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Thursday June 29, 2017

Cycleway and footpath decided for Cobham Drive Artist impressions by Isthmus of what the cycleway could look like. IMAGE: Supplied

A $4 million project to improve cycling and walking along Cobham Drive is set to get underway. Wellington City Councillors approved plans last Thursday to build a new two-way off-road cycleway and separate footpath following public consultation earlier this year. The project is part of the Government’s Urban Cycleways Programme and the Wellington City Cycleways Programme to build a safe connected cycle network,

with Cobham Drive seen as an important link for people in the eastern suburbs. The plan includes a 2.5 to three metre-wide two-way cycleway and separate two metre-wide walking path between Shelly Bay Road and Evans Bay Parade to replace the existing shared path. The walking path would be closest to the harbour’s edge. The bike path would be separated from the kerb by a half-metrewide buffer zone.

At times the two paths would run side by side, separated by low-growing plants. Portfolio leader for public transport, cycling and walking, Eastern Ward Councillor Sarah Free, said she believed the Cobham Drive route would be a “wonderful asset” and would make a stunning entrance way to the city for visitors coming from the airport. “It will link to better walking and cycling routes being planned for the eastern suburbs as part

of building a more convenient cycling and pedestrian network. “Miramar and Kilbirnie and surrounding areas are only going to get busier, so providing a variety of safe and convenient transport choices between the eastern suburbs and the CBD is important.” Ms Free said while a new crossing over Cobham Drive was not part of this project, council and the New Zealand Transport Agency were working together on

potential solutions for the longer term. At the Evans Bay Parade/Cobham Drive intersection there would be an improved crossing for pedestrians and bikes Construction on Cobham Drive is expected to start later this year.  What do you think? Do you think the Cobham Drive cycleway will improve the area? Let us know your thoughts at emma@

Buddhist action group takes to the beach By Emma McAuliffe

Members of the Wellington Buddhist Centre with some of the rubbish they found at Owhiro Bay beach. PHOTO: Supplied.

The Wellington Buddhist Centre got to work in Owhiro Bay last weekend to clean up the beach. Saradarshini Nicholl, Wellington Buddhist Centre chair, said the event was part of Buddhist Action Month. “The essence of Buddhist Action Month is to encourage individual Buddhists and Buddhist centres to take any action they wish that benefits the environment, other people, our local communities or society,” she explained. “It offers us the opportunity to explore and discuss the ethical issues facing Buddhists and all people in the 21st Century.” Saradarshini said the centre thought of ways they could help the community and the environment before coming up with the community project of cleaning up Owhiro Bay Beach. “At our Buddhist centre we agreed to move in the direction of zero waste and to begin with we replaced a large rubbish bin with a much smaller one, introduced a compost bucket and a recycling box. “We are moving towards using teapots rather than tea bags and certainly avoiding those that are individually wrapped. “A retreat we held in June had vegan food, normally we have vegetarian food,” she said. Saradarshini said the group was surprised by what they did and did not find at the beach during their clean up. “People were surprised by the amount of

electrical cabling found. “They also expected to find more rubbish than they did and think the recent storm may have taken it away. “They found two horrible longline hooks. “This is the first time we

have taken part in Buddhist Action Month and it is certainly something we’ll do again next year, as well as maintaining what we have started at the Centre and at home – Buddhist Action Month won’t end in June.”

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Cook Strait News 29-06-17

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Cook Strait News 29-06-17