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Thursday July 27, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What was your favourite part of the school holidays?

Pearl Kynaston, Kilbirnie School “Going up to Auckland for a holiday.”

Armando RhodesRobinson, Kilbirnie School “Going to the swimming pool.”

Carlos Spurton, Kilbirnie School “Having a sleepover with friends and having a play date.”

Edward Hoban, Kilbirnie School “Going to a futsal tournament.”

Eva Yess, Kilbirnie School “Having a sleepover with my friends.”

Sophie Crombie, St Anthony’s School “My cousin came up to visit for my brother’s birthday.”

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Real Issues and strange bedfellows Dear Editor, I never though that Richard Keller and I would both write to agree on any issue but the deception and obfuscation conducted by the Greater Wellington Regional Council certainly creates unlikely bedfellows! On the one hand I am concerned about the almost total lack of Consultation regarding the proposed new Bus




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A service of:

Services about to be inflicted upon us by stealth. On the other, Richard is equally concerned about the effects of the proposal and the total disconnect between the Councillors’ so called ‘Green’ credentials and their bloody minded insistence in removing pollution-free Trolley Buses before they have a proven operator of a suitable alternative! At the same time

they plan to throw a proven operator and our dedicated, experienced Bus Drivers on to the scrap heap as well as creating total confusion amongst the users As to scrap heaps, maybe the Councillors shoud be thrown there and make way for a Commissioner to sort this mess out. Tony Sutcliffe Strathmore Park

Drawing a line in the sand Dear Editor, This expression is gaining inroads in our vocabulary and especially in lead-up to the election will be (ab)used repeatedly by politicians and reporters. While it obviously intends to make a definite, stable and unvarying stand it really means the

opposite. Any line on the sand will only last till the next tide, can be erased by a branch and redrawn by any child. Is this just an alternative truth, or just sloppy and incorrect use of the English language? Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Bus Hubs Dear Editor, It’s a great pity that some who chose to criticise don’t check the facts before they do so. The criticism, was levelled at the perceived lack of notification (CSN Jul 20). Recently the Miramar/Maupuia Progressive Association (M/MPA), in consultation with the Seatoun & Bays and the Strathmore Park Progressive and Beautifying Associations, ran an informal ‘public’ meeting for those interested in the proposed Kilbirnie bus hub. For the record - Greater Wellington Regional Council notified the consultation period for input into this – noting information was available from the Ruth Gotlieb Library (KIlbirnie), on a website or via telephone contact (CSN Jun 29). The M/MPA itself dropped flyers around the shopping areas of

Miramar, Seatoun and Strathmore Park as well as in the “Public Notices’ stand in Miramar Avenue. This was done a few days prior to its meeting. It also arranged for a brief item in the CSN July 6. What was not done was a letterbox drop to the 7,000 estimated households in the aforementioned suburbs (which would have been a costly exercise just to duplicate a notice yet alone deliver same) or radio advertising. Incidentally the M/ MPA made a number of verbal and written comments, on bus routes, at different venues prior to the bus hub options being put out for public comment. Robin Boldarin Chair Miramar/Maupuia Progressive Association

Confused not Dear Editor, In reply to one H Westfold July 13 I’m not confused at all but I am struggling in old age with bi focals as in Samuel 10:27 “I will make a treaty with you only on the condition that I gouge out the right eye”....or maybe the reference is 10:66 as in Hebrew “Bulls and goats help to take away the sins!” With all the angst in the world you can see why I have

taken to the Quran. But when I hear the Island Bay Cycle way model is going to be trusted upon Miramar even I wonder that Samuel 10:26 may be relevant as in “Looking for the donkeys...” I still would love to hear Mr Westfolds take on this Shelly Bay fiasco! Rose Wu Kilbirnie

Cook Strait News 27-07-17  

Cook Strait News 27-07-17

Cook Strait News 27-07-17  

Cook Strait News 27-07-17