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Thursday April 27, 2017


Learn to save a life “

We want to ensure the survival rates of heart attacks are high.

By Emma McAuliffe

Locals take part in a previous workshop. PHOTO: Supplied

More houses, more quickly

Locals with an interest in learning how to perform CPR can head along to a free workshop in Miramar next week. A free Wellington Free Ambulance Heartbeat workshop will be taking place at the Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre on Tuesday, May 2. Heartbeat coordinator Amy Williams said residents would learn basic identification of cardiac arrest, what to do in case of cardiac arrest and how to perform CPR. “Heartbeat has been designed to help the public learn what to do in case of an emergency. We want to ensure the survival rates of heart

attacks are high,” she said. Statistics provided by Wellington Free Ambulance stated one in four people in the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa region suffered cardiac arrest a week and survival was greater if a bystander knew CPR. Amy said she was happy to take anyone into the class and could take a maximum of 30 people. She said she was hoping to take more workshops later in the year.  Heartbeat workshop will take place between 1pm and 2pm on Tuesday, May 2 at the Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre. To register phone 388 1944 or email

Choir to perform a call for peace

By Emma McAuliffe

The Wellington City Council Housing Taskforce met last week to discuss their options when it came to creating more housing in Wellington. Housing portfolio leader Paul Eagle said as part of the discussion task force members debated merits of creating an Urban Development Agency. An Urban Development Agency would support local government in helping the development of housing when required. “There was an overwhelming sense that [an Urban development Agency] wasn’t needed. We had a proposal in council to restructure its in house operation with an agency structure where necessary,” Mr Eagle said. Mr Eagle said he believed houses needed to be built more quickly, especially in the southern and eastern suburbs which had been a “renters paradise” in the past. “For me the key thing is we need to do whatever we can to build more houses more quickly. This is no silver bullet, just one part of the process. “We also discussed building more rental housing. Eastern and southern suburbs have been traditionally a renters paradise. It is no longer this way because of housing affordability. Newtown, Berhampore, Rongotai, Miramar and Strathmore Park have become lucrative, people are paying anything between $500 to $700 a week in rent. The quality is questionable according to reports to council on housing standards. Students, low paid workers and low income families are all struggling in this part of Wellington,” he said. A forum will be held on May 4 inviting key stakeholders to share their views on housing in Wellington across the continuum.

Members of the choir perform at a previous show. PHOTO: Supplied. By Emma McAuliffe

Wellington’s biggest choir, the Orpheus Choir, will be performing a special show this weekend. The choir will be performing Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms and other pieces at a concert at the Wellington Cathedral of Saint Paul on Saturday. Leonard Bernstein is well known for writing hit musical West Side Story.

This concert would be Orpheus Choir’s first in a subscription series to be performed this year. Their last performance saw members of the choir cover Dave Dobbyn classics at Cuba Dupa. Member of the choir, soprano Katrine Evans, said the choir had over 120 members, including students at the New Zealand School of Music, drawn from all over Wellington. She said she would be look-

ing forward to this Saturday’s concert. “It’s Bernstein so it has strong musical theatre elements to it. The music comes from a period when Bernstein had a chance to write. It’s fun. There are interesting harmonies,” Katrine said. Katrine said the music was an appeal for peace. “It’s very relevant to today’s world. It’s really accessible for people, even those not from a Christian background.”

Katrine said the choir was also looking forward to welcoming back past rehearsal pianist Thomas Gaynor who would be returning from New York to be the concert’s organist. “He is a total rising star,” she said.  Chichester Psalms will be taking place on Saturday, April 29 at Wellington Cathedral of Saint Paul from 7.30pm. Tickets from ticketek.

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