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Thursday July 6, 2017




Owhiro Bay School Kia Ora, My name is Tineke Giddy, I have been the leading learner at Owhiro Bay School for the past three years. With a roll of around 140 students from Years 1 to 6, I pride myself on knowing each student by name and as an individual learner. Owhiro Bay School is in the heart of the Owhiro Bay Learning Community, encompassing

Owhiro Bay Kindergarten and Nga Hau e Wha Cluster 28 RTLBResource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour. We are fortunate to have some of the largest play spaces and grounds in Wellington allowing students to experience and explore the natural environment. My skilled team teach multi-level classrooms offering a broad

range of learning opportunities within our whanau atmosphere. We model the values of respect, originality, confidence, kindness and success in it’s forms. Owhiro Bay School ROCKS! To find out more about us feel free to pop in or visit www.owhiro.

Miramar Christian School “We’re small but we do punch above our weight” Kevin Boyce has been Principal of Miramar Christian School for two years. Prior to MCS he was a Principals Advisor and Principal of three other New Zealand Schools. MCS is a state integrated school with attendance fees $620 ($150 per term). Our vision is to provide and promote a Christ centred environment where students experience God. We devel-

op personal commitment expressed through their Godly Character and Competence, allowing students to excel and realise their potential, which is also expressed through their involvement in our School and the local Community. What makes us special? We offer a number of extra-curricular activities: music [guitar and piano], computer programming and sports are a few options. We are about to introduce

a robotics’ programme and have a well established Kapa Haka group. We attend a local Intermediate for our Technology programme and have entries in International Academic and the local Science Fair competitions. We have a Peer Mediation system in place where we encourage pupils to help each other, talk together and work through difficulties. Senior pupils are appointed as Leaders of one

of our four School Houses, all pupils have training in public speaking skills and Seniors have the opportunity to prepare and lead weekly assemblies. Parents are encouraged to contact Kevin for the opportunity to spend the day at Miramar Christian School.

students also accepted at St. Bernard’s. St Bernard’s takes students from year one right throught to year eight, meaning there’s no disruption in their education and ensuring students are better prepared for college and the big wide world. St Bernard’s School – he ara ki to ao – a pathway to the world.

Phone: 3899377

St Bernard’s School A lot of people see smaller schools as offering less opportunities to their child, but at St. Bernard’s School in Brooklyn that is far from the truth. Andrew Pozniak, principal of St. Bernard’s since June 2016, sees the school’s small size as a benefit rather than hindrance.Offering a low student-to-teacher ratio, students recieve more one on one time

with staff, ensuring all students reach their full potential. Catholic values uderpin everything that goes on at St. Bernard’s School. Prayer, truth, scholarship, service, joy and family are the values that are encompassed not only by the students, but also by the staff and catholic community. All are welcomed and valued, with non-catholic

Miramar North School Joyce Adam, Principal of Miramar North School trained and worked in Australia at both public and private schools. Joyce has almost completed her Master In Educational Leadership and is Principal Appointments Advisor to Boards. She has been President of the Eastern Zone Principals Cluster for over 8 years. It is a privilege to serve Miramar North School. We have a vibrant and engaged community who add immense value to our sense of place, identity and school culture. Together, our mission is to nurture children who have strong values, community spirit and an ethic of service to others. As educators we have been given the extraordinary power to prepare children for a successful future in a rapidly changing world. We are witness to young people as they grow, change and reach their

potential in the 21st century. In keeping with this, our local curriculum is aligned with the broad concepts of active citizenship, sustainability, global connections, creativity and innovation—these concepts keep us focussed on the future. To successfully navigate an ever-changing future, it’s incumbent on us to build leadership capabilities in all our children. The Leadership Program at Miramar North School is based on the concept of Leading by Example on a daily basis. It aims to teach children that everyday actions between people is where leadership is shown and therefore leadership is within all of us. Leadership at MNS becomes even more exciting as we take up our roles within the eastern zone Community of Learners (CoL). The CoL initiative is perhaps the biggest whole system change to education since Tomorrow’s Schools way back in 1989.

The CoL framework enables schools to join together over common achievement challenges and share their expertise for addressing them. This sort of collaboration spreads professional development opportunities over a wider network of teachers and results in bigger student achievement gains. Therefore, the future of educational achievement, whilst remaining focussed on our individual schools, now extends to the ‘bigger us’. The talented Eastern Cluster Principals group already work closely on facilitating pathways through Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schooling so participating in the CoL is the next step for us. It is an exciting and motivating time to be an educator. There’s a real sense that we’re part of something special and not just the status quo in education. Phone - (04) 388 6657

Ollie Williams and Rosa Vandermolen.

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Cook Strait News 06-07-17

Cook Strait News 06-07-17  

Cook Strait News 06-07-17