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Wednesday June 28, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What is your favourite sport and why?

Vilash Chandler, Wainuiomata “Rugby, I just love rugby, the physical part of it.”

Jarrod Smith, Wainuiomata “I quite like darts. I played darts, it was really good.”

Wetiri Mokomoko, Wainuiomata “I’d have to say it’s rugby league.”

LETTERS to the editor

and ensure that complaints are dealt with within and callbacks a reasonable time especially with regards to safety concerns. They are quick to spend $3.5 million on a private developers dream of owning a hotel in Lower Hutt City, with a bonus contract with council. I have previously brought these matters to council at their annual planning meetings with little avail. Plus, who supervises the public polls on council ideas. I fully support Campbell’s stand in what he is trying to attain. He is not politicking as some of the councillors do. J Wyse, Wainuiomata

Queen Street ATM Dear Ed, I visited the ANZ ATM in Queen Street at 3.30pm, Saturday 24 June with a view to extracting some notes. This was not to be, as a sellotaped note, adjacent to the screen, read “Beware,

Machine not functioning, and swallows up cards”. I believe this illustrates that we have some very considerate residents in our community. Mike Noedl

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge

letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to news@wsn. Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e-mails.


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(Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt & Porirua)

Martin Rait, Wainuiomata “Rugby. It’s a good spectator sport, and I understand it.”

Victoria Seupule-Mose, Wainuiomata “Rugby. I quite like the passion we have as a country – especially in Wainui.”


Council Meals Dear Ed, With regards to Campbell Barry’s efforts to make council realise it is responsible for a good and careful duty to look after ratepayers compulsory rates. I believe they have a very satisfactory remuneration without us having to subsidise meals for them. As most meetings are held in the evening they should have dinner before they attend them - a much healthier solution for them. At the same time they should be ensuring that are rates are spent in a responsible way by ensuring that all employees are doing their work properly

Hunia Maxwell, Wainuionata “Rugby league. Been a premier player for Wainui, and born and bred in the club.”

Last week’s page 12 story quoting Kmart Petone Apparel Man-

ager Carolyn Green referred to her as Karen. The error is regretted.

From the

Reporter’s desk Every week our reporter Dave Crampton breaks news stories and meets locals throughout Wainuiomata. Each week he also shares a few tales from his travels. It was great to meet Cameron Forsyth during the week. He’s a keen young runner and is improving steadily on his competition – Wellington cross country runners Jack Julian and Will Anthony, or, as I like to call them, Jack and Will, given they run up hills. Cameron got his first ever athletics gold medal at the National Secondary School cross country champs in Christchurch, so congrats to him. I also met a delightful woman called Dorothy Reuschler. She’s 93, and a poet. She writes good poems too and has a superb sense of humour – and she plays table tennis. Here’s some lines of her latest poem: I`ve now reached the age of 93/ People say I look quite fit – what’s the key/ I reach down to reach the floor/ grunt

and groan, I`m quite a bore/but it seems I`ve Iost the plot/ so please excuse me poor doddery Dot. Her husband, Mumford, is rightly proud of her achievements. I wonder if he can beat her at table tennis? I have covered basketball in the past, but Wainuiomata High School not only has several basketball teams, they all seem to be doing well this season. The school’s junior boys team has won all of its first four games, but its last game was a real nail-biter; down 15 points at the start of the final quarter and winning 63-59 against Aotea.  If you have anything interesting you would like to see in the Wainuiomata News – be it sport, arts or a significant anniversary, please do get in touch with us at

Konini Primary School

Garage Sale Saturday 1st July 2017 8.00am–12pm Konini Primary School 25 Konini Street, Wainuiomata We are fundraising for a new playground. We look forward to seeing you there. If you have items to donate, please drop off to school.

Grand Opening treatment with $10 OFF any dental pick up and drop off. any Groom* We can

*b/f 30/07/17

New to Wainuiomata Txt or phone today! Abi 021 026 75380 W. F. @dogsbodygroomingsalon By appointment only

Wainuiomata News 28-06-17  

Wainuiomata News 28-06-17

Wainuiomata News 28-06-17  

Wainuiomata News 28-06-17