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Wednesday May 3, 2017

Cool Community Clive Cannons gave the main speech at last week’s Anzac Day service. It had a real Wainuiomata flavour. With his permission, we present an edited excerpt here. When I first came to Wainuiomata, I was told I would never be here long enough to get to know the real Wainui. It is 30 years and 146 days since I arrived Not only do I know this community, I love it. It is one of the coolest, most vibrant, most wonderful communities in New Zealand. I always try to be positive about what we have, but I realise that there is a problem with how our town is perceived by people outside our valley, and unfortunately by some of the negative people who live here. I know and you know that Wainuiomata is fulfilling for those who live here, visit here, work here, invest here, raise a family here or retire here.

The brand of ‘Wainuiomata’ can invoke positive feelings and images for everyone who comes into contact with anyone from Wainuiomata, or into contact with anything associated with Wainuiomata. People can believe that being in Wainuiomata is good for them and will benefit them! There are huge advantages for people who live here, work here, or invest here. Today while we celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of past generations, we also look to the future. We have been handed a torch, a legacy. An opportunity to build on what past generations achieved. Opportunities to celebrate Wainuiomata’s special qualities, Wainuiomata’s special people and Wainuiomata’s special stories. Theodore Roosevelt made an interesting comment when faced with a problem he didn’t have the resources to solve. ‘Do what you can with what you have where

you are.’ We have all the ingredients we need to make Wainuiomata really sing as the jewel in the crown of this region. As Wainuiomatians our goal is to create great moments of magic for everyone who comes into contact with anything or anyone connected with Wainuiomata. The question is, does our town’s reputation depend on our infrastructure, or on our people? You see Wainuiomata’s reputation rises or falls because of the attitudes of the people who live here. So let’s celebrate our people. Let’s acknowledge our heroes, those that work tirelessly, and those that call Wainuiomata home. I believe we have a positive future because we will have it together. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!  What do you think? Do you agree with Clive? E-mail

Clive Cannons addresses the Anzac Day crowd.

‘Think before you burn’ this winter By Dave Crampton

Concerns have been raised on the long-term effects that high levels of arsenic could have on the health of people in Wainuiomata. Arsenic is a known carcinogen, and can cause lung cancer. High levels of arsenic continue to be an issue affecting the air quality of Wainuiomata, ward councillor Campbell Barry said. He wants local fireplace users to ‘think before they burn’ this winter and said Wainuiomata continues to have arsenic levels which are much higher than other communities across the region. “People burning treated timber in their household fireplace is believed to be the main cause of the high arsenic levels, so it’s really important that we are all conscious about what we are burning through the winter,” Mr Barry said. “With cold weather on the way,

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Getting Serious About Scabies

The reason the scabies mites have infested is to lay eggs. The incubation period is around four to six weeks from the date of first infection, which is when the itching usually starts and the rash appears. So, it can be a whole month before symptoms are noticeable.

undoubtedly arsenic levels will increase, and they are at their most potent during calm weather as smoke sits within the valley with nowhere to go.” Hutt South Labour candidate

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The Labour Party released its party list for the General Election yesterday, with Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard, who is looking to return to Parliament on the party list, ranked 32nd, one place behind Wellington’s deputy mayor Paul Eagle. Ginny Andersen, who is hoping to take Mr Mallard’s place as the region’s Member of Parliament, is ranked 27th. Mr Mallard is expected to be Speaker of the House if Labour gets into power after the election, but if Labour does not win the treasury benches he looks certain to be out of Parliament.

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection, caused by an infestation of mites under the skin. Passed from person to person, primarily by skin contact, scabies can be given to anyone, regardless of how clean they are. It has two main symptoms: the onset of a rash, and strong skin itchiness.

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Labour Party list released

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Virginia Andersen wants people educated about what not to burn, such as the burning of pallets that are often left outside businesses for people to take. Pallet timber is usually treated.

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Despite how benign the symptoms may sound (it’s just a rash and an itch!), they tend to get worse over short periods of time, and there’s the chance of secondary infections. What to do if you think you’re infected: See your pharmacist or doctor. If you think you’ve picked up a scabies infection, it’s important that you seek treatment from your doctor or pharmacist right away. In most cases, scabies can be treated with the use of a topical cream and oral antibiotics. The quicker you seek treatment, the less the likelihood you’ll pass it on to others, or develop a second infection.

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Inform family and friends. Once diagnosed by your pharmacist or doctor, it’s important that you let your family and loved ones know, so they can take preventative measures, or seek treatment if symptoms appear.

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Complete the treatment. It’s vital that you and anyone else in your household complete the full treatment.

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Adopt preventative measures. Once you’re clear of the infection, talk to a pharmacist at Clive’s, and follow the preventative measures to ensure no further break outs!

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Wainuiomata News 03-05-17  

Wainuiomata News 03-05-17

Wainuiomata News 03-05-17  

Wainuiomata News 03-05-17