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Gold medals for Olympic athletes at cross country nationals To Lease


SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. Jack and Will teamed up with three other 2m seasoned pine $180 Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. local Wellington runners, including Olympic’s 4m Split pine store for Athletes from Olympic Harriers made their Liam Wright, and took out the Year 9 relay next winter $330 Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015 Trades and Services mark at the National Secondary Schools cross event. Large Bags Kindling $13 country championships in Christchurch on Jack gave the team a great start before Liam FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and Large Bags Dry Pine/ June 17 and 18, with several in Wellington and Wainuiomata’s Cameron Forsyth took hardwood mix $14 installations by top-qualifi ed electrician with relay teams getting gold medals. charge to get the team into the lead. Year 9 runner Will Anthony, representing Will finished the relay, leading his leg from record of over fifty years of giving locals the Free Delivery in Wainui Scots College, also got an individual gold start to finish, as Cameron had done, forlowest a cost “around-the-clock” service, just medal, emphatically winning his Our three summer goodpools win. were built by us. phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email kilometre event with an 11 second winning Thatdid gave Jackno hisfuss. first national gold medal. Blends in well cause margin. Trades and Services “I slide didn’twill runcause badlyainsplash. the individual race, but With hydro “It was exactly how I wanted it to go – And it’s my in the relay I ran a bit better,” he said. to it many people dash. Situation Vacant first national gold medal,” Will said. Through native Will and Cameron of the top three bush we twistran andtwo wiggle. Jack Julian wasn’t so lucky, he stumbled with legsbrings of all Year 9 athletes to set the team From therelay children a giggle. 800 metres to go while in eighth place. up for the win. a week the place is open. “There was a big group of us – from Severn fourth days “The teams were close – I thought it would Hot summer days we all are hopen! to 14th – with 800 metres to go. I tried to get be pretty tough to do it, but I was pretty confiaround them but I fell over,” Jack said. dent in the team’s ability,” Will said of the win. He was placed 13th, but the pair still got the Wellington Senior and Junior girls teams 46 Waione St Petone top individual performances of all Olympic also wonPublic Notice both their relays, with Tessa Hunt Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm athletes. and Phoebe McKnight running two of the Formerly cpa spares The following dayOF wasTHE the D fiveAY times two three top times in their event, with Olympic’s Wainuiomata Olympic Y9 athletes Jack Julian (second left), Liam Wright (middle), Will Anthony kilometres relays. Izzy Hegan also inSquash the team. Club (far right) as part of the winning Wellington team. PHOTO: Jane Anthony Funeral Director

By Dave Crampton






Judoka heading to Hungary

51. J.K. Rowling 7.00pm chose the Monday 30th November unusual At the Clubrooms By Julia Czerwonatis name ‘Hermione’ Former Onslow College student Alex Rivett Corner of Main Road so young is one of three Kiwis chosen to go to the Inter- and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata girls national Judo Federations Olympic Training wouldn’t Centre in Hungary on July 5. beTogether teased with judoka from all over the world Bringing local news he will be training for four months and join for being several competitions. nerdy! to the community “Judo is a minority sport in New Zealand, not too many people are involved,” Alex said. “I’ve come as far as I can go with judo here, Situation Vacant that’s why I go to other countries now where judo is more popular.” In Hungary, Alex will be training full-time Alex Rivett (left) is an energetic judoka from with top athletes at the training centre just Churton Park. He is going to Hungary next outside Budapest. “The Hungarian judo team week to train with athletes from all over the world. PHOTO: Supplied will be there too,” Alex explained. He said it was a little bit daunting to be of the martial art. amongst other professionals. “I also like that all the people are really “Internationally New Zealand isn’t seen as close – especially when we are a group of a strong country for judo. international people all training together.” “I hope to achieve to skills and bring my judo His fights were usually energetic, Alex said. to a better level.” “Characteristically Deliverers Required in they are very explosive. Alex started to train when he was eight. I’m known to throw people off the mat.” “My older brother took judo lessons, so I got Alex hopes the training camp would bring Area 1: Momona, Mohaka, him Kawatiri - Kaponga. dragged along,” Alex said. closer to his goal. “I want to represent Today Alex belongs to the top junior judoka New Zealand either in the Commonwealth in the country. The 18-year-old came third at Games or the Olympic Games.” the Oceania U21 Championships in Tonga  Alex’ trip to Hungary is self-funded. If you earlier this year. want to support Alex and his sport, visit Alex said he enjoyed the competitive aspect

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Sports talk

with Jacob Page

Lions’ roar more like a whimper after game one Saturday night was the British Lions’ only chance and they blew it. They created enough chances but like all other teams, they couldn’t sustain the effort for 80 minutes. A solid The charm offensive from the men in red during this tour seemed to have worked a treat. Yes, the All Blacks were pushed but only in parts and parts simply isn’t going to cut it against this champion rugby team. 30-15 flattened the Lions, who scored one of the best test tries in recent memory but lacked the ability to finish at key times. If you can’t take your chances you won’t win a game of rugby against New Zealand. Potential doesn’t pay the bills. The All Blacks matched the physApplications are available at our recruitment icality and dominated and office or at the security gate basedatinscrum the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

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the breakdown and once their scrum got smashed 15 minutes into the second half and the game was over. Yes it was competitive but only in patches and only based on this dominant period of All Black rugby. I hope the home team wins this year’s series 3-0 and I maintain that’s how it will go. The Lions had all the momentum, 70 percent of the supporters in Eden Park and they bottled their chance. The All Blacks suffered injuries to key players Ben Smith and Ryan Crotty and still won by 15 points. At some point there must be a realisation that we are witnessing the most golden of eras of New Zealand rugby. Who knows when the golden goose will stop laying the eggs but this is View the Wainuiomata News an era worth enjoying.


By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters By By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters

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