when funds will be needed to provide finishing touches like landscaping,” Louise Green, Khandallah School principal, said. “In 2018 we also celebrate 125 years as a school and have a few projects in the planning stage which will all need funding.”  Ethel and Bethel Bingo comedy evening will be on Friday, August 18 at Khandallah town hall. Tickets for $25 are available on – they include the first bingo ticket and a light supper. There will be an auction, along with a number of prizes for winning of Bingo games. It’s an R18 event.

Zero-waste workshop to teach locals how to compost GoEco-Kelburn Highbury will be running its second community pop up event, a composting workshop. The volunteer-based community project for Kelburn and Highbury aims to promote the reduction of waste, particularly plastic and food waste, in the local village, community and households. “This is a great opportunity to capture the goodness to enrich your spring vege garden and soil, and help divert organic waste from our landfill where it turns into potent gases that cause climate change,” Jenny Packard, GoEco Kelburn-Highbury co-coordinator, said.

Its first pop-up event, a zero-waste workshop in May this year, was attended by more than 60 people from across Wellington. GoEco is also working with businesses, community members and Kelburn Normal School on a range of initiatives. These include promoting sales of Wellington City Mission fundraiser reusable cups in five local shops and cafes, and a pilot programme to encourage local people to provide recycled, clean shopping bags to Kelburn Village shops for re-use. They are also providing volunteer sewing support to the Boomerang

Bags project. The “Composting and how to make it work for you” workshop will be run in collaboration with Zealandia and KaiCycle. “If our first pop up workshop is anything to go by, it will also be a really good opportunity to meet like-minded neighbours, share learnings and great conversation and enjoy some delicious zero waste nibbles,” Jenny said.  The workshop will be held at Zealandia at 6pm on Wednesday, August 2. There will be opportunities for questions following the presentation. Entry is by koha.

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