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Wednesday May 3, 2017


inbrief news Scrap in Queen Street shop

Aurora lights seen Stargazers throughout the country were treated to a light display as the Aurora Australis lit up the sky last Sunday evening. Tom Moody was out with his camera in Wainuiomata and was lucky to catch it at 8.40pm – after waiting more than an hour to see the green, yellow and pink display through his camera lens. Without a camera the colours are a bit of a blur.

“You don’t get that colour with the naked eye,” Tom said. “What better way to round off a huge weekend of looking after the planet than to sit on Wainuiomata Beach and take photos of this.” Tom took the images on a Canon 80D semi-pro digital single lens reflex camera with a wide landscape lens set on a tripod with the shutter open for 20

seconds to capture all the information. The lights were caused by a geomagnetic storm, the result of a large hole in the sun’s surface. They were visible throughout the country on both Saturday and Sunday. The colours of the aurora are due to factors such as the type of gas molecule, the electrical state at the time of collision, and the type of solar wind particle that the gas collides with.

Welcome to Wainuiomata By Dave Crampton

Wainuiomata is about to be spruced up with a new four metre high welcome sign to be installed within a couple of months. In addition, there will be a new macrocarpa sign on the Wainuiomata Hill look out, and seating that used to be on Queen Street is to be replaced. New information signposts will be installed in the region, that will be lit up during darkness. A basketball hoop should be up near the Queen Street Reserve next week. Love Wainuiomata’s Esther Venning said the project to beautify Wainuiomata has been ongoing, with both community involvement and council funding driving the

process. She says it is a good opportunity for ‘the community to let the community take the reins’. “We want to give people the opportunity to be involved. The most important thing is that people own it.” The temporary Queen Street seating will be replaced, with a more solid seating built in macrocarpa by local builders. “We are going to do something more permanent that has more of a Wainui feel,” Esther said. The main welcome sign was based on an open public competition and the poles will be made of Totara, and carved by local carvers in conjunction with the Wainuiomata Marae when the wood is sourced. It will

have ferns growing beneath it, and images of kiwi cut out below the sign. “The kiwi is very special for Wainuiomata -there’s live kiwi in the Rimutaka Forest Park,” Esther said “But we haven’t been able to get the size and the quality of Totara. We need wood that is good for carving but also for strength and longevity.” One thing that Esther wants the 100,000 visitors who drive to the Rimutaka Forest Park each year is to stop in the village on the way, and hopes the new improvements will encourage just that. “We want people to come to Queen Street and spend some time with us.”

A shopkeeper was allegedly bashed over the head by a suspected shoplifter last week after a fight in a Queen Street shop. Police were called to the shop after reports of a brawl and they arrived just after 7pm last Monday. A police spokeswoman said no-one was injured in the incident and confirmed they had received reports of fighting in the shop. “They think one person was trying to steal food.” The spokeswoman said the owner of the supermarket was trying to defend himself and it appeared that nothing was stolen.

Stormy night Another storm hit the Hutt last Sunday, but while Wainuiomata got a bit of rain in the freezing southerly it was largely left unscathed. Power was out in many Hutt suburbs on May 1, train services were cancelled and there were no bus replacements. In other parts of the country trampolines were sent flying. Power was restored in Hutt suburbs by Monday morning.

CHRIS BISHOP NATIONAL LIST MP BASED IN THE HUTT VALLEY I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people to catch up with me. Please see for times. HUTT VALLEY OFFICE 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 E: F: T: @cjsbishop

A graphic of the welcome sign planned for the Wainuiomata hill.

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Wainuiomata News 03-05-17  

Wainuiomata News 03-05-17

Wainuiomata News 03-05-17  

Wainuiomata News 03-05-17