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Wednesday June 14, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: How likely do you think that you will get to own your own home?

Nitish Tailor, Wainuiomata “I`d say in about 5 years - If I get a job... and work for four to five years I`ll get a deposit.”

Mike Grigg, Wainuiomata “I own my own house – but I’ve got no money to do the maintenance.”

Rochelle Retikauku, Wainuiomata “Probably never. I’m with Housing NZ - It’s easier to get through Housing NZ.”

Barry Morris, Wainuiomata “100 percent likely. I have - and have for 35 years.”

Quinella Kawana, Wainuiomata “Oh man.. It’s a possibility - they say it’s a possibility if I put my KiwiSaver into it and I get a good job. “

Tihuia Sukroo, Wainuiomata “Pfffftt!!! That’s my answer. Highly unlikely prices are going up.”

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Political grandstanding Dear Ed, Wainuiomata News reported on “political grandstanding” when none occurred. I triggered Mike King and he triggered me but the outcome was positive - we ended up having empathy for each other. It was special moment between two men who are passionate about their life experiences. Mike King admitted “I could have handled Mike [Grigg] better”.

Westpac closure

Mike King used empathy. Empathy is not used much in families where there are problems like low self-esteem and impairments such as social and communication issues. The issue is far wider than youth suicide. We live in a culture where we are taught not to feel sorry for people. We need to add the word empathy into our vocabulary to make a safer society and not just reduce suicide but understand other discriminatory practices. Mike Grigg

Council confirms rates and infrastructure plans

Dear Ed, Since the Wainuiomata branch of Wespac closed in November the ATM at the former branch was left operational. About a month ago this was removed with no indication of were or when a replacement would be erected. My question to Wespac is why this was done before an alternative site was arranged? Regards, Donald Clement

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Reporter’s desk

Every week our reporter Dave Crampton breaks news stories and meets locals throughout Wainuiomata. Each week he also shares a few tales from his travels.

Council will adopt the Annual Plan later this month.

Hutt City Council’s average rates increase for the 2017/18 year has been confirmed at 2.3 per cent at a recent Annual Plan meeting, although due to increasing property values, residential rates increase will be higher. Business rates, on average will be lower. To partially offset this, the council has adopted a plan to put a one-year hold on the current rates differential transition between business and residential rates. This change sees residential rates increase city-wide by a lower than forecast average of 4.3 per cent. In addition, Council will continue to invest in rejuvenation and infrastructure projects, with support from 71 per cent of survey respondents agreed. “To ensure we continue this momentum Council has also adopted a new financial

strategy that strikes a balance between economic growth and affordability,” Mayor Ray Wallace said. The council’s new financial strategy means it can now borrow up to 150 per cent of its annual income. Construction for the proposed $7m community hub in Wainuiomata could be brought forward and the council has committed to remission policies to include rates remissions for redevelopments in the Wainuiomata Shopping Centre after Progressive Enterprises takes ownership next month. Almost $4.5 million had been budgeted for Wainuiomata Sportsville for work from 2018-2020. Council will meet on June 29 to formally adopt the Annual Plan and set the rates for the 2017/18 year.

It’s hard to believe I`ve been writing the Wainuiomata News for three months now. It’s been a blast so far, meeting so many interesting people and hearing their stories. I`ve met a woman with a dog called Wayne, a girl who is off to the BMX world champs at 13, a woman who thought she had a meteorite in her garden, and a top apprentice in her first full time job in ages. I’ve also met some very nice and polite gang members – and lots of school students. Wainuiomata is the only suburb that has its own paper. There’s good reason for this – there is so much going on in this tight-knit community. Today we feature a young woman who has been able to buy her own home, which is a real achievement. I`m writing this from a reporter’s desk in a newsroom. Why it is called a newsroom I have no idea, as no news comes out of this place. All the news comes from the people, the places I visit and the things you all

get up to in Wainuiomata. Wainuiomata – and by association, Hutt South, seems to have two of the most visible election candidates of any area in Wellington. In case you may not have noticed, this year is election year. Both National’s Chris Bishop and Labour’s Ginny Andersen want your vote. They have conducted public meetings, have erected billboards, and no doubt have consumed lots of tea and coffee, with the odd pink bun or three, but I’ve yet to see any babies kissed or silly publicity stunts. By now most of you will have a flier in your letterbox from Love Wainuiomata. It tells you what’s on, what will be on and other interesting things about the area. Put it on your fridge rather than in your bin.  If you have any news, want to write a letter, have taken a lovely photo, or know of a significant achievement worth noting, do get in touch with us at dcrampton@

Wainuiomata News 14-06-17  
Wainuiomata News 14-06-17  

Wainuiomata News 14-06-17