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Thursday July 6, 2017

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Artist pleased with studios win By Emma McAuliffe

Soraya Edwards with some of her work in Matariki- a Constellation of Artists Artists. PHOTO: Emma McAuliffe

Island Bay resident, Soraya Edwards, is one of the many residents to benefit from Pablos Art Studios, which won a Arts Access Award on Tuesday night. Pablos Art Studios was awarded the Arts Access Holdsworth Creative Space Award 2017, for its focus on artists and the pathway it provides from isolation to social inclusion, innovative programmes and community outreach and the opportunities it offers for artists to showcase and sell their work. Soraya had been with Pablos Art Studios for over a year and a half and had work showing in the ROAR! Gallery’s current exhibition- Matariki- a Constellation of Artists. She said she enjoyed working in a range of different

mediums. “I do abstract painting, make jewellery, out of bone and clay and digital collage,” Soraya said. “I also paint on objects and furniture; I like using wood. It’s kind of like up-cycling. I repair objects, paint them and give them love. I want my art to be used. “Function and form are really important to me- I love stuff you can just touch. A lot of people can get quite precious about art work but I don’t really get that same attachment.” Soraya said she had been creating art her whole life. “My earliest memories are of trying to paint the sun. “I remember getting frustrated with the paint because of its opacity,” she said. She said she had enjoyed her time with Pablos Art Studios

and believed they deserved the award. “The team here is incredibly supportive. They organise great workshops and they’re very good at helping artists create work and execute their ideas and vision. “I really appreciate that they always make time for the artists and there’s a lot of opportunity to exhibit work for the public to see it,” she said. The annual Arts Access Awards are New Zealand’s national awards for celebrating the achievements of individuals and organisations providing opportunities for people with limited access to engage with the arts as artists and audience members. They also recognise the achievements of an artist with a disability, sensory impairment or lived experience of mental illness.

Chef top of the capital Miramar chef Francis Motta has won the Chef of the Capital title and will now be headed to Auckland at the end of the month to compete in the New Zealand Hospitality Championships. This year was the first time the chef lecturer at Le Cordon Bleu Wellington, had taken part in the Wellington Regional Salon. Francis started cooking at age 14 and worked his way up to several Michelin starred restaurants in France and stints around the world. Three dishes guaranteed his Chef of the Capital win, including an entrée, main and dessert, all completed within three hours using products unique to or grown in the Wellington region. Francis created ravioli using porcini found on Mt Victoria and paua from Worser Bay.

Wellington C ho colat e Factory chocol a t e w it h coffee was the choice for the dessert of a Chocolate and Coffee Cremeux with Butternut Mousse. At the end of the month Francis would be set to compete at the NZ Hospitality Championships for the chance to win Moffat Chef of the Year. To take out this title, entrants battle it out in three classes: Hot Entrée Served Cold, Live Hot Entrée and Live Cheese, Main and Dessert. “I have never competed at the National Championships before, but will do my best to win in Auckland,” Francis said.


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He Tohu is Wellington’s newest permanent exhibition of three of New Zealand’s iconic constitutional documents- the 1835 Declaration of Independence of the United Tribes of New Zealand, 1840 Treaty of Waitangi and the 1893 Women’s Suffrage Petition. He Tohu is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday at the National Library of New Zealand, Molesworth Street. Entry is free. For more information head to www.


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He Tohu

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has announced care and support workers across Wellington would receive a pay rise as a result of the $2 billion pay equity settlement from this week. “Workers at the 30 aged and disability residential care, and home and community support services in Wellington will receive their share of the $2 billion pay equity settlement,” Mr Coleman said. “The pay increase will make a huge difference for around 1200 workers in Wellington and the wider region.”

Francis Motta being awarded the prize. PHOTO: Liza Wick, From Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand.

Specials valid 1st-31st July 2017


St Matthew’s Church in Brooklyn would be ceasing Sunday services on July 9 due to a dwindling congregation and the lack of a minister. St Matthew’s has survived this year thanks to the assistance given by a retired couple, Rosie and Ted Newport, who stepped in to help with Sunday services when the last regular minister departed. The church will not close, as a number of outside groups continue to utilise it, and the Brooklyn Early Childhood Centre use the downstairs area regularly.

Pay rise for 1200 Wellington care workers

HOT JULY DEALS… Recognised as making the best hams in New Zealand at the New Zealand Pork Awards

St Matthews Church to close





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Cook Strait News 06-07-17

Cook Strait News 06-07-17  

Cook Strait News 06-07-17