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Thursday May 25, 2017

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Have your say on cycleway By Emma McAuliffe

Residents can still have their say on what they want to happen with the Island Bay cycleway. The Island Bay Residents Association is hosting the draft designs for the cycleway’s layout in the former Love the Bay drop in shop at 132 The Parade until Sunday. The pop up shop follows a pair of workshops held at the beginning of the month during which Island Bay residents could view some of the draft

design options for the first time. Island Bay Residents’ Association president Vicki Greco said the pop up shop was a chance for all residents to look over the designs. “It’s an opportunity for those who couldn’t make the sessions, are computer illiterate, or can’t do it online to get involved and have their say,” she said. Vicki said she was grateful to Amanda Elliott from New World Island Bay for “kindly donating the space so the com-

munity could be involved”. She said she was pleased to see the shop was already being utilised by members of the community. “We had 30 people in on Monday. There was a mixture of ages and a mixture of views,” she said. Draft designs range from having the cycleway stay as it is, go back to how it was, a mixture of the two and other completely new options. Residents could also give feedback on what they wanted the layout to look like around

Help share sporting history with the world

bus stops and pedestrian crossings. This round of consultation is set to close on Sunday with the options to be presented to Wellington City Council next month.

Te Papa’s innovation hub Mahuki is calling for entrepreneurs to help cultural institutions in New Zealand and around the globe tell their stories of sporting identity. Mahuki and the New Zealand Cricket Museum have joined forces to issue a specific challenge for innovators to use new technology to create experiences that bring sports history alive when taking part in the 2017 programme. Applications for Mahuki are open until May 29. Find out more at

 The pop up shop would be open from 11.30am to 6pm on weekday and 10am to 4pm on weekends at 132 The Parade. View options online at www.  What option do you like best for the Island Bay cycleway? Let us know at

Berhampore fruit and veges The recently opened Berhampore Fruit and Vegetable Co-op is growing, with nearly fifty members. The Co-op’s mission is to make affordable fresh produce accessible within the community. Each Tuesday fruit and veg orders are collected from one of three pick up points in Berhampore. For information, phone Bruce on 027 275 6041 or come along to Centennial Flats community room, Adelaide Rd, Tuesdays from 1.30 - 3pm.

Keen to go green By Rosa Woods, MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

Locals could soon play a key part in creating a cleaner greener capital if the Wellington City Council’s (WCC) proposal to introduce organic waste bins goes ahead. Councils in the Wellington region have been consulting on a draft waste plan that would see a green waste bin join the already available kerbside collection services. According to a WCC report, organic waste currently makes up about a third of the waste that ends up in the regions landfills. Mayor of Wellington Justin Lester hoped introducing the scheme would put the city on a path towards a more sustainable future. “We’re working with all the other councils of the region on this, and have an ambitious collective target to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the region’s landfills by a third over the next 10 years,” he said. Lyall Bay resident and composting enthusiast Sam Boult

was intrigued by the council’s proposition to introduce green waste bins. “I’m in two minds about it; it will be great if everyone across Wellington gets involved and uses the bins properly. “But if not, it may just cost us all a lot of money and make very little difference,” he said. “The success of the scheme will depend on how the council goes about setting it up.” Other Wellingtonians were concerned the introduction of another bin might block the already limited space on foot path, however Sam was not convinced. “Assuming the council alternate between collecting rubbish, recycling, glass and green waste each week – as they already do – there shouldn’t be an issue with bins blocking footpaths,” he said. “If introducing a green waste bin is really going to make a positive environmental difference, then I’m all for it.” However, Berhampore woman Emily O’Neill felt the scheme was unnecessary. “Everyone with any space at

Lyall Bay resident Sam Boult stores his compost bin conveniently in his backyard and says every household should have one. PHOTO: Rosa Woods.

all should compost or use Bokashi,” rather than relying

on the council to dump our organic waste, she said.

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Cook Strait News 25-05-17  

Cook Strait News 25-05-17

Cook Strait News 25-05-17  

Cook Strait News 25-05-17