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Wednesday, 5 July, 2017

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Passing with peers By Dan Whitfield

Konini Primary School students have teamed up with their peers at Larmenier and Sacred Heart Primary School to pass a rugby ball from London to Wellington –– and back! Students and staff made up the final 18,804 rugby passes to get the rugby ball back to London on Friday. Continued on page 2. Lucy Small holding a commemorative ball signed by students from Larmenier and Sacred Heart. Photo: DAN WHITFIELD

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Wednesday July 5, 2017

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KPS students help pass a rugby ball around the world Continued from page 1. The ‘Pass the Ball’ activity was kicked off in June after teacher Matt Pegg proposed the idea to staff at the school in Hammersmith, London. The 18,804 passes represent the distance that the British and Irish Lions players and fans had to travel to get to New Zealand for the recent rugby games. Pegg said the community that rugby creates is talked about a lot and that Friday’s activity was tangible way for Wainuiomata students to come together with their peers overseas. “Who knows, in 12 years, when the Lions come back, our students might remember this day and the fun they had.” A commemorative ball, signed by students from Larmenier and Sacred Heart to mark the completion of their portion of the 18,804 rugby passes, was brought to Konini Primary School last week. They were welcomed into Wainuiomata with a powhiri on Friday morning. The British and Irish Lions have played nine matches on their tour of New Zealand so far – with one final test match against the All Blacks this weekend (July 8).

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ABOVE: Te Horeta Keepa (6) passes the ball to Catherine Wong. RIGHT: Kori Gibb (9) was excited to be part of the action. Photos: DAN WHITFIELD

Warming up in Wainui ahead of winter festival The Hutt Winter Festival will put Wainuiomata on the map this month. Holy Trinity Church and Wainuiomata Library will host two events during the 10-day festival: Al Capone’s Soup Kitchen and Beats and Rhythms for Families. The festival has been championed by a number of creative Hutt-based artists and will encompass culture, lights, art and food to brighten up all corners of Lower Hutt. The pop-up soup kitchen, co-ordinated by Trish Morgan with the help of Te Rangatahi Learning Centre students, will present locals with an interesting step back

in time. Both kitchen design and characters providing the service are being based on historical research of the depression during the 1930s. Beats and Rhythms for Families on the other hand will be a practical workshop in percussion, musical counting, listening and non-verbal communication based on rhythms from around the world. Leading this event will be Andreas Lepper, an expert in percussion and Latin American/Balkan music. Both events will be held onIm going to do FREE nail art for the month of July with any Saturday, July 15.  For times, go to huttwin-GelHema Gemmell, Riko Taingahue and Wairuatupu Meihana. Manicure booked. PHOTO: Dionne Ward

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‘Kia your ora!favourite I am Rachael. What’s Sport/s?I completed Firstindoor Aid ofnetball I enjoy and training at the my playing Bachelor Education in Early gym. It’s me time. Childhood in 2010 at Victoria Hifavourite my name is course Karenameal? I moved What is your University. I three have aand strong here from Ireland attended Nothing beats homemade meals cooked with passion for working withand young Wainuiomata primary the old love. Parkway intermediate and College. children and love being a part And who would youthree sharegirls it with? I have two of and which their overall learning My of whanau. attend Wainui high and one works development. Where would like to travel to? worked at in you Wellington. I have An island somewhere. Jack and Jill for 11 years and I love My partner and I live in Wainuiomata with our son Logan workingWhat’s with children because there is never a dull next for you this year? and I am fluent in Te Maori. hanging outgoing with moment andReo they keepday meI asenjoy young. I really out Take each it comes, enjoyenjoy the little things, my family and really enjoy watching and friends spendingand time myrelax family and friends. comedy have Iwith fun and more. movies. I enjoy going to the gym and challenging myself to 54goals. Hine Road, Wainuiomata achieve new Arohanui.’ 54 Hine Road, Wainuiomata Ph 04 970 5266 Ph 04 970 5266 Email Email

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Wednesday July 5, 2017

Storytelling to keep children entertained over school holidays Local children are invited to journey through different aspects of storytelling during the school holidays. Beyond the Page Children and Youth Literary Festival is bringing a packed programme of more than 100 free events to inspire young people to immerse themselves in the literary world, explore their own stories and express their creativity. The festival kicks off with pancakes and poetry on July 8 where children can come along

and get expressive with words in exchange for a pancake. Beyond the Page runs from July 8-23 and is a collaboration between Hutt City, Upper Hutt City and Wellington City libraries. The aim of the programme is to immerse young people between the ages of 4 and 18-years in the world of story. All events are free, but some require registrations.  For more information, see

Winter festival kicks off

Children can expect a packed programme at Beyond the Page Children and Youth Literary Festival. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Wainui included in Lower Hutt intensification proposal By Dan Whitfield

Wainuiomata and Fitzherbert region; we need to keep up the buildings of up to three storeys. pace,” Wallace said. roads, and Best St. The second zone, medium A rejuvenated Lower Hutt The proposed changes would density residential, would be Council put forward a range could be on the cards follow- of residential intensification be part of council’s urban located next to the proposed ing feedback from 1540 Hutt proposals in May and Hutt growth strategy and open suburban mixed use zones and Valley residents. the door of allow Mayor Ray WallaceTHE said there VEIN SPECIALISTS LTDfor a wider range 06/05/17for residential buildings CUSTOMER PUBLISHING Due to limited undeveloped had been SALES housing including apartments positive response all of up WEEKEND to three storeys. DPT REP SCHRISTENSEN PUBLICATION YOUR land for new housingADVERTISING devel- round forDESIGNER growingOUTSOURCER Wainuio- and terraced houses around The village is SECTION RUN OFretirement PRESS opments, Hutt City Council Lower Hutt. mata. part of the redevelopment PROOF PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. SIZE also 7.2X14 has been exploring residential Other suburbs that were iden-FAX dreams of council; as was the “Cities need to grow othAD ID WE-7625516AB (100%) development options –– includ- erwise they fall backwards. tified in the proposal included long-awaited redevelopment of ing areas around The Strand, Stokes Valley, Taita, Naenae, We’re theAD second largest in thePOSSIBLE. the shopping mall. PLEASE APPROVE THIS AS SOON AS NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS and Waiwhetu. Wallace said the intensificaMUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. Wallace said the plan for tion proposal would be a good Wainuiomata was to grow the thing for Wainuiomata and that central hub and focus PUBLISHING on the council would do its best to see 06/05/17 CUSTOMER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD areas that needed revitalisation other redevelopments happen. SALES REP SCHRISTENSEN PUBLICATION YOUR WEEKEND DPT the most. Lower Hutt is not the only ADVERTISING DESIGNER THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD 06/05/17 CUSTOMER OUTSOURCER PUBLISHING SECTION RUN OF PRESS “This is a win for us; a win area to be the target of housing PROOF SCHRISTENSEN SALES REP 4/05/2017 PUBLICATION PROOFED SIZE YOUR 10:31:37 a.m. 7.2X14WEEKEND DPT THE VEIN SPECIALISTS LTD 06/05/17 PUBLISHING intensification –– in 2015, ADVERTISING CUSTOMER DESIGNER OUTSOURCER for Wainuiomata. SECTION RUN OF PRESS AD ID SCHRISTENSEN WE-7625516AB (100%) FAX YOUR WEEKEND DPT SALES REP PUBLICATION “Personally, I’d like to see Wellington City Council also PROOF PROOFED SIZE 4/05/2017 10:31:37 a.m. 7.2X14 ADVERTISING DESIGNER OUTSOURCER this happen as soon as itSECTION RUN OF PRESS can looked into it for Tawa and PLEASE APPROVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS AD ID FAX WE-7625516AB (100%) PROOF THIS AD PROOFED 4/05/2017 10:31:37 SIZE Karori. 7.2X14 ––a.m. it still needs to go through MUST BEAD FINALISED BY MATERIAL DEADLINE. plan change but I’m keen Council will now begin to PLEASE APPROVE THIS AS ASOUR POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANYto ALTERATIONS AD ID SOON FAX WE-7625516AB (100%) start talking to DEADLINE. developers.” consider the proposals, taking MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. ANY ALTERATIONS The twoNOTE new THAT zone types into account the results of the proposed will DEADLINE. be a suburban survey. MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL mixed use zone to replace The survey is closed and much of the existing suburban results can be found on the Hutt commercial zone and allow for City Council website.

An artist’s impression of the proposed housing intensification in Wainuiomata. Photo: SUPPLIED

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 Of the 1540 people that completed the survey, 528 responses came from Hutt City Views, an online panel and representative sample of Lower Hutt residents; while 1012 responses were from the general public.

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The Hutt Winter Festival will open with a blast of local art on Friday, July 14. Wainuiomata residents are invited to attend this event and join those from the wider Hutt Valley region. It will be held at Te Maori, corner of Riverside Drive and Guthrie Street, and will start at 10am. The festival has been championed by the creativity of local Hutt-based artists and groups. With events encompassing culture, lights, art and food, the festival is one not to miss. More information at

Mix gets recognised for work in Hutt Valley An art gallery in Lower Hutt has been recognised for its strong presence and partnership with the Hutt Valley community. Mix received the Arts Access Creative Space Award 2017 as part of the Arts Access Awards on July 4. It has helped provide artists, including some from Wainuiomata over the years, with opportunities to showcase their work. The Awards 2017 were hosted by Nicky Wagner, Minister for Disability Issues, at Parliament.

Sponsor a kiwi Got a spare $50 – why not sponsor a kiwi. The Rimutaka Forest Park Trust is not government funded or part of the Department of Conservation, which is why it relies on sponsorship and donations. As noted on the trust’s website, there are different types of sponsorship available to suit different people, ranging from $30 right up to $1500. For more information, call Rosemary Thompson on 04 569 4764. Alternatively people can email sponsors@



Wednesday July 5, 2017

inbrief news Wainui pupils take the stage for Polyfest Hundreds of students from across the Hutt Valley will step up to the stage as part of Polyfest. The annual event will celebrate Pasifika and Maori culture. It will be held at the Walter Nash Centre from July 3 to 7. Wainuiomata will contribute some of the talent at this year’s Polyfest with pupils from Wainuiomata Intermediate and Fernlea School taking part.

Wellington’s coast put into a new light By Julia Czerwonatis

Hutt photographer Martin Warenczuk has launched his new photo exhibition Beautiful Landscapes of the Wellington Outdoors at the Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery in Petone last weekend inviting locals to re-discover stunning nature in and around the capital “The exhibition covers a

long-term project photographing the Wellington region and its coastline,” Martin explained. The Poland born photographer has been discovering remote places around Wellington’s East Harbour, South and West Coast, the Kapiti Coast and South Wairarapa in the last three years capturing its rugged beauty in magnificent light settings.

“I chose this region because locals can easily connect with the places and perhaps learn to appreciate them in a new way,” Martin said. “Working outdoors means being at a place of peace, harmony and happiness to me. “While I’m out in nature observing my surroundings and the changing weather, I can easily connect to everything around me,” he said.

Ethnic business community meets in Auckland The country’s ethnically diverse business community gathered for EPIC NZ (Ethnic People in Commerce) in Auckland last week. Minister for Ethnic Communities Judith Collins was present and explained how diversity was essential for the growth of New Zealand’s businesses. EPIC NZ strengthens links between government and the ethnically diverse business community, while providing valuable insights into digital disruption, innovation, and how to succeed in an ever changing global economy. “We want to ensure all businesses have the opportunity to realise the benefits from innovation and diversity. Office of Ethnic Communities hosted the event on Friday.

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The photograph titled Boom Rock pictures the sunset over Mana and Kapiti Islands, as seen from the hills above Boomrock on Wellington’s West Coast. PHOTO: © Martin Warenczuk 2017

 You can visit Beautiful Landscapes of the Wellington Outdoors at the Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery, 223 The Esplanade Petone, open Tue-Sun, 10am-5pm until July 31. Admission free.

Matariki shines in Wainui Children from Arakura School were excited to perform in front of a home crowd last Thursday as part of Matariki. More than 200 parents, teachers and friends turned up to watch the concert featuring the school’s choir and kapa haka group. Matariki signals the Maori New Year. Photos: DANIEL WHITFIELD ABOVE: (from left to right) Megan Brinfield, Jazmyn Warbrick, Addison Bevan, Ezekiel Malcolm, Ryan Brinfield, James Anderson, Rayden Wormington, and Finn Madsen. LEFT: (from left to right) Jackson Louwrens, Ryshia Leota, Daniel Te Mataku, Izik Brosnahan, Maiah Dickson,Angel McMillan, Matthew Rameka, Jorjah Giles, Aoife Madsen, Jacobus Tanis, Dishita Shankar, Madison Gray, Mea’ole Ma’I, Charlotte Brosnahan, Claudia Fennell, Olivia Bruce, Charnce Toa, Jordan Tavai, Aayla Toman, Mishaela Kea, Kayla Little, Nicholas Grace, and Jamie Johnson.

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Martin started his photography career when he was nine. “Our neighbour was a photographer and took me under his wings,” Martin said. “He also gave me my fi rst camera, however, he didn’t teach me how to use but rather encouraged me to develop my own technique.” Today Martin has developed a talent for bringing out vivid colours in his photography that resemble colours in a painting. In conjunction with the exhibition Martin launched his first book titled Journey Along The Coast with more than 100 photographs. It is the first one in a series of Martin’s landscape photography publications, and he has already started to work on the next book.

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Wednesday July 5, 2017

Pupils Shiloh Barton, 10, Ella Sue, 8, Kereru Kohere, 9, Santanna Tuitama, 8, Jae-Lee Stapp, 8, Lee Kahui, 9, Antariksh Anand, 9, Kaleb Tia, 8, Ella Robertson, 10, and Nyah Brouwer, 8, dance at Polyfest. PHOTO: ANDRE CHUMKO

Lights, camera, action for Fernlea School pupils By Andre Chumko MASSEY JOURNALIST STUDENT

It was lights, camera, action for Fernlea School pupils on Monday night when they took the stage at Polyfest 2017. The festival, held at Taita’s Walter Nash Centre, runs from July 3-7 and sees 43 schools and centres from across the Hutt Valley giving 46 performances over five nights. Fernlea School is one of three Wainuiomata schools participating in the event, in addition to Wainuiomata

Intermediate School and St Claudine Thevenet School, set to perform on Thursday. Principal Tony Field said it was Fernlea School’s first time at Polyfest. “The kids have been working extremely hard. We built on a lot of years of hard work to get them to where they are now and we’re really excited about having them be part of this pretty special occasion.” Polyfest is attended by about 1200 people each night and incorporates Pasifika song and dance with kapa haka performances.

Field said the school had spent the entire year preparing for the event, holding kapa haka lessons every Friday and “polishing” sessions for the last two weeks. This year the festival was held in support of the ‘go to H20’ movement, a campaign which encouraged children to drink water instead of soft drinks. Each year about 330 children under 13 receive dental treatment while under general anaesthesia at Hutt Hospital, a figure which has increased by 60 per cent in the last 10

years. Te Awakairangi Health Network health promotion team leader Tanya Radford said how people look after their children’s teeth would affect how their teeth will be as adults. “The message is simple for families to follow, make sure baby teeth are brushed for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.” Field said his pupils were happy to perform for such a cause. “They’re just bubbling with excitement.”

Funding granted for Eastbourne’s MIRO Chris Bishop, National candidate for Hutt Valley was delighted that Eastbourne’s Mainland Island Restoration (MIRO) will receive a $35,000 Government grant. The grant, announced in June by Conservation Minister Maggie Barry and Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson, will help MIRO reduce predator numbers within the Eastbourne and Eastern Bays area. “The volunteers who run MIRO do incredible work protecting our local wildlife from predators,” Bishop said. “It’s fantastic to see their hard work recognised by a significant grant. The three-year education and trap-loaning project it will fund is going to make a big difference to our local environment.” MIRO’s Sally Bain presented on the group’s predator trapping work at a meeting Bishop held late last year. Bishop said the group had a big target of having one in five households in the Bays to be actively involved in trapping rats on their properties. He also mentioned that the group was going to work with Hutt City Council to control other predators such as stoats and involve local schools through the Enviroschools programme. “The positive impact to our native birds, such as the banded dotterel, is going to be just fantastic and I think we’ll see the next generation of MIRO volunteers come out of this raring to get New Zealand to its Predator Free 2050 goal,” Bishop said.

A word from

Mayor Ray Wallace After more than 1,000 public submissions and two days of public hearings, Council last month agreed on the final shape of the 2017-2018 Annual Plan. The Annual Plan outlines the key projects and initiatives that will be delivered over the coming year and beyond. Of particular interest to Wainuiomata residents will be the commitment to fund in principle a new $7 million community hub in Wainuiomata based on a similar model to the Koraunui Stokes Valley Community Hub and Taita’s Walter Nash Centre. Council will next year as part of the Long Term Plan finalise that actual start date. A Sportsville in Wainuiomata is also one step closer, with approval to progress design and business case work this year. Sportsville projects are a partnership initiative to bring multiple sports clubs into one location, to reduce operating costs and share resource between clubs. Council for some time has been concerned at the state of the Wainuiomata Mall and has made changes to its Development Remissions Policy so that positive changes can be made by the mall owners. Recently, at the invitation of Member of Parliament Chris Bishop, I attended a meeting to discuss with Chris, the new owners and their representative. It was a very productive meeting. Watch this space. As you can see, this year’s Annual Plan continues our programme of rejuvenation and investment in infrastructure following strong community support as part of our consultation on the plan. These significant projects will stimulate long-

term economic and social growth in our city and contribute to making Lower Hutt a great place to live, work and play. Council has committed an additional $39 million to the incredibly important RiverLink project over the next fifteen years. RiverLink is a joint venture between Greater Wellington Regional Council, New Zealand Transport Agency and Hutt City Council to deliver better flood protection, lifestyle and transport links for the people of Lower Hutt. Council’s part of the project includes the development of a riverside promenade on the Hutt River to enable better connection between the CBD and Hutt River. Council has also committed to funding the refurbishment of the Rona Bay and Days Bay wharves and additional funding was approved for infrastructure work at Petone Library, Naenae Pool, the Dowse Art Museum and the Hutt Recreation Ground. All in all, a big year ahead! Until next time, take care.

Mayor - Lower Hutt



Tuesday 18 June 2017 7:00pm in the Wainuiomata Community Library, Queen St, Wainuiomata. You are very welcome to attend Keep up with what’s happening in your community


Wednesday July 5, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What’s your go to school holiday plan?

Rachael Burnel, Lower Hutt “Spending time with family.”

Pam Smith, Lower Hutt “Go on bush walks, drive to the coast and hopefully see some seals, or go to the movies.”

Cassidy Ruscoe, Lower Hutt “I have four children so I have to find something that suits them all. Usually it’s something that’s active.”

Penny Hargraves, Lower Hutt “Go see family.”

Catherine Wong, Lower Hutt “Holidays have always been home time.”

Pete Wheeler, Lower Hutt “Sending the children to the mother-in-law.”

LETTERS to the editor

Grades improving not declining

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Dear editor, I was bemused to read an article in last week’s Wainuiomata News under the heading “Student Achievement”, which carried the line quoting an analyst stating that “Student achievement in Wainuiomata had been declining”. Either “fake news” is alive and well in the Nui, or the analyst has been reading our results upside down! On the High School’s website ( nz) under the “About Us” tab there is a section headed “News”; click on our #19 – 30 June 2017

Newsletter, and you will see three graphs, prepared not by us but by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, showing the High School’s NCEA results over the past five years – all of which have been improving. What the graphs show is a reflection of the effort we have put into place in recent years to change the culture of the High School, where academic achievement is valued and celebrated and where students are part of a vibrant and supportive school. Remember that the graphs

show averages – we are also proud of the increasing number of our students who are gaining “Excellence” or “Merit” endorsements for their NCEA qualifications – from 33 in 2014, to 44 in 2015, to 71 in 2016. Our parents are aware of some of the many strategies we have put into place to achieve this improvement in results – introducing Longer Learning Times; setting up a Manaaki Class structure which mentors and supports students; introducing PB4L; making sure we have a variety of subjects so all students

can enjoy success as they move through the school; a range of pastoral services in place to support our students; celebrating success; to name a few. Most importantly however, is an increasing belief our students are developing that they can succeed, and the increasing engagement and effort they are putting into their studies. To suggest that student achievement is declining is an insult to their efforts and aspirations. Martin Isberg Principal, Wainuiomata High School

Poor reporting on school achievement Dear Editor, Last weeks story in the Wainuiomata News about student achievement was an appalling piece of journalism. In April this year a colleague and I presented our findings about a na lysis of st udent achievement across Wainuiomata to the Community Board. Our presentation focused on two findings: 1. raising achievement across the valley is a Community problem and that schools cannot do this by themselves, and 2. raising achievement over the next 5-10 years can be the

catalyst for improving the social and economic outcomes of the people living in Wainuiomata over the next 10-20 years Our intention was to stimulate discussion about building community support for raising achievement across the valley to improve the social and economic outcomes of the people in Wainuiomata. To provide context we also presented analysis about the current levels of achievement and At Risk Children. Last weeks story did not talk about the focus of our presentation, instead the reporter chose

to focus on declining achievement and At Risk Children. We believe the reporter sought to deliberately mislead readers by focusing on negative data in our presentation and ignoring the thrust of the presentation. The reporter also said we stated that achievement was declining. This was false, we did not have the data to determine whether achievement was increasing, declining or static. The report about the number of At risk children was also wrong. The reporter approached us after our presentation indicating that he wanted to write a

story. We spoke several times in April and I suggested that he talk to the school Principals about this and stressed the need to focus on raising achievement to improve outcomes for the Wainuiomata Community. We never heard back from the reporter until last weeks story was published. Given the thrust of our presentation it is difficult to imagine what would motivate a reporter to deliberately mislead the community, and lie about what was said. It is also difficult to understand why the Wainuiomata


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News allowed this story to be published without seeking comment from us or the schools in Wainuiomata. It is appalling journalism and I hope that by publicising this it leads to a better standard of reporting for the people in Wainuiomata. I apologise unreservedly to the schools, Principals, Teachers and Children and Parents in Wainuiomata for any distress that mis-reporting by the Wainuiomata News has caused. Parau Tupangaia Ariki Consulting

Meleanie Walker

022 0365 231

Karen Kiely


Wainuiomata Office 04 564 8707 | 126 Main Rd E F W

04 570 0678

Authorised by C. Bishop, 126 Main Road, Wainuiomata

Wednesday July 5, 2017

Brownies help puppeteer ahead of festival A puppeteer has been helping Kai Arahi Brownies get creative in Wainuiomata. Anna Bailey has been working with the group to make a large morepork/ruru puppet along with several smaller native birds for the Wild Arrivals parade at the Hutt Winter Festival –– on Saturday, July 23. Anna said the group from Kai Arahi Brownies had been working hard over the last few months to complete the project and will use the experience to get their performing arts badge. The brief for the project was to create a creature that represented their group. Kai Arahi Brownies is split into six groups, each named after a bird. Anna said the decision was made to create one of the birds as the large puppet for the festival. “It was great working with this group and the weekend workshops were especially fun when a lot of parents came along and pitched in too, adding their own skills to the mix. I think everyone was surprised

Winter Survival Tips For most people, winter means feeling wearier and less motivated than in summer, and there are more colds and flus about. So it’s important firstly to get vaccinated against the flu, which can be a severe illness for some vulnerable people. Washing hands thoroughly is also a good measure to help prevent the spread of winter illnesses. If you’re coughing and sneezing, you may be spreading germs, so consider staying away from work or school until your health improves. Babies and small children can get sick very easily if you cough and sneeze around them. Eat healthy, and exercise Eating healthy foods, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, helps to build immunity. Eat lean meat and fish, and try to cut down on sugar and salt intake. Increasing exposure to light is important in winter to help with Vitamin D levels. A deficiency of Vitamin D leads to frail bones and sometimes low moods and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Some health practitioners recommend taking a Vitamin D supplement during winter. A 30-minute walk outside each day ticks all the boxes; it gets you some fresh air, light, and exercise. Exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental wellbeing. Enjoy it! Enjoy winter as much as possible – and make an effort to connect with people. Wrap up warm and meet some friends for a walk around the neighbourhood, go to the gym, or go the library or to the movies. Getting out and about rather than staying shut inside will make the winter months easier, especially if you have a tendency to feel a bit down at this time of year.

Charlotte McCord and Caitlyn Broome helping create the morepork/ ruru. Photo: SUPPLIED

with what we achieved in such a short time - all working together,”

Hospital volunteers recognised for their dedication

Anna said. “The girls did a great job!”

Volunteers at Hutt Hospital were celebrated last month as National Volunteer Week (June 18-24) rolled around once again. There were several in-

dividuals honoured, this included Gwen Stapleton, who has been volunteering for six years as one of the hospital’s ‘Meet and Greet’ volunteers.

Talk to us. We can give flu vaccinations and advice about supplements to relieve the distress of winter coughs and colds. The trained staff at Clive’s Chemist can ask you about your symptoms and recommend a treatment specifically for you.

Clive’s Chemist, 20-21 Queen Street, Wainuiomata. (04) 564 8618 • •

Thinking of a Career in

Real Estate? Call Lisa today on:


(04) 564 7310 (027) 668 6477

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

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OPEN HOMES Free No-obligation Market Appraisal P: 04 564 7310

SUNDAY 9TH JULY 12.00pm – 12.30pm 12.15pm – 12.45pm 1.00pm – 1.30pm 1.00pm – 2.00pm 1.45pm – 2.30pm

77B Main Road 57 Kairanga Crescent 243 Wellington Road 120 Upper Fitzherbert Rd 41 Holland Street


Wednesday July 5, 2017

Gavin Shute Auto Services 2013

Complete vehicle maintenance and repairs

PHONE PHIL WYBURN TODAY 17 Waiu Street, Wainuiomata. P: 564 8061 Book your car in for a service today

30 Waiu St, Wainuiomata Ph 564 3441 027 629 5004



• Full mechanical repairs • WOF while-you-wait • Brake & Clutch specialists • Lubes & Service checks • Diesel Servicing • Auto Electrical • Diagnosic vehicle onboard scanning available • Off vehicle drum & rotor machining • Automotive Transmissions drained, flushed & refilled


C MOORE MOTORS LTD Exhaust, Brakes & Clutch specialists, Oil changes, Tune ups, Batteries & more


(A Division of Virdave Holdings Ltd)

All small Japanese Diesel Servicing Full Mechanical & Lubricant Services Pre-purchase Checks Auto Electrical All Work Guaranteed WOF

WOF $55

All types of repairs and servicing All work guaranteed

Ph: 568 6211

Tel: 564 8613 Fax: 564 9185 E:

1 Gear St, Petone

Opposite PAK ‘N SAVE & next door to Tonys Tyre Service

5 Simmons Grove, Wainuiomata










Taupo Car Club, Winter Series

Fielding Winter Race Series, Round 2

Italian Grand Prix




Czech Republic


San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini

6 7–9


Taupo Tarmac 2WD Rally

Austrian Grand Prix

Sandown 500 13 Austria

7–9 Townsville 400

15–17 Portugal Round

17–20 Rally of Germany

7–9 United States Round

15–17 Singapore Grand Prix

18–20 Sydney SuperSprint

14–16 British Grand Prix

17 Taupo Car Club, Winter Series

18–20 German Round




Hungarian Grand Prix


Taupo Car Club, Winter Series


29–1 October


Ipswich SuperSprint

Malaysia Grand Prix

Belgian Grand Prix



29–1 October

Rally of Finland

Great Britain

French Round



Parkway, Wainuiomata. Ph 04 564 3806

*Selected tyres only. Conditions apply. Offer ends Friday 21 July 2017.








THE MARKET IS HOT! If you’re thinking of selling, give me a call today

For all your motor vehicle repairs, servicing & WOF. Caravan repairs. MTA Assured.

9a Simmons Grove - Ph: 564 3803

Paul Butcher Liscensed Real Estate Salesperson P 04 564 5318 M 021 209 5645 E

Wainui’s One Stop Shop! WORKSHOP

The Auto Store Repco approved store

The Tyre


Phone: (04) 939 4204 behind Caltex Wainuiomata, 14-16 The Strand

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Wednesday July 5, 2017

WHATS ON... The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $15.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 1660 or email

Petone Winter Market Locally handcrafted creations, tasty treats and coffee. Fenced kids play area and over 30 stalls. Saturday 8 July, 10.30am-3pm, 38 Buick Street.

FREE Soup! Celebrate the Winter Festival at Al Capone’s 1930’s Soup Kitchen, served by students from the Rangatahi Learning Centre. Saturday 15 July 10am till 3pm Holy Trinity Church Wainuiomata Road. Koha welcome.

Home owners and renters happy with council’s home videos Wainuiomata is not just one of the Hutt Valley’s largest suburbs, it’s also one of the fastest growing. A reason why Hutt City Council has decided to make a range of ‘how to’ animated videos to help people understand its building and consenting processes. The short videos, dubbed Home Videos, explain topics from understanding consents, to creating warmer and healthier homes, to tips on earthquake strengthening. Divisional manager environ-

mental consents Helen Oram said about a year ago council discussed how much time officers were taking to explain building consent processes to the public. “We thought about the best way to simplify the information and in this visual world, an animated suite of short videos was created. When the quake happened, it stimulated ideas on how we could get information out about home safety as well,” Oram said. The six short videos include Upspec Your Build,



All Painting Services @

Advertise your services here. 587 1660 Public Notices

Finance New Housing, Exceptional Cutting In and Spraying Skills a must.

about building beyond code for better warmth, comfort and energy efficiency; and Earthquake Strengthen Your Home, about achievable ideas for home owners or renters on how they can make their home safe in an earthquake. Feedback had been good from the community, Oram said. “As a result this has freed up time for administrative processing work so we can meet consent deadlines as early as possible.” That said, Oram has greater

Trades and Services

Contact 04 587 1660

Situations Vacant

Ongoing LOCAL Work Wainui & Hutt Valley New Housing/ Development No more travel to town


MORTGAGE ARREARS Call us for a loan or advice


Apply today – Phone Aaron 027 292 5638

Funeral Directors

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LETS PLAY BADMINTON Waterloo Badminton Club Every Wednesday night Naenae Badminton Hall 25 Vogel Street, Naenae

7.30pm till 10pm $15 per session Age Group 18+ Beginners welcome

Any questions contact Melissa 021 0744 140

Composed by Tony Watling 28th June 2016

AFFORDABLE HOUSING Old people need a nice warm bed. With a solar roof above their head. Windows some with double glazing. And place to eat would be amazing. A nurse or helper near at hand. Would create a happy band. Those with skill please do apply. With hydrofoils, are pies in sky?

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GRAHAM’S PAINTERS Exterior/Interior Experienced Tradesmen Exterior of Houses Painted in Winter Available for ALL Interior Work ~ Pensioner Discounts ~ Ph 564 9202 or 021 183 9492

plans as she thinks Hutt City Council may be one of the first councils to have created this resource for customers. “We have created these videos with the ability for other councils to use them and lay over their own branding and contact details. So far we know Wellington City Council is linking to some of the videos and we are beginning to let other councils and relevant agencies know about them.”  The videos can be found on Firewood

FIREWOOD FOR SALE SEASONED: Gum 4m³ $550, 2m³ $330: Douglas-Fir 4m³ $540, 2m³ $320: Split Pine 4m³ $430, 2m³ $260: Manuka 2m³ $460: COMBO’S: Gum & D/Fir $570: Gum & S/Pine $510: D/Fir & S/Pine $500: Bagged Kindling $15ea. Bagged Manuka $25ea. WINZ Quotes. Prices incl. gst & del. FIREWOOD

Wholesale Firewood Supplies ph 232-9499 Public Notices

Notification of Aerial Control Works Application of a Vertebrate Toxic Agent Southern Rimutaka Aerial Project POSSUM CONTROL OPERATION The Greater Wellington Regional Council’s BioWorks Unit wishes to advise the public of its intention to aerially apply the toxin Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) for the purpose of controlling possums in the Southern Rimutaka Aerial Project operational area. The operation is being undertaken on behalf of TBfree New Zealand, with support from the Department of Conservation to protect local farms from tuberculosis infection and to enhance native biodiversity. Control Area: The control area includes the Rimutaka Forest Park (RFP) and some adjoining private land, south of Wainuiomata. The northern boundary includes the Wainui Trust Boys Brigade Camp, the East Whakanui track and the Papatahi Crossing. The western boundary runs along Graces Stream, Catchpool Valley Road, southwards to highpoint 397, highpoint Boyo trig 433m and Coast Road near Plumbago Stream. The southern boundary passes through Orongorongo station. The eastern boundary runs parallel with the Rimutaka cycle trail between Turakirae Head and Corner Creek, extending northwards to Wharepapa hut. A detailed map of the treatment area may be viewed by appointment at the office of Bioworks (see below), or on line at Commencement Date: Non-toxic cereal pre-feed pellet baits have been applied in this area on 16 and 17 June. The application of cereal pellets containing 1080 will commence from 7 July 2017 onwards, providing suitable weather conditions exist. Bait Description: Toxic bait: Cereal based pellet, approximately 30mm long, dyed green with a toxic loading of 1.5g/kg Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080). Deer repellent will be applied to all 1080 baits. Precautions: The public are reminded of the danger that toxic baits and possum carcasses pose, particularly to children and dogs. Children should be kept under strict supervision in the operational area. Dogs should be kept under strict control at all times and not have access to, or be taken into the operational area as they are particularly susceptible to 1080 and poisoned carcasses. Poison warning signs will be erected at all points of public access and the public are reminded that it is an offence to remove any of these signs. Please follow instructions on the signs. Further Information: For further information about the Southern Rimutaka Aerial Project operation, please contact: BioWorks Team Leader at Greater Wellington at 34 Chapel Street, Masterton or by telephone on 0800 496 734 during normal working hours.

Three stackers make NZ team

Wednesday July 5, 2017


Wednesday November 18, 2015 To Lease


Sports talk

with Jacob Page

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week.

2m seasoned pine $180

Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150.

Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

4m Split pine store for next winter $330

Trades and Services

Large Bags Kindling $13

The perfect storm sees Lions home at the Cake 0220831542 Tin


POOLS OF SATISFACTION Our summer pools were built by us. Blends in well did cause no fuss. With hydro slide will cause a splash. And to it many people dash. Through native bush we twist and wiggle. From the children brings a giggle. Severn days a week the place is open. Hot summer days we all are hopen!


Public Notice

Wainuiomata Squash Club AGM

51. J.K. Rowling 7.00pm chose the Monday 30th November unusual At the Clubrooms name ‘Hermione’ Corner of Main Road so young and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata girls wouldn’t be teased Bringing local news for being nerdy! Caleb Smith stacking. Photo: WAINUIOMATA NEWS FILE to the community

T h r e e Wa i nu iom at a m en h ave quickly as possible. Situation been selected for the New Z ea- Vacant Participants stack and unstack 12 land Black Stacks team for 2018. specially designed plastic cups in pre-deCaleb Smith, Ricky Smith and Kaleb termined sequences. There are three Rongokea were announced recently along routines - and even relays. One routine, with 20 other talented stackers from called “the cycle,” is a complex sequence around New Zealand. that involves more than 40 moves and the The Black Stacks represent the best of world record for this is under five seconds. the best from New Zealand. Caleb also made the team in 2014, 2015, Caleb and his brother Ricky topped 2016, and 2017; while this will be his their respective age groups earlier this brother’s first time on the team. year when they competed in the New Kaleb also made the team in 2012, 2013, Zealand Sport Stacking Championships 2014, and 2015. in Northland. Sport Stacking was established in New Deliverers Required in The tournament doubled as trials for Zealand in January 2008. theArea 2018 NZ1: Black Stacks team Mohaka, that will National records- for some routines are Momona, Kawatiri Kaponga. travel to the USA next year, representing as quick as 1.4 seconds. All competitors New Zealand at the World Sport Stacking need hand-eye coordination, concentraChampionships. tion, dexterity and fitness. Competitors Speed stacking — also known as cup ranged in age from seven to 54, all of stacking or sport stacking — involves whom had to follow the 15-page rule stacking cups in specifi c sequences as book.

Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers


Contact Sandra on 587 1660


11 13

installations by top-qualified electrician with record of over fifty years of giving locals the lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just Be 977-8787 careful what wish for because you phone or you 021-0717-674 or email might just get it. Rugby fans have what they want - a British Lions tourSituation decider. Vacant Fans of both teams, except me and fellow die-hard All Blacks fans, wanted this outcome. So dominant have the men in black been since 2011, that even their own fans would rather see a competitive match than another black wash. Saturday’s 24-21 Lions win in Wellington was ugly to watch. The Lions deserved the win; they scored two tries to none. But they also had N a man advantage for 55 minutes. A red team win was the only logical outcome after Sonny Bill Williams’ deserved red card.

Large Bags Dry Pine/ hardwood mix $14

Free Delivery in Wainui

The Lions had every advantage available to them - a perfect storm if you will, that meant Trades and Services they were destined to win the second test. There was the red card, the reshuffle which meant Jerome Kaino was subbed off for a midfielder on debut, and the wet weather allowed the Lions to play their forward dominated game plan against seven forwards. Beauden Barrett’s suspect goal kicking hurt us too. The French referee wasSt out of his depth and 46 Waione Petone missed severalPh:calls. 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm The All Blacks kicked cpa awayspares too much ball, Formerly particularly late in the piece, and with a seven point lead with 13 minutes to go is generally Funeral Director enough to get the All Blacks home. The one question the Lions did not answer is if they can beat the All Blacks 15 versus 15. My heart and head still say no.

Ories vs Wainui, 13-3 Wainuiomata came up short against a strong Oriental-Rongotai on Saturday afternoon. Oriental-Rongotai took out a 13-3 victory over Wainuiomata at Polo Ground in Miramar. Although Wainuiomata could not capitalise

on Oriental-Rongotai, the boys in green fought hard until the end.The halftime score was 8-3 to Oriental-Rongotai. The next game for Wainuiomata is against Marist St Pats at William Jones Park, July 8. Kick off is at 2.45pm.


New Zealand’s No.1 Kitchen re-face company THE AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE TO A NEW KITCHEN.



We can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom by fitting made to measure replacement doors, drawer fronts, panels & bench tops.

NEW KITCHENS DESIGNED & INSTALLED All our joinery is made to measure for your kitchen

We offer a huge range of benchtops, sinks, taps, handles, appliances, tiling & storage solutions.

Call: 0800 920 271

282 HIGH STREET, LOWER HUTT (OPPOSITE COUNTDOWN) Applications are available at our recruitment office orGreater at the security gate based in the Serving: Wellington Ngauranga George in Upper Wellington. (Wellington, Lower Hutt, Hutt & Porirua) Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

View the Wainuiomata News online

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Wednesday July 5, 2017

Wainuiomata News 05-07-17  

Wainuiomata News 05-07-17

Wainuiomata News 05-07-17  

Wainuiomata News 05-07-17