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Thursday May 25, 2017

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Renters demand council action

Enliven named most trusted aged care and retirement village provider Presbyterian Support (Enliven) has been named New Zealand’s Most Trusted Aged Care and Retirement Villages Brand. The accolade comes from the independent, commissioned 2017 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Survey. In Wellington Enliven owns and operates Kilmarnock Heights Home in Berhampore and others. Respondents highlighted Enliven for its not-for-profit values, genuine care, honesty, high quality aged care and retirement services and support.

Te Pahi medal on display at Te Papa The Te Pahi medal, given to the Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Awa chief, Te Pahi, by the Governor of New South Wales, Phillip Gidley King, is now on display at Te Papa. This is the first time the taonga is on display in Wellington, after it was purchased jointly by Te Papa and Auckland War Memorial Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira at an auction in Sydney 2014. The display of the medal was unveiled and blessed last Friday by a representative of Te Papa, and was attended by descendants of Te Pahi, along with Te Papa staff.

Live Waste free

renters are thinking about the cold, damp state of their homes. As the occupants of these unhealthy homes, we are asking Wellington City Council to take steps now towards a Rental Warrant of Fitness,” Renters United’s Kayla Healey said. City councillors had earlier pledged to Victoria University of Wellington Student Association to ‘take all possible steps to ensure Wellington rental properties are covered by a compulsory Rental WOF within

the next council term’. “I am disappointed that so far the Rental Warrant of Fitness has not been introduced into the annual plan. Please keep your promises to all those of us who voted for you on the basis of the warrant. You have the opportunity to positively impact thousands of people in Wellington,” renter Felix Drissner-Devine said. Renters United has invited council through their submissions to begin independent

rental inspections by trained public health officers, with standards measured against the He Kainga Oranga warrant of fitness developed by Otago Public Health. Renters United believed renters should be able to request an inspection and receive a written report that they may then share with their landlords and use to enforce their rights. Renters have also requested council fund for a comprehensive advocacy service for renters.

Intersection paint job to make cycling safer By Callum Roberts, MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

New road ma rk i ngs at Hataitai’s main intersection should make cycling through it safer, Wellington City Council said. Painted outlines of bicycles called “sharrows” were added to roads across Wellington this month. They depict where cyclists should ride when safely approaching single-lane roundabouts and intersections. Hataitai Residents’ Association had previously voiced concerns over people’s safety at the intersection of Moxham Avenue and Waitoa Road. They found through a survey of about 200 residents that people did not feel safe when using the intersection. The association forwarded their findings to the council, with residents’ suggestions on how to make it safer. Association member Kathleen Logan was pleased to see

sharrows in Hataitai. “As a cyclist, I like seeing sharrows on the road, because it reminds drivers that cyclists are vehicles too and have the right to be on the road,” she said. Eastern Ward Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman had received the survey and said the inclusion of sharrows was not directly related, but should have a positive impact on intersection safety. Sharrows have been added to Wellington roads in 30 locations so far, including 30kmh zones, single-lane intersections and roundabouts. Council communications advisor Bridget Parrott said sharrows were used internationally, and had been recently adopted by council. Bridget said the markings existed for cars to consider the presence of cyclists when approaching an intersection or 30kmh zone and to encourage cyclists to take their place in traffic and away from the fringes.


New road markings called “sharrows” have been added to the intersection along Moxham Avenue and Waitoa Road as part of a city-wide rollout. PHOTO Callum Roberts

“They’re useful road markings in slower speed areas and narrower roads so that they

can ride clear of parked cars and the danger of car doors opening,” she said.



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A workshop on how to live waste free in Wellington will be taking place at Newtown Hall, corner of Daniell and Constable Street, next month. Join Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, the No-Waste Nomads behind The Rubbish Trip, for an introduction to the practicalities and the philosophy of waste reduction. The free event will take place on Thursday, June 8 from 7.15pm to 8.15pm. All welcome.

The new Wellington organisation Renters United has implored council to consider the Rental Warrant of Fitness as part of the city’s 2017/2018 annual plan. Submissions closed last week on the plan, with Renters United disappointed to see the Rental Warrant of Fitness had not been included. Over 180 renters made submissions to Wellington City Council via Renters United on the Rental Warrant of Fitness. “As winter approaches, many

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