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Wednesday June 14, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: It’s just over three months until the general elections – are you going to vote and have you decided who you will vote for?

Mohammed Rakeeb Khan, Johnsonville

Neill Law, Johnsonville

Robin Worthington, Johnsonville

Noel Gaskin, Whitby

Hyrum Reynolds, Johnsonville

Graeme Jones, Silverstream

“I’m not eligible to vote because I’m not a resident. I hope the new government will be kind to immigrants because we have a future here.”

“I intend to vote, but I haven’t decided who for, yet. I’ll probably stay with what we have got at the moment.”

“Absolutely yes, I will vote for the Greens.”

“Yes, I’m going to vote and I know who I want to vote for: National.”

“I will vote. I’m somewhat undecided who I’ll vote for at the moment.”


EYE ON CRIME In Johnsonville a white Toyota light van parked in the driveway of a house in Cortina Avenue was entered through a smashed window on the driver’s side sliding door. A battery powered circular saw and the battery were stolen. In Newlands the external garage of a house in Kenmore Street was entered and searched. Two Kawasaki motorbikes were stolen. A white Toyota Hiace van parked overnight on the street in Ruskin

Road had its left rear slide window jemmied open. A power sanding machine was taken by reaching into the van. An activated alarm probably prevented further theft. An insecure aluminium window of a garage of a house in Black Rock Road allowed an intruder to gain entry and steal a spare key. The house owner has since called a locksmith and all affected locks have been changed. In Khandallah a house was

entered through a door although there was no indication of damage. A search was centred on the master bedroom. Some furniture was damaged. Property stolen includes a TV, a computer, camera, radio, and other electronic items. The activated alarm at a house in Onslow Road was responded to by the monitoring company who reported that the house was still secure. On arrival home the owners found that the house had been




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entered and thoroughly searched, access probably through a wooden door with glass panels. Among the items stolen were Bluetooth headsets, an IMac computer with hard drive, a digital camera and some assorted jewellery. A building site storage shed located on a property in Ganges Road was broken into by ripping off the plywood door. A quantity of power tools and associated equipment were stolen.

In Crofton Downs a locked shed located below a carport at the end of a driveway of a house in Cavalry Close was broken into. Two mountain bikes and one road bike were stolen. An attempt was made to steal a BBQ from the back deck of a house in Cavalry Close. It was located half way down the steps from the deck. It is thought that noise made by parts falling off the BBQ may have caused the thieves to run off.

The Tough Guy and Gal Challenge is a nationwide Mud Run raising funds for sick children. PHOTO: Supplied





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Gals join mud run for good cause By Julia Czerwonatis

Girls from Samuel Marsden Collegiate joined the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge to raise funds for Cure Kids for the fourth year in a row. The Year 6 students from Karori were easy to spot amongst the muddy crowds in their bright pink team outfits when joining the 3.4 kilometres run through an obstacle course. “The 14 girls that went are part of a running club, so they are fit enough for the challenge,” Marsden teacher Kate Feary said.

“The girls were wearing pink wings, tutus, and hair ribbons which looked quite hilarious,” Marsden teacher Callie Ballara added. The Marsden team won an award for the best dress up at the run on May 27. The nationwide challenge for young and old is still on until the end of August. Callie and Kate said they were impressed by how well the girls mastered the mud run with great team work. Student Emily McDonnell said it was fun getting muddy and not to worry about her clothes. “It was a really cool experience,” student Charlotte Hille added.

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Independent Herald 14-06-17

Independent Herald 14-06-17  

Independent Herald 14-06-17