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Thursday June 22, 2017


Resident takes on the Little and Eagle experience the fast during Ramadan pageant challenge By Emma McAuliffe

A Mt Cook resident is aiming to be the next Miss Universe New Zealand after challenging herself to compete. Sophie Dalmuir is one of 20 finalists in this year’s pageant and would be travelling to Auckland in August for the finals. Until then she would be aiming to get votes from the public and would take part in an entrepreneurial challenge as part of her quest for the top. Sophie, who grew up in the southern suburbs and attended Wellington High School, said this was the second time she had entered Miss Universe New Zealand. She entered last year but only made it to the semi-finals. “I really like doing pageants for the challenge,” Sophie said. “I like to challenge myself- I’ve lived in Japan, I did a marathon. “It definitely builds confidence, you meet amazing people,” she said. Sophie said despite pageants being frequently criticised for their sexism overseas,

this was not something she had experienced herself. “In New Zealand the pageants are different. “They have really good core values and I think that’s an amazing thing. “I think that’s what’s promoted more,” she said. Charity is a big part of the Miss Universe New Zealand pageants, Sophie explained, and one of the reasons she chose to take part. A portion of the cost of each vote for Sophie would go towards the SCOT Foundation and the entrepreneurial challenge would see funds go to Variety. “I’ve supported charities before, I was a Tear Fund PR intern in 2013 and I lived on $1.25 for a week which is on the poverty line. “It’s important to me to support charity,” she said.  For more information head to www. or sophie-dalmuir

Paul Eagle and Andrew Little joined muslim religious leaders as part of an event during Ramadan at the weekend. PHOTO: Emma McAuliffe By Emma McAuliffe

The Leader of the Opposition had the opportunity to experience Ramadan in Kilbirnie at the weekend. Labour Leader Andrew Little and Deputy Mayor Paul Eagle joined The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand and local mosque leaders in the event. Mr Eagle said he and Mr Little were warmly received at the event. “We discussed the needs of the Muslim community in this part of Wellington,” he said. “I visit the mosque regularly and enjoy learning more about Muslims. “It was extra special this time to learn more about Ramadan and why people do it.

A luxury safari that also visits impoverished communities – looking for solutions! Sophie Dalmuir is aiming to be the next Miss Universe New Zealand. PHOTO: Emma McAuliffe

95 Upland Road, Kelburn, 04 475 8068 4A Crofton Road, Ngaio, 04 479 6401


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Most safaris drive through impoverished communities as if they did not exist, as they take people through them to spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife. The Umoja safaris pause along the way in Africa and Asia to talk and listen. They visit International Needs projects set amongst the some of the poorest people on earth. Part of the experience of Umoja is to spend time talking and listening to the kind of solutions that would work for these people. It is a challenging kind of trip moving between luxury and beauty and then poverty. Umoja safaris take people in Asia (three countries) and Africa (six countries).The founder of Umoja and director of International Needs Canada, David Marshall, will be in New Zealand to promote his book. “Umoja – beyond success to significance!” and to talk about the latest adventures on offer. Mr Marshall says about the Umoja experience, “the Umoja safari is not only about a physical journey across countries and seeing magnificent scenery, rather it is a shared adventure of an internal journey to find deeper significance of all that we do, so that we can live our legacy now.” People in Wellington region are welcomed to attend an information meeting on June 27th at lunch time – please call 0800463337 and ask for an invitation. There is a full itinerary for both Asia and Africa on the International Needs website.

“The concept of fasting has real practical application and gives you a chance to reflect on those in the world that are more needy than you,” he said. Mr Little tweeted his enjoyment of the event calling it a “great family celebration”, however, was mistaken in believing it was the end of Ramadan, which would formally end on Saturday. Ramadan is observed by Muslims as a month long period of fasting between sunrise and sunset. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, along with the Muslim declaration of faith, daily prayer, charity, and performing the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. As well as fasting Muslims often donate to charity and go good in their communities during Ramadan.


Asia 2017 & Africa 2018 The Umoja journey is a guided road and train trip through the backcountry in some of the world’s most exotic locations. And YES, you get to drive. Much more than an adventure, it’s also a quest to transform communities and change lives.

ADVENTURE with PURPOSE Information evening 1pm, 27th June Lower Hutt

Call 0800 4 63337 to receive an invitation in association with

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Cook Strait News 22-06-17

Cook Strait News 22-06-17  

Cook Strait News 22-06-17