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Wednesday June 7, 2017


Bringing people together with boardgames For the 10th year in the row Wellington Girls College has hosted Wellycon, New Zealand’s biggest, fun, friendly board game convention. Over the course of Queen’s Birthday weekend more than 400 people from aged 6 to 60 got together to play board games, join various workshops and compete against each other in tournaments. “Wellycon is, and always has been, about creating community through games,” Ceedee from the Wellycon committee said.

Dominic, Georgia and Joseph have chosen Karmaka from the huge selection as their first game to play.

Paul, Robert, Phil and Hazel are playing Ginkgopolis.

Gabriel and Fred enjoying role playing with supplied dress up accessories.

Charlie, Keith and Ellie having fun with Atlantis.

The lower hall full of gaming action.

Rion, John, Sam and Sam are playing Terra Mystica.

Alastair, Jake, Sophie, Bethani and Ayla are playing The Cave.

Independent Herald 07-06-17  

Independent Herald 07-06-17

Independent Herald 07-06-17  

Independent Herald 07-06-17