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Thursday June 1, 2017

New Osteopathic Clinic for Hataitai

Mother of Coffee

150 Riddiford Street, Newtown (Inside computer shop) To book call: 02102840778 or email:


20% OFF To celebrate our new Hataitai clinic we are offering 20% off your first 3 treatments when you bring in this advert. 9 Park Rd, Miramar 17 Moxham Ave, Hataitai

(04) 972 8123

Conditions apply. Visit our website for full details.

Visit us online at WWW.WSN.CO.NZ

Jane Barber may be new on the Hataitai block but she has a long history in Wellington. She started City Osteopaths 26 years ago then left New Zealand for London and Sydney... now back for 10 years with her family, she is branching out from her sole practice in Miramar. “I was too busy and I didn’t like not being able to fit people in. “I’m so thrilled with my associates Agustin Mari-Mabley and Ciara Broderick, I am so lucky to have found 2 excellent Osteopaths full of enthusiasm and knowledge ...the local community is realising this too, already referring their friends and family even though we’ve only been open 6 weeks.” Jane said she was so glad she chose Hataitai as the place for the clinic. “It is so convenient because it’s close to the city yet easy to

get to. For a lot of people it’s on the way to or from work. And the parking is great!” She said people often did not realise the range of problems treated by osteopaths. “Not just back and neck ache but headaches, sinus congestion, constipation, period pain, asthma to name a few.

Mother of Coffee Ethiopian cooking can be the best thing you ever tested — but the east African country’s cuisine is also full of delicious and super-satisfying dishes that are perfect for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten and lactose-free eaters. Ethiopian food is probably best known for the spongy sourdough flatbread called injera, which serves as the “spoon” for lentil, bean,and vegetable sauces piled

on top.Our passion for organic coffee has led us to established Mother of Coffee Ltd. We are the the import of Ethiopian coffee directly sourced from farmers and coffee growers. LET THE BEANS DO THE TALKING Mother of Coffee & Ethio e cafe Photo studio coffee bringing the world of specialty coffee to your front door. We work with Home

Active Feet Podiatry

Active Feet Podiatry

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“Caring for walkers of all ages!”

“Caring for walkers of all ages!”

Services We Offer Services We Offer Services We OfferWe Include: Services We Offer Services Off er Include: Include: Include: • Sports injuries MORNING SPECIAL • Sports injuries Include: SportsFoot injuries •• Family Care injuries • Sports • Family Foot Care Family Footinjuries Care • Sports ••Verrucae Scrambled Eggs with Family Foot Care ••Verrucae Verrucae •• Skin and Nail problems • Family Foot Care Bacon or Tomatoes and • Verrucae Skin and Nail problems •• Orthotic Services Skin•and Nail problems • Verrucae Coffee $15 •• Orthotic Services • Orthotic Services Skin and Nail problems Dr. •Tim Halpine Skin and Nail

• for Orthotic Caring your feetServices Dr. Tim Halpine Dr. Tim Halpine problems Caring for your feet

Dr. Tim Halpine Caring for your feet

Wellington & Ngaio Medical Centre (opposite House and Aurora Terrace). We have aSolnet special in treating Ph:interest 04 473 8696children Phone: 04 473 8696 • - We have a special interest in treating children Email: Level 2,c 85 www.a t i vefThe eet pTerrace, od i a t r .c Wellington om (opposite House and Aurora Terrace).children We have aSolnet special interest in treating

Ph: 04 473 8696 - We have a special interest in treating children w ww.a c t i v e fe e t p o d i a tr y . c o m Level 2, 85 The Terrace Wellington

(opposite Solnet House and Aurora Terrace).

- We have a special interest in treating children -

for our community

Roasted & Green Ethiopian beans to bring you a handpicked selection of coffee to enjoy at your convenience. Everyday we invite you to experience our featured roaster’s favorite coffee from the comfort of your own home or office. Look forward to tasting different origins from around the world. Join the club, Mother of Coffee of coffee is waiting to be discovered. ORGANIC 100%

Katie Underwood “Local Agent, Local Knowledge”

Call Katie to hear about this month’s special offer!

Fresh Made Deli Sandwich and Coffee $12.50

Ph: 04 473 Phone: 869604 473 8696 • Available Monday - Friday Harbour City Tower, 29 Brandon Street Email: Level 2, 85 The Terrace, Wellington

8007641AA 72.H

8007641AA 72.H

Caring for your feet Dr. Tim Halpine • Orthotic Services Harbour City Tower, 29 Brandon Street Caring for your feet Wellington & Ngaio Medical Centre

“All 3 osteopaths have training in treating babies and children who come with problems such as birth trauma, colic, recurrent ear infections, sleep problems, developmental delay, growing pains and feeding problems.” “We love what we do and are looking forward to serving our local community!”

from 8am - 11am


TEL 04 389 5659

• • • • •

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Cook Strait News 01-06-17  

Cook Strait News 01-06-17

Cook Strait News 01-06-17  

Cook Strait News 01-06-17